Last Gluttony Rite in Taiping

23rd November 2008, Sunday

We started the day at 9 am since we were too groggy from all the food from the day before. Boy! They were good! As soon as we freshen up and got into the car, we drove to Pokok Assam wet market to try the kueh teow t’ng (RM2.20).

The kueh teow t’ng comes in one small bowl and there were only few strips of chicken and some taugeh and served with a dose of finely blended kick ass cili padi! Don’t let the simplicity of this dish fool you! The soup tasted awesomely good! We also tried out some nasi lemak from the place but I didn’t quite like it.

Taiping’s Red Chee Cheong Fun

Chai Tao Kueh

Springy Wan Tan Mee

Then, we went to Pai Ling in Taiping town to sample some food. Before that, we made a brief stop at the casual market under Larut Matang old supermarket to ta pao some chai tao kuehs (40 sen per piece! Pricey!) and Taiping’s signature chee cheong fun in red sauce (RM1.80 per pack). Then we proceed to Pai Ling for its wan tan mee. To me, the wan tan mee is a little too bland for my taste but the noodles used are not the ordinary wan tan noodles. They are extra springy (RM2.80). if you want something different, perhaps you can try this.

Sailor Boy chowed down the entire plate of steamed chicken rice all by himself. I was overly stuffed with the red chee cheong fun and chai tao kueh to try anything else!

Lake Gardens

We then, went to take a breather by walking about the Lake Gardens to take some photos. The weather was sunny but it moved on quickly to cloudy. One thing about Taiping is – it has the most rain in the whole of Peninsular Malaysia. So, it is wise to always have umbrellas with you if you are traveling in Taiping.

We went on to the waterfalls where I used to go as a child for a swim somewhere near Taman Suria. I think only locals would know how to get to this place. This is one of the many, many spots where I learned how to swim. My mom would just let us go to the waterfalls and learn how to swim ourselves and gave each of us a float. We learned how to swim by paddling and kicking in the water.

We were on the way to try some roast duck meat when we passed by Bismillah Cendol along Jalan Barrack. We made almost an impromptu stop and cendol is not in our must-eat itinerary! It cost only RM1 for cendol biasa and RM1.10 if you add kidney beans! For big bowl of cendol, it cost additional 10 sen only!! My goodness!! It was quite good but not as fragrant as the cendol we had in Sitiawan early this year.

We swing by the old railway station before proceeding to stuff ourselves silly with roast duck. I remember when the bus was not the main transportation before the development of highways; we visited our aunt and uncle in Kuala Lumpur (the house where I am staying now) during school holidays by taking the train. And also, to see my aunts and uncles off whenever they go to Kuala Lumpur.

I remember the platform was rather high but now the railway track is just a feet below the platform. Haha. I remember huffing and puffing while trying to climb into the train. Everything seemed taller and higher when you were little.

After monkeying around the railway station, much to the station master’s annoyance (he kept staring at Sailor Boy for crossing the railway tracks umpteenth times to take pictures), we stopped by this Loh Kee Sungai Sakap Roast Duck situated at the now defunct Mandarin cinema, opposite HSBC Bank.

I like it because the roast duck and pork is served with a bowl of mui choy soup! Yum! The taste is not entirely heavenly spell binding but it was nice enough to make an impression. We also ta pao a packet of rice for Gas Stove’s dad – roast duck and roast pork and all these cost only RM17.90. Dirt cheap,eh? Geez.. I think I wanna retire in Taiping!

After the duck feast, we went to Aulong again, this time to ta pao some heong peng. I cannot remember how to get there, so sorry! I think if you wanna get heong peng, you can go any shop around the Siang Malam’s food court and they do sell all sorts of heong peng. I personally like the one in red packing and a picture of Taiping Lake on it, which I think, is the most expensive one at RM3.80 per pack of 10. Others cost ranges from RM2.50 to RM3 for pack of 10.

We headed back straight to my late grandma’s place and slept like a bunch of well fed pigs awaiting slaughter in the living room.

