Not Much, But Adequate

Tonight, there weren’t much celebrations going on around my neighbourhood. In fact, compared to last year, there were still some lanterns and fireworks. Tonight, it was totally quiet. I guess there is nothing much to be celebrated about after the government decided to invoke the much irrelevant ISA on people who dare to speak out. I guess I will light a candle tonight to keep vigil for those unfairly detained.

Come to think about it, I sometimes wonder is money and power the way of life? Don’t these people think that we all arrive to this world with nothing and would go to the after life (depending on your views regarding religions) with nothing either. So, why bother to accumulate so much? I know it’s good to have drive a nice fancy car, live in a spanking huge apartment with a prestigious address, dine at fancy restaurants and go on exotic holidays.. but, in the end, people would only remember you for your deeds. Things you do to contribute to human kind or bad things you have done to smear your own name.

Well, some of you might know the significance of mooncake festival. If I remember correctly, it was to commemorate the struggle of the Chinese people towards the ruthless Mongol Dynasty. Since public gathering was banned, it was impossible to plan a rebellion. Noting that the Mongolians do not eat mooncake, they spread message of rebellion embedded in mooncakes. Hence, on the night of the 15th day of the eight month, the Chinese successfully overthrown the government. There is a power nobody can deny, that is the people’s power.

Let’s not talk about unhappy stuffs on such auspicious day.

I woke up on Saturday morning to this beautiful view outside Datin’s balcony. Then I thought of what we chatted awhile ago in MSN.

Beautiful View

Sharing one small space under the vast blue sky

We were talking about how one struggle to maintain oneself and to fight for one little space in this good earth just to survive.

I told him, he could share my space if he wanted to and he thanked me for that. He said the sweetest things mentioning he knew he has a small space in my life as I have in his.

I replied by saying, I have not much space, but adequate. Thank you for sharing your space.

I would like to thank all my friends who have shared this temporary space with me on earth and wish everyone a good night rest on the chilly night of Mid Autumn’s festival and hopefully, we would wake up to a beautiful morning everyday.

5 thoughts on “Not Much, But Adequate

  1. cc: Thanks. And I enjoy peeking into your space too!😀 Keep going with the coolest pictures in blogsphere!

    jasmine: Thanks! And thanks for the book! Appreciate it! Thank you for giving me a chance to be a friend.

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