Favorite Five #1

Since I would be gone for two weeks, I gather I would entertain you people with my five favorite posts extracted from my old blog. I truly love my old blog where I could write without restraint when I first started to blog. I always try not to go on the internet while I am away on vacation! I guess a blog is probably the best birthday present ever! Thanks, James!

Well, mom is okay now.. and I will be going for a long break in Melbourne – Sydney. I don’t know. There was a mixed feeling going this time, leaving mom to rest at home. It felt like walking with a pebble in your shoes and there were too many people watching, so you were too shy to remove it.

So, the first post, I would dedicate to my mom. Seriously, this is one of my top favorite post from my old blog. here goes, hope you guys have a fantastic week too!

In Mother’s Eyes originally posted on 11 July 2005

So fathers be good to your daughters

Daughters will love like you do

Girls become lovers who turn into mothers

So mothers be good to your daughters, too

John Meyer, Daughters

Yesterday, we threw our mother a birthday celebration.

Like any mothers and daughters, we do have our good and bad times together. For my family, especially the conventional Chinese, we hardly show our affection towards each other. It is so difficult.

Gestures of respect and love are shown discretely; like buying her something to eat when I came back from my trips, calling home if I am going home late in order not to worry her, helping out with house chores (which is very rare in my case as I am hardly home and my sister is the full time maid), giving her a massage on her arthritis knee, putting a blanket on her when the night is cold, sending her off to the clinic, etc.

When we argue, at times, I wished that the earth would open up and swallow me whole. Since both of us are quite temperamental, (with me having the worse temper) we always ended up arguing over the slightest issues, and my sister would always act as a mediator to calm us down.

I have learnt one valuable lesson from all these arguments. Mothers are like customers – no matter how irrational they are, they are always right.

At times, I wonder what I have done to deserve such a good mother. I am not fit enough to be her daughter. I think she deserve someone better as a daughter. Someone like my sister. Someone who would dot on her and help around the house.

I am the rebellious type. A wander lust. A free spirit.

“You are exactly like your mother. Always going places when she was younger. She is a wanderer, just like you,” my aunt always reminds me that of my mother whenever she sees me packing for every other weekend rendezvous.

All mothers think their children are the best. In her eyes, she always think her children are the best gift that God has given to her, even if her children are not as good looking as she is, lack of talents, lack of wit, lack of this and that. It pains my heart that I cannot live up to her expectations.

I guess every mother always hope for the best for their children. They maybe pushy and demanding at times, but they just hope that you would turn up to be okay and she would be able to move on to the next world in peace.

Before we start bitching about how un-understanding our mothers are, we should sit back and ponder: Orphans who wish that they have mothers to fuss over them, tsunami victims who had lost their mothers to the raging waves, mothers who perished in the mine field in Cambodia, mothers who died of AIDS, mothers who only give birth to you and sent you away, mothers who gamble their lives away, mothers who suffered from depression anxiety, abusive mothers, mothers who ran away, etc.

For those who still have their mothers with them, be grateful.

I hope that in every small gesture that I make, I would show my mother that I actually care for her and only wish to give her happiness.

I may not be the best daughter, but I will give my best to make the remaining half of her life worth living, as she had made mine so, since the first day I see the light.

Thanks Ed, for the inspiration.

Hospital At 3 am

I got the shock of my life yesterday when I saw my mom slumped on the bed and couldn’t move. She said she was dizzy and then, crawled to the bathroom and hurled herself in a pail.

My sis and the Mechanic took her to the clinic for check up. She too slumped on the doctor’s table. After taking her blood pressure reading, the doc advised us to send her to the hospital.

Thank goodness the general hospital in Selayang took her immediately into the emergency ward and put her on drips. She had her blood pressure monitored (it was 200+++/100++!!!!), her head scanned because she was complaining of terrible headaches and then blood test. The bloody trainee had to insert the needle a few times to draw blood from my mom. Thank goodness my mom is someone who could withstand pain. My sis said, she stared at the trainee drawing blood clumsily and the doctor just watched. In the end, the doctor corrected the trainee’s way of drawing blood, but not after poking a few times at my mom as if she were a piece of meat.