We woke up shortly after 3 pm to get ready our stomach for another round of the devilishly delicious curry mee before we hit home. We were shocked that, the queue was horrendous, unlike the day before where it was less people. So peeps, please go and have this curry mee only on Saturdays instead of Sundays!

We stood around waiting for tables for about 20 minutes before we could have a seat. Yes, believe you me.. it’s THAT good and worth waiting for! In Sailor Boy’s own words – this food of the gods is worth getting a bypass for. Lol!!

We then packed our bags and bid good bye to my cousin brother and aunt, and went on our way back to Kuala Lumpur. The moment we got into the car, we were already start missing the curry mee.

The rain was torrential all the way from Taiping to Rawang. However, that did not deter us from stopping by Lan Je’s Steamed Tilapia. We were fortunate that, we got into the shop right before the rain came pouring like cats and dogs again and the rain began reduce to drizzles the moment we gobbled up the entire plate of steamed tilapia.

All in all, it was a jolly good outing (and insanely gluttonous!) to Taiping-Port Weld and we looked forward to going there again in near future.

Credits: Thanks again to Yuin for the salivating food pictures!

18 thoughts on “Last Gluttony Rite in Taiping

  1. wei, you never mention anything about my amazing driving ability also, which manage to get us some cendol. and our faulty GPS unit. lol.

  2. Gina,
    The Chai Tau Kueh was spreaded with what ah? Chilli sauce? Or kaya? haha!

    Eh, come lah Miri or Sarawak and have our famous kolo mee! I’m sure it’s better than wantan mee! *saying confidently*

    So many good food and wonderful places in Taiping! I wanna gooooooo.

  3. Yuin: Ah yes.. he’s trying to kill use by making a 360 degrees turn on the road to park, just for the sake of one mangkok of cendol.. our GPS unit speaks hokkien one. Canggih!

    Kok: Chili sauce lah! Haha! Damn nice ok! Last time only 20 sen for a bigger piece! Now, half the size costs 40 sen.. Cilakak! I went before to Kuching, Kok! Yes! The kolo mee is really nice.. but wan tan mee is a different story altogether lah.. cannot compare apple to orange mah! Come come! Let’s go Taiping.

  4. Gina,
    I thought you invent something new; Chai Tau Kueh with Kaya! hahahaha! Nowadays, everything is more expensive with smaller portion leh. *sigh*

    Oh you went to Kuching before! Sorry, I didn’t go through your posts before. I’ll take a look later. hehe.

    Yaya, true. My friend from West Malaysia told me Kolo Mee is something like Maggie Mee. haha!

    Really go Taiping? You be the tour guide?:D

  5. after seeing this post i am definitely convinced that you really do deserve these awards!! (hop on over to my blog to see what i mean yeah)

    the red chee cheong fun is something new to me. looks a bit odd actually! lol

  6. Kok: I think I can slot in one more session to Taiping next year lah. Not now, need time to recuperate! Not bad lah the kolo mee, I quite like it.😀

    lingzie: Ah.. thanks! Will try to get around doing it soon lah.. but I guess I don’t know who to tag! You can make yourself the red chee cheong fun.😀

  7. inaesb: Eh.. different ok! Taiping is not Ipoh.. and Ipoh is not Taiping! Haha! But I guess there are nice old charms old Ipoh could exude! Have fun exploring!

  8. Tony: This waterfall ah.. you just drive up the the pavement, then walk for 5 minutes..and you get a small stream.. if you want higher waterfalls, you just need to hike a bit. And I am content.. just waiting at the stream while Sailor Boy went up to take more pictures. Haha! If you have “real waterfalls trips” with 5 minutes’ walk.. I am ALL GAME! Lol!!

  9. Nice pictures and blog. I like the food and enjoy the fresh air. Well done. Anyone going to taiping on 16th dec 2009 for Taiping Open Badminton Tournament? See you there. Can facebook me lah on my email. tks.

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