Klang Makanthon

For two weekends in a row, I had been on short road trips to Klang and around Selayang and Kepong for a makanthon. So, be prepared to salivate! I think I should segregate this into two posts or else it would be a little too long to read at one go!

Klang Makanthon, 19th October 2008

Sailor Boy is back from sailing after 6 months. That’s an awful long time! So, we decided to pay him a visit and at the same time, have a makan trip in Klang town.

Klang is about 30 minutes from KL town, if there is no jam. We reached Klang at 9 am to beat the early birds out for bak kut teh (BKT). Not really that early lah… but we arrived just in time before the crowd came barging. According to Sailor Boy, this is how you should get to Klang BKT central.

After klang toll you will see fly over, don’t take flyover*, go down and meet roundabout. then at roundabou take 9 o’clock. then immedietely left turn. then straight all the way to chinese school, after chinese school directly turn left and you will see BKT CENTRAL

* It’s quite accurate. Just that you need to go over the first flyover. You don’t go up the second fly over. Keep left, go down to the roundabout. Haha!

We had the BKT at this Teluk Pulai BKT shop. It’s a little overrated but nevertheless, it was quite good. But I don’t think it’s worth to travel that far for a good BKT. Hence, I would want to recommend a nice BKT shop in Kepong – Klang BKT Yip Yong in Desa Aman Puri. Stories later!

After the BKT breakfast, we went to walk about at the biggest Bukit Tinggi Jaya Jusco in Malaysia – which some Klangites are quite proud of (or maybe it’s only Sailor Boy lah!) to catch a movie – Max Payne. It’s quite a pain to watch. The movie is kinda draggy and the one and only cute girl in the movie has to die a horrible death.. so…

Before the movie, we had coffee and some toast bread at Old Town Kopitiam, and after movie, we had another round of kopi and teh tarik at the Nyonya Food shop and yakked for hours.

For early dinner, we decided to eat this Number One Claypot Chicken Rice at Berkeley. Unfortunately, the day I went, probably the chef didn’t have a good day hence, we ended having burnt claypot chicken rice. Bummer!

You may have the claypot chicken rice to go along with three types of soup. Black herbal chicken, pig intestines and spinach soup with dates. The spinach soup is too salty. Not good for people with high blood pressure. Like I said, the chef probably had a bad day hence, everything was a little over too salty or burnt. Perhaps, we should come another day to have this – to do justice for people in Klang lah. Haha!

The day ended with a plate of nasi lemak in Restoran Yee Ta. It was quite good though. Crunchy anchovies, perfectly done mata kerbau (egg sunny side up), fragrant rice, serve on banana leaf (earn extra points!) but the sambal is a little too sweet for me. I give it a 7.5 over 10. It’s a Chinese restaurant for breakfast and lunch. For tea time, dinner and supper, the restaurant is converted into a mamak shop. Don’t even think about using the toilets here. Omigod! I could smell the toilet from where we sit and it sure turn off appetite. Try sitting outside the shop to sample this nasi lemak. They serve teh tarik in steel tall mugs, which is really cool.

To be continued…

9 thoughts on “Klang Makanthon

  1. Oh yummm to all the food posted here …. hmm.. good toilet smell? No wonder the nasi lemak is good – ahahahaha! BTW, I saw a programme over AFC – apparently, a successful claypot rice dish should be slightly burnt crust at the bottom….I guess the one you took was overdone eh?

  2. Shorthorse: Hmm.. .that’s what our host said too. Slightly burnt is best. But to me, too burnt, I cannot eat. We ordered two claypots. One is okay, the other one is not. Hahaha!! Wah.. don’t remind me of the toilet smell! Some more the boys discussed the color of the turd found on the bowl of the toilet. And I held my pee till I reached KL because I just don’t want to use the toilet there!

  3. ginaaaaa!
    Do you need to torture me like this? hahaha! Here I can’t really get good bak kut teh. In Miri, only one stall has better bak kut teh..others.. hmm…

  4. Yuin: No need to apologise lah. Not you who cook the BKT or claypot chicken rice what. Lol!!! We went to Klang to see you only! Main purpose – see you. Other purposes – eat, eat, eat!

    Kok: Eh.. then you better get ready for the next post on BKT. Haha! Come to KL lah. Let’s go eat the BKT at Desa Aman Puri, Kepong.

  5. Gina,
    I would love to go to KL but then, my work starts next week. Aihh! But one day, I’ll go and you’ll have to bring me to eat this BKT, deal?😀

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