I stared helplessly at the machine measuring the blood pressure. It kept going up. I notified the nurse. Apparently, if you are sleeping sideways, you might elevate your blood pressure. True enough, I told my mom to lie straight then the blood pressure went down a little.

Brother, sis-in-law and my aunt came to visit. Mom appeared to be relaxed and stopped throwing up.

While I was standing in the emergency ward with no chairs to sit and freezing my ass off, I was looking around the emergency ward. There was a foreign worker with food poisoning, some fella on drip due to unknown reason, some children suffering from asthma and some elderly people suffering stroke or having heart diseases. Totally unglamorous, unlike what you see in ER or Grey’s Anatomy. Probably we were lucky to get attended this swiftly due to less patients.

Then, came in another elderly patient. There was a small commotion as his next-of-kin were all in the emergency ward where only one next-of-kin was allowed to enter at any point of time. To my surprise, one of his sons, Peter was my school mate back in TAR College whom I have lost contact with. From the looks of it, I guess his dad must be also suffering from high blood pressure.

I didn’t say hi to him as I think, he couldn’t have remembered me after I have put on so much weight! So, I didn’t say hi. But he surely looks good now compare to his scrawny figure 10 years ago! I still could remember what he told me when I complained to him, my driving skill is very bad. He asked me sarcastically, “So, when you go up the hill, you step on the brakes and while going downhill, you accelerate? Is this how your driving skill is?” That was funny.

As they took turns to come in to see their beloved dad, I was touched. The daughter, I think probably Peter’s sister was consoling and comforting her dad by stroking gently on his hair. I could feel the love she had for her dad.

This whole episode set me thinking. Peter’s dad and my mom were lucky enough to have people caring for them when they are ill stricken in bed. I wonder, if I am ever a spinster, if I wake up one day and found myself paralyze and couldn’t move, how on earth am I gonna get myself to the hospital like an able bodied person. Oh.. I forgot.. my mom said the police would help.

My mind drifted to last Saturday’s conversation with a friend. When she told me about a guy appeared to be interested in her, I encouraged her to go ahead and give it a try. Just coming out from a bitter divorce, it is understandable that she would be apprehensive to give another relationship a try.

Then I couldn’t believe myself when I blurted these words, “It’s good to have someone to spend the rest of your life with. I don’t think anyone would want to get over the remaining of this life being all alone.”

My sis and I waited in the freezing cold hospital for 5.5 hours till 3 am and were relieved that my mom had stabilized and ready to be discharged. She was asked to get a good rest. The sudden blood pressure was not properly explained by the doctor. But the doc said, it’s normal sometimes to have sudden surge in blood pressure, so one need to really control oneself – diet and also take medication on timely basis. She is quite obstinate when it comes to controlling her diet. I wonder where I get the stubbornness from?

Well, I am tired now but still going to work this morning. I hope she recovers swiftly.

Six Shorts

Been a bit busy tying up some loose ends before going on a two weeks break end of this week.😀

So, here’s some updates of things happening over the weekend.

Honey, I’m stuck

My dad and aunt went to play mahjong over the weekend at another uncle’s house in the newly bought old Datsun 120Y. The thing is, my sis didn’t mention to them that the seat belts are faulty. You may need to exert extra strength just to get yourself out from the seat belt.

The mahjong place is like 5 minutes away from our house, yet they buckled up. Yeah! Kudos to these two law abiding senior citizens. When they got to the designated place, these two old folks couldn’t get out from their seats. After struggling for a few minutes, my dad called my sis. It was a lucky thing that dad mellowed down over the years as he aged.. and we were surprised that instead of scolding us, he was laughing at himself for being stuck in the car seat.

My dental hygiene

The hole in the gap is closing nicely but I noticed there was still some white thingy left. Is it normal ah? Should there be any bones left? I remember the last time I took out my wisdom tooth, there was a big huge black hole with nothing inside.

