City of Love

29th September 2008, Monday

Melbourne Central

We started our beautiful day in Melbourne by walking about town. Curly said this would be a good time to explore the city. He took us around Melbourne City to familiarize ourselves with the tram and bus system. Things are pretty convenient in Melbourne. There are tourist buses and city trams we could ride for free to various tourist spots. Curly has been staying there for the past three years, so it was wonderful and very nice of him to take us around, so that we don’t get lost!

The city is very well planned and organized. However the street names can be a little confusing as if they had ran out of ideas. Like Victoria Street – there are many, MANY Victoria Streets in Melbourne alone. Curly stays in Brunswick East, and there is also another place called East Brunswick. Even though they are in the same area, they are NOT the same street!

The first day was a little confusing for me. Curly, in his lecturing mode went on with his teaching style of telling us the directions. “This is Lonsdale Street, there is Little Lonsdale… Burke Street, Little Burke Street.. etc etc.”

Flinder’s Station

For people like me who remember landmarks more than street names – I find some monuments are quite useful as landmarks for me to get off the tram – like a giant purse in front of the grand post office or where we could get a tram back to his place – three skinny men with suitcase in front of Politix shop. Lol!

It was a mixed feeling as I strolled along the streets of Melbourne. There are so many Asians that you would never feel out of place! As I strolled along Swanston Street, I could hear many languages being spoken from Korean to Japanese, Cantonese to Hokkien, Vietnamese to Thai. It’s not surprising that, Vietnamese is the second most spoken language in Melbourne.

First Blooms of Spring

Many people from all over the world come to Melbourne to pursue their studies. Since the University of Melbourne is situated in the heart of the city, it was easy for students to get around town to shop for their groceries, to meet their friends or simply hang about town to watch the day goes by.

Lovely Couple applauding

The weather was perfect. It was a little chilly if the wind blew but nevertheless it was quite okay for me. It’s like a colder version of Genting Highlands. So, be prepared to bring your sweaters and windbreakers if you plan to visit Melbourne in September/October. I love it as I don’t break into sweat!


One thing though, most of the walls in the back lane were decorated with graffiti. Some are really nice, some are merely scribbles of words. I heard that they might want to ban selling of the color spray to prevent unwanted graffiti.

Police Parade

We were caught by surprise that there was a police parade. Curly was also unaware of the event. A few roads were closed for the police to march around town. Retired policemen were also invited to participate. There was a sense of pride arising from the loud applause from the crowd as the retired policemen walked by. I thought of the police force back at home and felt sorry for their reputation.

Krispy Kreme

Since everyone was bragging about how yummy Krispy Kreme donuts taste like, I bought two dozen as breakfast for the boys and I. I was somewhat disappointed. I think the donuts were too sweet for my taste –it’s diabetic inducing merely by taking one mouthful! The glazed one was better as it was not too sweet. Overall, there is nothing to shout about this donut.

Lovers waiting to cross the road

Melbourne is a city of love. Everywhere you see many cute couples walking hand in hand. I am sure there are also a lot of couples in other cities but I guess, due to rush hour or working time, I simply did not notice any apart from holiday makers walking hand in hand. It’s a Monday, a working day in Melbourne and yet, there are many people taking leisurely stroll along the streets of Melbourne. Life indeed is good.

16 thoughts on “City of Love

  1. Gina,
    I took two similar photos; Melbourne Central and Flinders Station. haha! I was there in 2007. How time flies.

    Actually in Australia, there are quite a lot of Asians. Perhaps, most of them pursue their studies there and later on, stay there for good.

    Yea, I have to agree with you that Krispy Kreme is over-rated by most of them out there. But most of them said the original is good. Not those assorted type. But well, maybe next time…

  2. Anu: Enjoy yourself!! Go easy on Krispy Kreme!😀

    : Ah.. hope you find it useful!

    Kok: I think those are typical shots lah. But I really like the color of the Flinders’ Station. It really stand out against the blue sky! Yeah, the glazed one is alright. Not that sweet.

    AND: When you are on a holiday, everybody also appear “cute” to you one.. trust me. The guy who kissed me at the pub also cute mah! Haha!

    zewt: No need to resign what.. can go on holiday one.. and perhaps, you can try your luck in Melbourne! I love it!

    : Definitely. You can find love anywhere. As long as you open your heart to it.😀

    : Thanks! Stay tuned to be delighted!😀

    Kenny Mah
    : Yes!!! I remember that post vividly! Love that spans the worlds’ continents!😀

  3. oooo men in uniforms! hehe

    and ~swoon~ krispy kreme donuts!!
    actually i do agree that the glaze one is better…and they are best eaten fresh and piping hot!🙂

    lovely photos gina! i love the applauding couple one🙂

  4. Tony: Perhaps we should just buy and eat the donut on the spot!

    lingzie: Yeah! What a pleasant surprise! Men in uniform!😀 Thanks for the complements. For the kissing thingy… stories later! Haha!

  5. Krispy Cream, Big Apple, Dunkin donuts, they are all nothing special, if you ask me. Yet, we see people willingly queued a long line and patiently waiting to buy the over-rated too-sweet donuts. Irony eh?

    Got kissed? by a midget?🙂

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