Six Shorts

Been a bit busy tying up some loose ends before going on a two weeks break end of this week.😀

So, here’s some updates of things happening over the weekend.

Honey, I’m stuck

My dad and aunt went to play mahjong over the weekend at another uncle’s house in the newly bought old Datsun 120Y. The thing is, my sis didn’t mention to them that the seat belts are faulty. You may need to exert extra strength just to get yourself out from the seat belt.

The mahjong place is like 5 minutes away from our house, yet they buckled up. Yeah! Kudos to these two law abiding senior citizens. When they got to the designated place, these two old folks couldn’t get out from their seats. After struggling for a few minutes, my dad called my sis. It was a lucky thing that dad mellowed down over the years as he aged.. and we were surprised that instead of scolding us, he was laughing at himself for being stuck in the car seat.

My dental hygiene

The hole in the gap is closing nicely but I noticed there was still some white thingy left. Is it normal ah? Should there be any bones left? I remember the last time I took out my wisdom tooth, there was a big huge black hole with nothing inside.

I got myself a new battery operated toothbrush after the old one was disgustingly covered in some unidentified black stuffs (on the handle that is). Somehow, I regretted for buying the rechargeable one. With the current escalating costs of electric tariffs, I guess I should just stick to batteries. They are cheaper than putting your toothbrush forever on the standby mode on the charger. They call it “vampire” – it eats too much electricity just by plugging in your tv or washing machine in standby mode. So folks, please switch off all your electrical goods when they are not in use.

House Warming

Went to a friend’s place for house warming. Many, many of my friends have their own homes now and get to decorate them to their tastes and likes. I personally do not like to stay in condos, perhaps I haven’t live in one before and not used to it. If I were to get another property (the first property is the house I am staying in now), I guess I would get another landed property. Cakap saja lah! Mana ada duit!

Shopping Spree

Went on a shopping spree at the Gardens on Friday night to maximize my Ringgit. I find waiting sometimes can be quite rewarding. I got two pairs of jeans at 20% off! And got two simple blouses at only RM15 each. For a person my size (which is HUGE!!), it’s quite hard to get a blouse under RM20. So, I am glad I waited and don’t spend my money on impulse earlier. Good things come to those who wait. Ah.. I’ve grown so much wiser in spending my money.

Playing Mother

I was utterly befuddled that QQ’s mom prefers spending her time grooming herself than to tend to her children. She was supposed to bring the kids to the doctor on weekend for some mandatory jabs. She called up my mom last minute and told her that she won’t be free on the appointed date to take them for a jab.

When her husband turned up at our house to collect the kids for the weekend, he told us that the wife went to get her eyebrows tattoo-ed.

No time for taking kids to the clinic but has time to tattoo her eyebrows???

We were utterly disgusted. Vanity supersedes her child’s health. So much for being a mother, huh?

Guess what? We have done shopping for school uniforms and shoes for that two 6-year going to 7-year old kids next year for Standard One because there was a warehouse sale. Yes! Sasha and Lok Lok will be attending Standard One next year!

Broadway Parodies Lagi Lah!

Was invited to join some friends to KL Pac on Saturday evening for Broadway Parodies Lagi Lah! It was pretty hilarious. I like the Bomoh of the Bursa best (sing to the tune of Phantom of the Opera) and probably the last song, Bodoh Lah is funny! The rest was quite mediocre. I was thinking they would surely incorporate the famous, “Looks like me, sounds like me, but it’s not me!” and they did! So no surprise on that part. I enjoyed it nevertheless.

Heck. Back to work. It’s only Monday! Another 4 more days to go!

PS. Title of this post is an inspiration from Amir Muhammad‘s 6horts.

9 thoughts on “Six Shorts

  1. Gina,
    So happening lahfor your weekend!

    Hmm.. Just because of tattoo-ing her eyebrows and didn’t have time for the children? What a irresponsible mother… Next time when she’s old and need her children, her children might do the same to her… hopefully not…

    I guess you must be looking forward for your holidays!🙂

  2. Kok: I am not a mom yet (and think won’t be one either in near future!) so I better not judge. But then, if you wanna have kids, you might as well be prepared to spend time on them. Yeah.. looking forward.😀

    shorthorse: Thank you! Will try the Harley Davison thingy!😀

  3. hey,

    I am not that optimistic about a seatbelt that couldn’t be loosened up at will.

    We never know when is the time we need to unbuckle them as fast as possible to save our own lives.

    Better get it fixed la!

  4. A lot of sales nowadays. Isetan sale last Friday was mega packed in KLCC!!! but I refrained from buying anything. Then last night, I went again, and bought a tie…😛 How come guys’ shirts don’t cost less than RM20 ah?!!😦

  5. Wah…you wanna save money but you use battery-operated toothbrush… wa piang seh.

    I need to get a new pair of jeans too…mana ada sale?

    Some people shouldn’t be mothers…heck, some people shouldn’t even procreate.

  6. ml: Never mind. Will take again the next time.

    zing: Tie again huh? How many you have already? I think if you tie all your ties into a long rope, you can be Rapunzel and probably can be used as fire escape. HAHA!

    inaesb: It’s actually free.. I bought the toothbrush using dental benefits sponsored by company.😛 Isetan ada sale now.. in fact everywhere also ada sale! Yeah.. I agree.. if don’t like to take care of kids, might as well don’t have them.

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