Errands Day

Yesterday’s public holiday in Selangor was no holiday to me. It was a running errands day!

In the morning, I went out with my sister to PUSPAKOM and JPJ to change the ownership of my dad’s “newly” bought old car. It was a 27 years old Datsun 120Y. I heard if you ask a runner to do this for you, they would charge around RM500.

Since we have the day off and JPJ Kuala Lumpur is open, we might as well capitalize it and do it on our own.

We arrived at PUSPAKOM around 9.15 am and the officers finished inspecting the car by 10.20 am. It was that simple. First, you need to tell the guard what is your purpose of visiting and you would be handed a form with a queue number. Drive yourself to lane 1 – express checking. Fill up your form and hand over your car grant to the lady in charge and pay RM30. Drive yourself to the 5th lane for inspection. It took about 30 minutes to inspect your car.

After that, we went to JPJ. For change of ownership, you would need a photocopy of both the seller and buyer copy of IC. Of course you would also need signature of both buyer and seller. You need to complete some forms (can be downloaded here) – given out by friendly officers located in the Customer Service at ground floor. Attach the IC of both buyer and seller on the given columns in the form (TM AB). If the seller of the car is not present, you would need to have it witness by the Commissioner for Oath. You may go to the opposite warungs of JPJ and get your forms attested. For change of ownership, you may want to buy new car insurance as once the ownership is transferred, the previous insurance would be automatically cancelled. For attestation, it’s RM5 only. You may purchase insurance at the many insurance counters at the warungs. We bought third party insurance at RM154.

After all that, go up first floor of JPJ Wangsa Maju and get a number. The officer who gave out number would check your documents first before you submit to ensure smooth procedure. My sis and I waited less than 15 minutes and managed to change the ownership to my sis! And it only costs RM100. You may pay cash at the counter.

So all in all, we spent only RM289 for the transfer as opposed to paying RM500 (insurance not included!) to the runner!

I am pretty impressed with the improved service at JPJ Wangsa Maju. In fact, I think when I lost my driving license twice during break ins last year, I managed to get my new driving license in less than 20 minutes.

After the JPJ and Puspakom errands, we went back home for lunch. Then, I went to the panel dentist to get my toothache checked but unfortunately it was closed due to public holiday. And Kepong is not even Selangor!

With the aching tooth, I went to do some shopping at Jaya Jusco Kepong. Girls can really shop even with a throbbing pain on the left cheek!

I made an appointment with another dentist and arrived at her doorstep sharp at 5 pm. Dr Mary was a gentle dentist. She explained to me what’s wrong with the tooth and extracted the huge wisdom tooth. It’s amazing to see a petite lady like her could extract such huge tooth in such high speed that I didn’t even feel it. She advised no hot drinks and put ice cubes on the gaping hole if there is still pain and prescribed some pain killers and antibiotics. I didn’t even need pain killers. I thank god I didn’t bleed much and was happy tucking away in my mom’s nicely cooked home made lunch this afternoon (Some more I eat sambal belacan!).

It was a fruitful day. I slept after watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang starring Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer. It was such a hilarious movie that my aunt thought I was mad for laughing out so loud.

11 thoughts on “Errands Day

  1. Am planning to renew my passport sometime. Hopefully they are as efficient nowadays.

    Oh, thought for wisdom tooth extraction, under medication and stuff, need at least a day or two of medical leave?

  2. i LOVE kiss kiss bang bang!!

    i watched the movie in australia. my friend and i ended up picking kiss kiss bang bang cos nothing else looked interesting. went in not knowing what the movie was about. came out most pleasantly surprised! very hilarious. very fun!🙂

  3. Hello,
    Drop by from Kleio’s. I didn’t know the runner in KL charge that much. I think here, they only charge the most RM100 for the runner fees alone…not including other charges…

  4. zing: I am a very strong woman.. can go to work the next day and eat sambal belacan some more! Yesterday I had the devil’s curry!😀

    laymank: Yeah.. I guess we just have to max out our time.. especially when there is no more annual leave for me this year!

    lingzie: Yeah.. on how Robert Downey Jr lost his finger because the girl bang the door on him..hilarious! And Val Kilmer really could carry the gay character really well! Yeah! It’s auto-generated.

    kok: Welcome!😀 Yes, normally if you buy a second hand car, they charge you additional RM500 if you want to ask them to do the transfer of ownership. *Nice coffee* Haha!

  5. Wah…betul betul kuat lah you! To think that you can eat sambal belacan (with ikan bilis kah?) with no consequences to your gums after extraction… As for me, not so lucky. I too, was a ‘little’ greedy after the recent extraction of a problematic molar. Ate kacang tanah the next day to celebrate and was rewarded with bubbles of pus on the surface of the wound … Now, this old wives advices needs to be heeded … (for me, that is) ..🙂

  6. shorthorse: You poor dear! Maybe you are just allergic to peanuts? Yeah.. but I am feeling some pains in my gums all around the mouth. It’s not a good time to have infections in my mouth! I better gargle everyday with salt!

    cc: You can choose it if you are using wordpress – I chose aliens avatars!

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