Good Bye, Melbourne!

9th October 2008, Thursday

I guess you guys must have been bored shitless with the stories in Melbourne-Sydney. Haha! Anyway, to spare you guys from my long windedness, I am going to keep this final post on Melbourne short and sweet – and filled with pictures!

We spent the Thursday morning having some delicious breakfast at Gingerlee. It serves quite good tuna linguini and mushroom foccacia.

After the long and chatty breakfast, we made our way to Queen Victoria’s Market to shop for some last minute souvenirs, nougats and chocolates. Then, we proceed to St Kilda’s Beach for a look around.

We took the tram to St Kilda’s. The wind was quite strong and it was a little cold despite the glaring sun.

It’s good to come over here to this quiet place for a cup of coffee and wile the day away.

We spent the late evening back in Chinatown to buy some groceries for Curly and Al as they have been really nice to us by cooking for us almost every day while we were there.

So on the last night, we meet up with the rest of the gang in Melbourne and had dinner at Baba’s. It was a new outlet along Lygon Street. However, the portions served were too small so we left the restaurant with half filled stomachs. We made our way to Brunetti’s for some cakes and coffee and chatted the night away.

10th October 2008, Friday

The next morning, we went to have another big breakfast at Poached and it was time to bid good bye to our lovely host – Curly and Al.

Thanks to Curly for letting us sleep in the room while he took the sofa bed in the living room. Thank you for clearing your closet to let us have space to store our clothes. Thank you for letting me use your lotion and moisturizers! Thank you for lending me your socks! Thank you for doing my laundry! Thank you for cooking for me! Thank you for showing me around! Thank you for buying us tram tickets! Thank you for lending us some warm clothings! Thank God I could fit in one! Lol!

Thanks to Al for the jokes he cracked and number of tips he gave me to take better pictures. Thank you for letting us eat your biscuits! Thank you for making us coffee and cooking us maggi mee for supper! Thank you for the delicious caramel chocolates!

We bid Curly, Al and Ryne good bye with a heavy heart and were glad that we enjoy ourselves pretty much in Melbourne and it was a totally “unforgettable” trip for many years to come.

We reached Singapore and then, proceeded to meet up with some old friends for a day or two till we returned to Kuala Lumpur.

That’s about it for my trip to Melbourne-Sydney-Singapore. Hope you guys are not bored to death! Will resume with “normal” blogging in due course.

15 thoughts on “Good Bye, Melbourne!

  1. Gina,
    You write interesting posts and I definitely enjoy your Melbourne-Sydney write up!:)

    Wah! You had wonderful friends! The hospitality they gave… so much!

    Eh, you didn’t try their gelato? It’s nice!

  2. Like the pic of the pier taken at St Kilda. I was a student there in the 70’s and I use to spend my days at the Esplanade area on Sundays. Never got the time to go back.

  3. Kok: Thanks for your kind words.😀 I guess you will concur with me on the experience in Melbourne. It was simply too beautiful for words. Yes, wonderful friends indeed! And guess what, we only know each other quite recently and met about 2x a year in KL when Curly gets back and yet, we are kindred spirits! And Al – God bless this dude, we only met and yet, he is so kind! No ah, Kok. It’s too cold to eat gelato!

    Ann: Haha. Put warning also useless lah. Can see only, cannot eat coz it’s in Melbourne!

    : Thanks! Yes.. I took it with “normal” camera. Lol!

    : Thanks! Wah.. what’s stopping you? Now air tickets are so dirt cheap, you practically could fly there every 3 months! Haha! Make some time. It’s worth it.

  4. You’ve captured a beautiful slice of Melbourne with these posts, dear. You’re really making me look forward to my trip to UK next May. I so get the excitement bubbling over from your writing and the satisfaction of a good holiday and the bittersweet notes of departing.

    But as you said, can always go back ma… fly every 3 months also can, haha…

  5. Kenny: Thanks for the compliment! Yes yes, please do take more pics and write awesomely romantic stuffs!😀 Yeah.. can always go back again and again.. and again…

    : Thanks! You went there before right, glad to let you relive again the moments.😀

  6. Stunning pics Gina!!!!!! Great scenery pics & you make all the food you ate look so sumptious & mouthwatering…. (picture me meleleh-ing?). No, your travelogue is very informative. Don’t ever think it was boring.

  7. Kok: Too bad lah. I guess can go again and try again and again!😀

    : Is there even a gothic atmosphere? I don’t feel any gothic experience apart from going to churches and.. yeah.. the cemetery is somewhat gothic!

    shorthorse: Thanks! You are always very generous with compliments. Yes… I can picture you meleleh-ing. HAHAHHA!!!

  8. Ponytail: Now quite cheap mah the air ticket. Can go anytime! But it’s not comfortable lah to travel with budget airline.. so see which one is your priority.

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