Flea Market at Camberwell

5th October 2008, Sunday

Curly, being a fan of antiques, loves the flea market in Camberwell. Sometimes, if you are lucky you would get pretty good deals here. They sell just anything here, from small ear rings to things as big as sofa or arm chair! To get to Camberwell, you need to take a train ride from Flinder’s. If not mistaken, the flea market is only open on Sundays and till 12 pm only. I didn’t get anything but Curly and ML got themselves really nice brooches.

We walked about here for an hour before going to Sofia’s for an Italian brunch. We ordered risotto, garden salad (HUGE portion!) and pizza. Try ordering pizza without anchovies. They are very, very salty! Too salty for our taste! We ta pao-ed back some leftovers as all portions are too huge by Asian standard!

We went to Federation Square after that to check out some tour packages since we decided not to drive. We were greeted by a huge crowd, all looking upwards to this man who juggled torches of fire while balancing on a tight rope, held by some members of the crowd. In Federation Square, there were many talented people coming up with tricks to entertain the ever engaging crowd for a small token of appreciation. They usually would be welcomed with a warm round of applause from the cheerful and laid back crowd.

At the travel advisory center, situated at the lower ground of Federation Square, we waited quite awhile to get our bookings, not because there were many people at the counter waiting, but the volunteers were overly patient, answering one question after another! Perhaps you can try to take a number first before deciding what tour packages to take!

We decided to go with AAT Kings to Great Ocean Road, Penguin Islands, Puffing Billy, Cattle Farm and Yarra Valley and Wineries. We paid only AUD314 for the entire 3 days package. All packages come with a light breakfast of scones and coffee and you get a free half day city tour too. If you want to include lunch, you need to pay the difference of probably AUD30 per day.

We hop off the tourist shuttle bus at Alexandra Gardens to check out the statues and Shrine of Remembrance. It was a day when there was daylight saving, so we turned out clock one hour ahead. At 6 pm, the sunlight was still as bright as it is in the morning and yet, the air is still cold and nice. I love it.

So, we walked about Alexandra Garden to watch people jogging by, took pictures of blooms of springs, birds and lovers. You can see a lot of people lying on the grass to sun bathe. It was indeed a splendid day to walk about Melbourne!

We ended the day with a bowl of delicious beef pho in Mekong along Swanston Street. This shop is quite well known among the locals and tourists alike. Pictures of Hong Kong stars were plastered everywhere, having their meals here – Jackie Chan, Samo Hung, just to name a few. The beef pho is good though but not something that I would miss. For AUD9.80 per bowl, probably cheap by Australian standard. To me, it’s a little too pricey. I still crave for the stir fried lemongrass beef in Bong Sen, KLCC!

7 thoughts on “Flea Market at Camberwell

  1. Gina,
    You got such a great deal! For only about $300+, you managed to go to so many places! I should have done that when I was in Melbourne.

    The Shrine of Remembrance is quite unique… When it comes to Anzac day, there’s something special there… Come over here and take a look… http://kokadoodle.blogspot.com/2007/08/melbourne-day-1.html

    Mekong! haha! I also went there. My friend told me that’s not the best Vietnamese food but because Bill Clinton had two bowls, I went there! hahahaha!

    Hey, you took great photos! Well done!:)

  2. Kok: Yeah.. it was a good deal. Lucky thing I spotted it when I was waiting for my turn before paying. Then I thought I should have taken the helicopter rides as well for only AUD60.. I didn’t! *Kick myself*

    Eh.. I saw your posts on Melbourne. How come also eat Chinese food only wan? Hahahah! Thanks! Please wait to see pics I took at the Great Ocean Road.😀

  3. Gina,
    Sometimes, we have to depends on luck to get such deal. And also, it depends on if it’s peak seasons or not. Did you go to Mount Buller? But I guess at that time, it’s not winter; no snow.

    Ahhh! $60??? You should have gone that!!!! As far as I know, a helicopter ride would take at least $150 and above! Aiyoyo! Don’t worry! Next time!:D

    Hahaha! I also don’t know why I also ate Chinese food when I was in Melbourne. hahaha! My friend brought me there, no choice.😛

    You’re so lucky to visit Great Ocean Road. I wanted to go but my friend said, “It’s winter hey! Nothing to see one.”😦

  4. It’s interesting but so often, we travel to Melbourne and Sydney and we end up dining on Asian food instead of something “Western”, but that’s just it, isn’t it? Australian cuisine is a fusion, melting pot of different cultures, and the Asian flavour is a very intense part of it…🙂

  5. Kok: I guess probably I was there at the right time?😀 I think the offer is long standing one leh.. from the looks of it.. a lot of people took this deal while we were there. Yeah.. the helicopter ride is truly cheap! Too bad I didn’t go for it!!😦 There is a Mount Buller package also, but I didn’t take it coz my friend couldn’t stand the coldness and probably the snow is melting by the time we got there. It was spring.

    Kenny Mah: Yeah, I agree with it. Melbourne and Sydney actually has quite high population of Asians! Vietnamese is the second most spoken language after English! The food is alright anyhow – Asian or Western.😀

    Tony: No lah.. eventhough I am a glutton, that doesn’t mean I can eat A LOT! You would be surprised that I probably eat the least among my makan kakis!

    jasmine: Thanks! Feel free to go to the flea market in Camberwell then! Mostly are old stuffs but you definitely would get something you like for a steal.

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