Raising Sadists

A few days ago, I found two boys around age 8 to 10 loitering behind my house. They were so active and running all over the place, feeling excited. Actually, I hardly see any children running around behind my house till recently. Now I remember – it’s school holiday!

I saw the kids walking around with sticks and kept looking under my dad’s car. At first I thought it was the stupid neighbour’s small dog ran under my dad’s car. I watched as they tried to get the “dog” out just in case if they scratch my dad’s old car. After a few failed attempts they left.

I didn’t give it much thought till yesterday.

My cousin sister, Stephy told me, she overheard a commotion behind the house and decided to check it out. From our house balcony, she saw the kids were screaming with glee as they took out their self made sling shots and had a go at the cats.

Thinking it was merely a child’s play, Stephy didn’t really pay attention till she overheard one of them said, “I think I managed to hit the cat’s leg! It’s limping now! I can see blood!!”

Then, Stephy went out and was shocked to see that both of them took a narrow plank with a nail on it and started to shove it up and down the drain, hoping to get the scared cats out from its hiding so they could torture the cats further!

She shouted at them to stop. One of them heard and was alarmed that their actions were being watched. Yet, they kept shoving the plank with a nail towards the cats.

Stephy took out a pail of water and splashed at their side to get attention.

Being quite slow and retarded, they kept talking to each other and said someone was watching them but it didn’t occur to them to look up. Not very bright aren’t they?

My cousin shouted at them to look up. Then only these stupid morons looked up in shock. My cousin told them to go home to study if they have so much time at hand to chase after cats.

They left in a hurry but not without firing some shots at the birds clinging on the wires above our houses.

Fucking morons.

I don’t know how their parents teach their children about compassion. I guess everyone has some animal instincts in us but, animals kill for food and not pleasure. Or maybe they kill when they are provoked.

I wonder if these two children lead a very sad life at home where the mom is hit repeatedly by the father then, the mom hit the kids that they had to resort to venting their anger and frustration on hapless cats.

I know it might sound as if I am a hypocrite since I myself a meat eater. Well, like other “animals”, we eat meat because those meat are provided solely for consumption purposes. Cattles and chicken are reared and meant to be slaughtered and eaten. Or else, this world would run out of foodie bloggers. Haha!

Well, before I stray, what I am trying to say is that, these cats do not do anything harmful to you. In fact, I find with these cats around, there were less mice in my neighborhood.

And if you like to inflict pain on cats to show your superiority, by all means go ahead. It’s for people who have small balls or rather lack of, who would resort to hurting small and helpless animals in order for them to feel great.

So parents, if you have boisterous boys or girls, please check what they do to have fun during this school holiday. If running around the neighborhood and inflicting pains on small animals is an idea of fun for them, I suggest you take your kids to a psychiatrist for counseling. Maybe you ought to go to see a psychiatrist as well since you allow your children to do so. I think we have enough crimes these days and we do not wish for more serial killers coming from your houses.

11 thoughts on “Raising Sadists

  1. Gina,
    I think some kids just don’t understand… or they are not taught to love the animals. You see kids nowadays? They’re all spoilt! When they hit the animals… their parents won’t scold them. You know, when my cousin was like 4 or 5 years old, he even hit my grandpa who’s offering him food!

    I’m not saying parents nowadays don’t teach well. But rather, they LOVE their children too much….

  2. The parents would probably do the same. It is a matter of monkey see , monkey do.

    Parents who love animals will definitely bring up kids loving animals as well.

  3. I have come across BRATS like these in my lifetime too … caught one of them throwing firecrackers at a puppy to scare it b4…. like Yuin says… really makes you feel like slapping them…unfortunately I couldn’t then coz it’s some stupid MORONIC relative’s kid … but I have imagined doing worse things to him even till now. Ne’er mind KARMA.. every ‘dog’ has its day!

  4. yuin: Please be my guest. Slap them kao kao please!

    Kok: I guess that too. I think parents nowadays are generally spoiling the kids rotten because of the lower birth rate so.. basically children now are the kings and queens. Not in my case though. The kids in my house if they don’t behave, they will have to face the music!

    jasmine: Precisely! That’s what I thought too!

    Tony: I believe so. I just don’t understand why people are so like that sometimes. Sigh.

    : I think most parents do not wish to see their kids end up badly.. except some who don’t love children. I think how a person behaves reflect deeply in their upbringing. If they are screwed up, high possibilities their own parents are fucked up lots.

    shorthorse: Yeap! Let’s hope karma runs its course! Soon!

  5. gina,
    You remind me of my “yee yee” (aunty). haha! When I was naughty last time, she would pull my hair, “cubit” me, and even canned me! But I have to thank her. If not, I think now I’m a “samseng” liao. hehehehe.

  6. Kok: Lol!! Shit! Why everyone has to remind me I sound like their mother or aunties??? I think now I am waiting for people to say I sound like their grandmothers! Lol!!

  7. Gina,
    Hahaha! Probably you’re too well disciplined? hahaha! Grandmothers? Nolah! You’re too young to be grandma. Unless you tell me, you always read bedtime stories… or give angpao… then you’ll remind me of my grandma! haha!

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