God, the Perfect Landscaper

6th November 2008, Monday

Bell’s Beach before it started to pour

We started the day early to get to the Great Ocean Road with AAT Kings. The driver cum tour guide is one jolly good fellow named Collin. He is very informative and good at cracking jokes every now and then to keep us interested. Two thumbs up for his service.

Bell’s Beach

It wasn’t a really sunny day when we left Melbourne for the Great Ocean Road. I guess one have to properly check the weather before planning to go to Great Ocean Road. Imagine the breathtaking views you could take and enjoy if it’s sunny! Too bad, it was drizzling all the time while we were on the Great Ocean Road. Too much rain for my liking.

Eucalyptus tress along the road

Along the way, we passed by the eucalyptus trees forest to spot some sleepy koalas in the wild. Koala is always sleeping because of its low calorie diet on the eucalyptus leaves. Out of the 700+ over species of eucalyptus trees, apparently koalas only eat 22+ of them! Koalas could sleep up to 20 hours a day! Collin joked that, if he were to reincarnate, he wish to be a koala in his next life.

I think I didn’t want to bore you guys the details of the trip and let some pictures do the talking.

The Twelve Apostles

There was a gale on the day that we arrived at the Twelve Apostles! Imagine a fat buffalo like me had to struggle to walk due to the strong winds, what more a skinny ass like ML! I am not surprised that she complained about the coldness all throughout the trip to Great Ocean Road, amongst other days. Lol!

Apollo Bay

I have many, many favorite spots along the Great Ocean Road. Almost every spot carved a memory in my mind. The entire journey to the Great Ocean Road was decorated with breathtaking views of the ocean, cliffs, greens, forests, rivers and beaches. There are different shades of flowers aligning the sides of the roads, as if they were planted on purpose to welcome us to the Great Ocean Road.

Loch Ard Gorge

They say, life is not defined by how many breaths you take, but moments that take your breath away.. I think I probably had many, many moments where my breath was literally taken away in this trip. I was awe struck by the beauty of nature along Great Ocean Road. I couldn’t help but think God is such a perfect landscaper.

Woman feeding seagulls at Port Campbell

On the way back, we feasted our eyes on the golden field of canolas. Imagine golden yellow bedded fields along the vast green plains, peppered with sheep grazing lazily at the grasses surrounding the area. It was  awesomely picturesque. Too bad we didn’t stop to get a picture of it.

If you plan to go to Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road is something not to be missed. If I were to go back to Melbourne again, I hope to drive instead and go on for at least five days to thoroughly enjoy the scenic and beautiful scenery! This is the place where you could feel as if the worries in this world had vanquished and you would wish and wish and wish the day spent here would not end! And I think one should take the helicopter ride (AUD60 to AUD90) to check out this place. It was truly an unforgettable experience.

4 thoughts on “God, the Perfect Landscaper

  1. Gina,
    I missed Great Ocean Road! Such nice sceneries there. If you were to go there again, can I tag along? kekeke.

    I think the tour guides in Aust are well-trained. They can basically talk to you about everything. And somemore, they can insert jokes in every conversation of theirs.

    Eh? I thought Koalas sleep for more than 18 hours a day? Hmm… I would love to become koala too. Eat and sleep only. haha!

  2. Kok: wah.. I not yet even ping PPS you already commented! Haha! Belum habis edit lagi! Haha! Around there ah I think.. eh.. i think 20 hours a day hor! I keep thinking they are only active 4 hours a day.. and I forgot to minus 4 out of 24 hours a day. Haha! That really shows how good am I in Math! Haha! Thanks!

  3. Gina,
    I was bloghopping when I saw you update your blog mah. haha! Did you change anything? I only see that you change the sleeping hours for koalas! hahaha!

    LOL! If there’s only 20 hours a day hor, I think I’ll complain like mad cause now with 24 hours, it’s already not enough! hahaha!

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