Sydney Fish Market

3rd October 2008, Friday

Our last day in Sydney was spent at the Sydney Fish Market. It was a great place for fresh seafood fare. I think this is probably the highlight of our trip. For some of us who would think, “Aiyoh.. fish market ah? Sure smelly one!” It wasn’t smelly at all. The place was quite clean in fact and there are some restaurants inside the place. You get to see a lot of sea produce in gigantic sizes!

A lot of people would prefer eating in the building instead of outside at the wharf as there were many annoying seagulls around waiting for left overs.

It was quite a good place to take pictures as you have the scenic Anz Bridge as backdrop and some fishing boats rocking at the jetty.

On how to purchase food at this place, you need to place your order at any girls manning the food counters, and you would be given a number. You pay when your number is called and you would get your order.

The seafood platter here cost about AUD28.50 per platter. Half dozen fresh oysters cost about AUD14.50.

After the scrumptious lunch, we made our way to Bradfield Park where you get to view Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge together! It was a breathtaking view! Luna Park is also situated here, so you could get some rides to view the place from high up in the sky if you want to.

Before we go to the airport on our last day, we went to visit WL’s university. The University of Sydney looks uncannily like the School of Hogwarts! Harry Potter’s school!

We bid WL and Little Isaac good bye to head back to Melbourne.

Again, Jetstar was delayed for an hour and we were stranded in the airport. Sigh!! Very bad traveling experience!

We were greeted by drops of rain upon reaching Melbourne Avalon airport. The airport is like LCCT in Sepang. So, we had to run to the terminal under the rain. Imagine the chilly wind that blew while you were soaking in the rain. Gawd! I think if the walkway is much longer, I would have probably suffered hypothermia! It was a good thing I decided to wear my jacket before getting down the plane! My teeth were chattering like crazy the moment I stepped foot into the terminal.

We reached Brunswick East and were welcomed into a house with delicious aroma of chicken in bitter guord soup. Nothing could beat a nice warm soup on a cold night of October in Melbourne.

6 thoughts on “Sydney Fish Market

  1. Gina,
    In Perth, I don’t think there’s a particular fish market. But there’s a port called “Fremantle” where you can get seafood! There are places for fish and chips too and I was quite surprised that the third photo of your look almost like Fremantle! And also, seagulls would attack for food if you sit outside for a meal. hehe.

  2. Kok: I think everywhere in Australia which is near the seaside would have this seafood thingy! I think this is a nice place to spend the weekend in Sydney – food, friends and fun.

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