7 Random Things

Thanks to Lingzie for tagging me and the numerous blogging “awards”. Haha!

I think I shall not award anyone but would do the meme. So here goes…

1. I always close the toilet lid whenever I flush the toilet. A friend told me that the germs spread in the air via the flushing of water could reach as far as 2m away and it just freaks me out.
2. I always wash my feet before I go to sleep to prevent having bad dreams. It’s an old Malay superstition. I have been doing this since I was 14 when I related my bad dreams to my Malay friend who sat next to me in class. It works like a charm.
3. I only go to dentist when there is pain. Luckily, the pain comes only once every 10 years.
4. I don’t really like to eat prawns because I am too lazy to peel the shells.
5. I secretly hope it would rain every evening so I don’t get the guilt trip from my own conscience to go brisk walking.
6. I love movies which illustrate great human survival skills and normally, they are always tear jerking.
7. Contrary to what most people think of me as a social butterfly, I very much prefer to stay at home, watch some tv or simply sleep the weekends away. (Signs of old age).

Thanks again to Lingzie, for the awards and this meme.😀

12 thoughts on “7 Random Things

  1. Slumdog Millionaire (MA15+)
    starts December 18

    Director: Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, Sunshine)

    Many critics are already calling Slumdog Millionaire Danny Boyle’s best movie to date. Based on the acclaimed novel Q&A by Vikas Swarup, Slumdog is the story an impoverished young man (Dev Patel) as he finds himself forced to battle accusations of cheating following a successful run on India’s version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Boyle has infused the film with an incredibly vivid visual sensibility that’s certainly reflected in the briskly-paced storyline, with the ingenious use of flashbacks filling in the traumatic childhood of the central character. Call it a comedy, a drama, or a tragedy, anyway or every way, Slumdog Millionaire is great.

  2. thanks for doing this gina!🙂

    no.2 really works for you ah? ok i should try it. have been having bad dreams lately.

    and no.1 actually makes a lot of sense!

    and… i am also no.7…😛

  3. ryuu: Eh.. I didn’t mean B grade movies lah.. I like to watch movies like “Amistad”, “Kite Runner” and “Human Stains”.

    : Hmmph.. doing a movie review here, And? Haha!

    : No problem. I guess most foodie bloggers are assumed to be super sociable. Haha!

    : You got use electronic toothbrush or not? I am using it now .. and have been quite anal about my teeth cleanliness since I had to pull out one wisdom tooth this year before my Melbourne trip!

  4. Hmm… (2) & (3)’s for me too … but (7) is absolutely out of the question for me … not that I’m a social butterfly sort either but if I’m in a confined area for too long without going out for whatever reason, malling, trekking, walking, jogging, etc etc, I feel absolutely miserable & trapped …. !

  5. shorthorse: Well, you like to go round spreading the love… Haha! If stay home every weekend is crazy lah of coz. I try to stay home as much as I can but it seems quite impossible lah. Aihhh…

  6. Gina,
    Make it 8 mah. Number is better.😛

    Like that also can? Germs spread in the air via the flushing of water could reach as far as 2m away? This is the first time I heard this leh. Eh, if I tell you, when you “pangsai”, the pressure which push your “sai” out would make the germs spread to the whole toilet, would you still go pangsai? hahaha! I’m just joking ya.😛

    And how come must wash feet to prevent having bad dreams? Why not taking a shower? Hmm… is there any superstitions to get more good dreams? hehehe

  7. Kok: No. 8 – I never make beds at home!! That is why I hardly use the blanket and use fitted sheet. LOL!! No pangsai.. sure die lor itu macam! sweet dreams ah? You kena lottery lah.. sure every night sweet dreams. LOL!

    Ann: Eh… no lie ok.. me old liao, cannot go out and frolic every weekend.

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