Hospital At 3 am

I got the shock of my life yesterday when I saw my mom slumped on the bed and couldn’t move. She said she was dizzy and then, crawled to the bathroom and hurled herself in a pail.

My sis and the Mechanic took her to the clinic for check up. She too slumped on the doctor’s table. After taking her blood pressure reading, the doc advised us to send her to the hospital.

Thank goodness the general hospital in Selayang took her immediately into the emergency ward and put her on drips. She had her blood pressure monitored (it was 200+++/100++!!!!), her head scanned because she was complaining of terrible headaches and then blood test. The bloody trainee had to insert the needle a few times to draw blood from my mom. Thank goodness my mom is someone who could withstand pain. My sis said, she stared at the trainee drawing blood clumsily and the doctor just watched. In the end, the doctor corrected the trainee’s way of drawing blood, but not after poking a few times at my mom as if she were a piece of meat.

I stared helplessly at the machine measuring the blood pressure. It kept going up. I notified the nurse. Apparently, if you are sleeping sideways, you might elevate your blood pressure. True enough, I told my mom to lie straight then the blood pressure went down a little.

Brother, sis-in-law and my aunt came to visit. Mom appeared to be relaxed and stopped throwing up.

While I was standing in the emergency ward with no chairs to sit and freezing my ass off, I was looking around the emergency ward. There was a foreign worker with food poisoning, some fella on drip due to unknown reason, some children suffering from asthma and some elderly people suffering stroke or having heart diseases. Totally unglamorous, unlike what you see in ER or Grey’s Anatomy. Probably we were lucky to get attended this swiftly due to less patients.

Then, came in another elderly patient. There was a small commotion as his next-of-kin were all in the emergency ward where only one next-of-kin was allowed to enter at any point of time. To my surprise, one of his sons, Peter was my school mate back in TAR College whom I have lost contact with. From the looks of it, I guess his dad must be also suffering from high blood pressure.

I didn’t say hi to him as I think, he couldn’t have remembered me after I have put on so much weight! So, I didn’t say hi. But he surely looks good now compare to his scrawny figure 10 years ago! I still could remember what he told me when I complained to him, my driving skill is very bad. He asked me sarcastically, “So, when you go up the hill, you step on the brakes and while going downhill, you accelerate? Is this how your driving skill is?” That was funny.

As they took turns to come in to see their beloved dad, I was touched. The daughter, I think probably Peter’s sister was consoling and comforting her dad by stroking gently on his hair. I could feel the love she had for her dad.

This whole episode set me thinking. Peter’s dad and my mom were lucky enough to have people caring for them when they are ill stricken in bed. I wonder, if I am ever a spinster, if I wake up one day and found myself paralyze and couldn’t move, how on earth am I gonna get myself to the hospital like an able bodied person. Oh.. I forgot.. my mom said the police would help.

My mind drifted to last Saturday’s conversation with a friend. When she told me about a guy appeared to be interested in her, I encouraged her to go ahead and give it a try. Just coming out from a bitter divorce, it is understandable that she would be apprehensive to give another relationship a try.

Then I couldn’t believe myself when I blurted these words, “It’s good to have someone to spend the rest of your life with. I don’t think anyone would want to get over the remaining of this life being all alone.”

My sis and I waited in the freezing cold hospital for 5.5 hours till 3 am and were relieved that my mom had stabilized and ready to be discharged. She was asked to get a good rest. The sudden blood pressure was not properly explained by the doctor. But the doc said, it’s normal sometimes to have sudden surge in blood pressure, so one need to really control oneself – diet and also take medication on timely basis. She is quite obstinate when it comes to controlling her diet. I wonder where I get the stubbornness from?

Well, I am tired now but still going to work this morning. I hope she recovers swiftly.

15 thoughts on “Hospital At 3 am

  1. My mum has a similar episode last year after my dad’s heart bypass surgery, too worried. Luckily it went away quickly

    Hopefully your mum will be well soon! Take care.

  2. Oooh…I hope your Mom is better now…gotta take good care.
    I have been to ER also in the wee hours but I am the sick one (pregnant and got food poisoning – vomitting like no tomolo). Althou very weak that time, I did thot what would happen to me if I have no one to help me that time…its scary and very helpless…

  3. inaesb: Yeah.. elderly people sometimes just don’t want to bother ppl too much with the problems.. they tend to keep quiet about it.

    cc: Oh.. so sorry to hear thank. Thanks for the well wishes.

    ml: Yeah.. she’s fine now. Thank God.

    Ponytail: You are lucky to have a good husband to take care of you.😀 Nice Hong Kong pics!

    zing: Sometimes she likes to be her own doctor and eat less dosage then complained about headaches… sigh. I am ok lah.. so far.

    Yuin: Yeah.. I think everybody will help to monitor. Imagine Gas stove the drill sergeant in my house. LOL.

  4. gina,
    I wish your mum a speedy recovery.

    I experienced two dramas for the last 3 years. One is my grandpa and one is my grandma (Maternal). Unfortunately, my grandpa is no longer here….

  5. Glad to hear that she was stabilized and able to be discharge fast. You really got to watch her diet and get her to exercise a bit.

    Perhaps you should get her to watch that movie I mentioned to you about a guy in his 40’s who got a stroke so bad that he was paralyzed and was locked-in his body with only his left eye functioning. This film’s really moving. It might help get your mom stay motivated on a healthier lifestyle😉

    What’s worst than death? My take is being paralyzed and unable to fend for self even the simplest task. This truly scares me to death.

  6. So sorry to hear this..

    The most precious thing in life is nothing but health, without which, you can forget about happiness and the rest.

    We all need to take care of ourselves, regardless if you will be alone throughout or with a companion.

    auntie needs good rest and medication.

    Send my regards please (don’t think she knows me, though)….

  7. zewt: Thanks. Better appreciate mom when she is still around. Am sorry about your mom.

    : Thanks. Yeah.. elderly people have to take extra care. I lost both my grandmas 5 years ago.

    Kleio: That would be a good idea. Thanks.

    Laymank: Yeah.. that applies to me also.. need to take care of one’s own health. My mom knows lah… she always hear me mention your name.😀

  8. hey gina… sorry to hear about this. hope your mom is feeling better.

    it’s scary when things like this happen suddenly. which reminds me… i better keep a closer eye on my grandpa and my own parents. i am lucky. they are all still healthy. but i shouldnt take it for granted.

    you take care too ya! ~hugs~

  9. KY, take good care of your mum. She’s a great mum.

    Btw, do forget about those yummy oily food… eat more fish and veggie.

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