Gap Park & Bondi Beach, Sydney

2nd October 2008, Thursday

It was a leisurely day. We had a late morning breakfast and set out for the day. The first stop was Gap Park. It looked somewhat like Uluwatu in Bali, only difference is the cooler breeze! I heard stories that if you ever see a pairs of slippers by the side of the rocky hill, you better call the morgue (if you can find the body, that is). There would be a suicide case. I think we could see Gap Park coast line when we were flying from Melbourne to Sydney! The scenery was simply breath taking.

Our friend dropped us at one high end of Gap Park, so we ended up hiking the place to get back to the car. Yeah.. me hiking! No wonder I lost some weight while I was there. I was doing everything that I never would have done in KL! Trek! Hike! My gawd!

As I was struggling to maintain my pace, a friendly elderly man chuckled and said to me, “It’s all the way UP!!”

I summoned enough breath to reply him, “*Huff* Thanks… for telling me! *Puff*” and he laughed.

For lunch, we stopped by Bondi Beach. We ended up eating some Asian food again. It’s really funny that all the while when I was in Sydney, I ate mostly Asian food! They have really good sambal! Lol!

It was early spring, so the weather is just nice for sun worshippers and beach lovers. There are few nudes walking about the beach but of course, I didn’t take their pictures! The place was packed but not as packed as summer, it seemed. During summer, there are hardly any spot left for you to even stand!

Along the roads following the coastline of Bondi Beach, there are many people in bikinis and swim wears. There were surfers too. Most people were bare footed. So I guess we were the handful people who walked around fully clothed. Not to mention that someone was even in her jacket in such a sunny day! Haha!

This is definitely the place to check out hot people while you sip a cup of cappuccino in the many cafés along the walkway.

Be careful of the wind though. When it blows, you might get sand in your eyes! So, wear your sunglasses and put on lotsa sun lotion!

We ended the day by walking around Paddy’s Market to purchase some souvenirs home. I decided to try the Emperor’s Puffs at Chinatown. They were pretty good!

*For those who are on your own free and easy trip, you may hop on Explorer Bus by purchasing one-day ticket and the buses would stop at every tourist hot spots.

12 thoughts on “Gap Park & Bondi Beach, Sydney

  1. Gina,
    I think Aust really has a lot of awesome scenery. But then, it would mean you’ll have to travel for quite sometime to see those places…

    Beach! Arghhh! I miss the beach back in Aust! The beach there is so clean and the water is sparkling clear! Did you try the water there? Actually during summer, the water is still very cold!

  2. Kok: Yes, it sure is… just like a country with many, many different terrains! Yeah, I guess, if offer is still standing, I would probably go to Brisbane soon!😀

    jasmine: The first thing I thought of when I reached here, this is Uluwatu!

    shorthorse: Aiseh.. nak bogel, tengok je porn. Haha!

  3. Kok: If the offer still stands from my best friend who was in Perth, then now Brisbane… I promised her for 10 years liao.. and I haven’t even step foot in her turf! Haha! If my finance permits, Brisbane would be the next destination.

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