I got myself a new battery operated toothbrush after the old one was disgustingly covered in some unidentified black stuffs (on the handle that is). Somehow, I regretted for buying the rechargeable one. With the current escalating costs of electric tariffs, I guess I should just stick to batteries. They are cheaper than putting your toothbrush forever on the standby mode on the charger. They call it “vampire” – it eats too much electricity just by plugging in your tv or washing machine in standby mode. So folks, please switch off all your electrical goods when they are not in use.

House Warming

Went to a friend’s place for house warming. Many, many of my friends have their own homes now and get to decorate them to their tastes and likes. I personally do not like to stay in condos, perhaps I haven’t live in one before and not used to it. If I were to get another property (the first property is the house I am staying in now), I guess I would get another landed property. Cakap saja lah! Mana ada duit!

Shopping Spree

Went on a shopping spree at the Gardens on Friday night to maximize my Ringgit. I find waiting sometimes can be quite rewarding. I got two pairs of jeans at 20% off! And got two simple blouses at only RM15 each. For a person my size (which is HUGE!!), it’s quite hard to get a blouse under RM20. So, I am glad I waited and don’t spend my money on impulse earlier. Good things come to those who wait. Ah.. I’ve grown so much wiser in spending my money.

Playing Mother

I was utterly befuddled that QQ’s mom prefers spending her time grooming herself than to tend to her children. She was supposed to bring the kids to the doctor on weekend for some mandatory jabs. She called up my mom last minute and told her that she won’t be free on the appointed date to take them for a jab.

When her husband turned up at our house to collect the kids for the weekend, he told us that the wife went to get her eyebrows tattoo-ed.

No time for taking kids to the clinic but has time to tattoo her eyebrows???

We were utterly disgusted. Vanity supersedes her child’s health. So much for being a mother, huh?

Guess what? We have done shopping for school uniforms and shoes for that two 6-year going to 7-year old kids next year for Standard One because there was a warehouse sale. Yes! Sasha and Lok Lok will be attending Standard One next year!

Broadway Parodies Lagi Lah!

Was invited to join some friends to KL Pac on Saturday evening for Broadway Parodies Lagi Lah! It was pretty hilarious. I like the Bomoh of the Bursa best (sing to the tune of Phantom of the Opera) and probably the last song, Bodoh Lah is funny! The rest was quite mediocre. I was thinking they would surely incorporate the famous, “Looks like me, sounds like me, but it’s not me!” and they did! So no surprise on that part. I enjoyed it nevertheless.

Heck. Back to work. It’s only Monday! Another 4 more days to go!

PS. Title of this post is an inspiration from Amir Muhammad‘s 6horts.

Errands Day

Yesterday’s public holiday in Selangor was no holiday to me. It was a running errands day!

In the morning, I went out with my sister to PUSPAKOM and JPJ to change the ownership of my dad’s “newly” bought old car. It was a 27 years old Datsun 120Y. I heard if you ask a runner to do this for you, they would charge around RM500.

Since we have the day off and JPJ Kuala Lumpur is open, we might as well capitalize it and do it on our own.

We arrived at PUSPAKOM around 9.15 am and the officers finished inspecting the car by 10.20 am. It was that simple. First, you need to tell the guard what is your purpose of visiting and you would be handed a form with a queue number. Drive yourself to lane 1 – express checking. Fill up your form and hand over your car grant to the lady in charge and pay RM30. Drive yourself to the 5th lane for inspection. It took about 30 minutes to inspect your car.

After that, we went to JPJ. For change of ownership, you would need a photocopy of both the seller and buyer copy of IC. Of course you would also need signature of both buyer and seller. You need to complete some forms (can be downloaded here) – given out by friendly officers located in the Customer Service at ground floor. Attach the IC of both buyer and seller on the given columns in the form (TM AB). If the seller of the car is not present, you would need to have it witness by the Commissioner for Oath. You may go to the opposite warungs of JPJ and get your forms attested. For change of ownership, you may want to buy new car insurance as once the ownership is transferred, the previous insurance would be automatically cancelled. For attestation, it’s RM5 only. You may purchase insurance at the many insurance counters at the warungs. We bought third party insurance at RM154.

After all that, go up first floor of JPJ Wangsa Maju and get a number. The officer who gave out number would check your documents first before you submit to ensure smooth procedure. My sis and I waited less than 15 minutes and managed to change the ownership to my sis! And it only costs RM100. You may pay cash at the counter.

So all in all, we spent only RM289 for the transfer as opposed to paying RM500 (insurance not included!) to the runner!

I am pretty impressed with the improved service at JPJ Wangsa Maju. In fact, I think when I lost my driving license twice during break ins last year, I managed to get my new driving license in less than 20 minutes.

After the JPJ and Puspakom errands, we went back home for lunch. Then, I went to the panel dentist to get my toothache checked but unfortunately it was closed due to public holiday. And Kepong is not even Selangor!

With the aching tooth, I went to do some shopping at Jaya Jusco Kepong. Girls can really shop even with a throbbing pain on the left cheek!

I made an appointment with another dentist and arrived at her doorstep sharp at 5 pm. Dr Mary was a gentle dentist. She explained to me what’s wrong with the tooth and extracted the huge wisdom tooth. It’s amazing to see a petite lady like her could extract such huge tooth in such high speed that I didn’t even feel it. She advised no hot drinks and put ice cubes on the gaping hole if there is still pain and prescribed some pain killers and antibiotics. I didn’t even need pain killers. I thank god I didn’t bleed much and was happy tucking away in my mom’s nicely cooked home made lunch this afternoon (Some more I eat sambal belacan!).

It was a fruitful day. I slept after watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang starring Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer. It was such a hilarious movie that my aunt thought I was mad for laughing out so loud.

Not Much, But Adequate

Tonight, there weren’t much celebrations going on around my neighbourhood. In fact, compared to last year, there were still some lanterns and fireworks. Tonight, it was totally quiet. I guess there is nothing much to be celebrated about after the government decided to invoke the much irrelevant ISA on people who dare to speak out. I guess I will light a candle tonight to keep vigil for those unfairly detained.

Come to think about it, I sometimes wonder is money and power the way of life? Don’t these people think that we all arrive to this world with nothing and would go to the after life (depending on your views regarding religions) with nothing either. So, why bother to accumulate so much? I know it’s good to have drive a nice fancy car, live in a spanking huge apartment with a prestigious address, dine at fancy restaurants and go on exotic holidays.. but, in the end, people would only remember you for your deeds. Things you do to contribute to human kind or bad things you have done to smear your own name.

Well, some of you might know the significance of mooncake festival. If I remember correctly, it was to commemorate the struggle of the Chinese people towards the ruthless Mongol Dynasty. Since public gathering was banned, it was impossible to plan a rebellion. Noting that the Mongolians do not eat mooncake, they spread message of rebellion embedded in mooncakes. Hence, on the night of the 15th day of the eight month, the Chinese successfully overthrown the government. There is a power nobody can deny, that is the people’s power.

Let’s not talk about unhappy stuffs on such auspicious day.

I woke up on Saturday morning to this beautiful view outside Datin’s balcony. Then I thought of what we chatted awhile ago in MSN.

Beautiful View

Sharing one small space under the vast blue sky

We were talking about how one struggle to maintain oneself and to fight for one little space in this good earth just to survive.

I told him, he could share my space if he wanted to and he thanked me for that. He said the sweetest things mentioning he knew he has a small space in my life as I have in his.

I replied by saying, I have not much space, but adequate. Thank you for sharing your space.

I would like to thank all my friends who have shared this temporary space with me on earth and wish everyone a good night rest on the chilly night of Mid Autumn’s festival and hopefully, we would wake up to a beautiful morning everyday.