Tiger? Thai Girl!

This post is 18SX. If you are under 18, please stop reading right now.

12th December 2008, Friday

I remember paying 500 baht – walk-in rate some 6 years ago just for the Aqua show. This time, we paid 650 baht for both Aqua and Thai Girl Show inclusive of a scrumptious 5-course dinner! We had fatty pork with mui choy some more!! Yum! That is dirt cheap.

I was apprehensive about going to the Thai Girl Show as I do not support exploitation of women. I had been to Thailand many times and never once watched a Thai Girl Show. The one in Bangkok is exclusive because it was a fake Thai Girl show. LOL!! Seeing that the group was eager to go and I didn’t want to be stuck in the hotel with the terrible two (kids!), I relented and went with them.

Aqua show was normal lah. You have the Japanese song, the English song, Indian song.. Korean song..etc. There were many beautiful she males dancing and lip synch to music. Their costumes alone were worthwhile to pay 200 baht to watch. They could make any women fumed with envy with their hot and tight bodies!

Be careful when you get out from the concert hall though. Here, they will persuade you to take photos with them and you have to pay them 100 baht just for posing with you! I remember it cost only 20 baht 6 years ago to pose with them! 100 baht is a little too pricey. And they are very smart. They keep the exit glass door open only one side to ensure steady stream of people to pass them instead of a mad stampede. It was funny to think that getting out of the place is like walking on mine field. You just have to avoid the shemales at all costs.. or be ready to tip them 100 baht for taking pictures.

Then, we adjourned to watch Thai Girl Show. The place was some defunct strip club located at some back alley. We were escorted to our seat and waited at the lounge as there was an ongoing session upstairs. As we were waiting, we noticed that there were more women than men who came to watch the show.

While waiting, Yuin got nervous. He kept asking where is our guide? I said he is probably outside. Then, Yuin kept insisting that we should be at all times escorted. I think Yuin chickened out. He asked us, how big are the TIGERS? LOL!!! Yeah right. He’s not as innocent as he wants to portray himself to be. For all you know, he might even enter the “cage” to play with the “tigers”. LOL! He probably wank himself silly  in the hotel after the show.

After the first session spectators came down, we observed their faces. No smile, no amused look, no shock. Everybody looked bored and stoned as if they were grudgingly disturbed from sleep. I guess it must be one of those “fake” Thai Girl show again. When I was in Pattaya, the group of us were duped to watch a “Thai Girl Show” and ended watching some badly choreographed sleazy performance. You can read it here in my old blog. Thai Girl show to me – ping pong, blow pipes, coca cola, cigarettes, blades, gold fish… the list is endless..

We were ushered to this very packed room at the first floor of this building, reeking of smoke and alcohol and huddled to our seats. We were given one drink each. There was a small stage with no curtains in front of us.

The show started with a girl doing some pole dancing and I thought this was it. Another fake Thai Girl show and let out a sigh. The girl then took off her bikini and came down to the audience and started doing lap dancing on some old and lecherous looking uncles. The men were persuaded to give pearl necklaces to the stark naked girl which the manager of the place would later on asked for money from the men. I am not sure how much though.

Just when I thought it would be a long, long night of solely pole dancing, the show started to pump up with another girl in bikini eating fire. Woah! This is getting interesting! Then, I was thinking of the safety issues being here. The room is so crowded and there is only one exit. It would be one hell breaking loose if there were a fire. I put the thought away from my mind.

The show spiced up with a girl came out and pull a string of fire crackers from her vagina and she made the fire cracker pop as the string were pulled out. The smell of the fire cracker powder filled the room. Followed by another pole dancing and lap dancing at the audience… then there was a magician show by this chubby fella. No taking off clothes. Purely a magic show. The audience was pretty impressed judging from the loud applause.

I was surprised that this is actually a semi-pseudo Thai Girl Show. They had all the pointless pole dancing, magic show and snake show.. but also coupled with all the supposedly genuine “Thai Girl Show” – ping pong, blades, etc. It was amusing to see that the girls had to move the sofa up and down according to how they want to use it to “perform”. They even need to switch off the fan at the stage themselves when they were doing the fire eating gig. LOL!!!!

Just when I was getting a little sleepy and bored, suddenly, they placed a drum in front of the stage. After the fire eating, magic show, snake.. I thought they probably would play a band now. I was partly correct. Then a man came out wearing only a cowboy hat and a loin cloth. I told Yuin, “Don’t tell me he’s gonna play the drum with his dick!”

I was right. The blaring music suddenly stopped. There was a deafening silence. Everyone eyes were fixed onto the stage with the man in cowboy hat. The man was holding his penis and playing the drum with it, “Dum! Dum! Dum!” Repeated thrice. Then, he bowed and left the stage hurriedly in total embarrassment. And the crowd applauded! LOL!! Also, I couldn’t believe we actually applauded for a girl masturbating with a giant dildo in public and she curtsied! Yes… curtsied after the act. Omigod.

The show ended with a couple faking it (having sex with clothes on!) on stage along with the “Titanic” tune. Then, all lights were switched on as if the police were raiding the place and the manager of the club shouted in hokkien, “BOH LIAO!” (Means finished). LOL!!!

Gawd. I tell you, if I had missed this Thai Girl show, I would have kicked myself in the ass.

To be continued…

*Seriously, I only realized today that it is actually spelt Thai Girl Show… LOL!

On the contrary to what I’ve said earlier that I do not support “Thai Girl Show” as it’s deemed to be an exploitation of women, I have to admit that, these girls (and guys!) have put up a really good show. They have my utmost respect.

16 thoughts on “Tiger? Thai Girl!

  1. the last time we were there we wanted to go for one at patpong… but we were so turned off by the “ushers”/pimps/men standing outside of the clubs pulling us inside/upstairs for the thai girls show that we left.

    the men actually made the whole thing more sleazy that it already is… some even physically block us while we walk along the road and tried to push us in

  2. Waaah…before we went to BKK, we were sort of like been briefed by our good colleague about the Thai girl show…it put off Hubby so much, he rejected all shows except for the Aqua show….

    I think your version is much better, you make it sounds funny lah…hahaha

    The way my colleague described is sounds so horrible…

  3. ryuu: I heard Patphong is quite notorious. The moment you step into the place, that’s it. A group of friends went in agreeing at price of 100 baht per person, came out 30 minutes later and was asked to pay 5,000 baht.

    Ponytail: I think your colleague went to see the really authentic one.. with old ladies shoving things up the private parts. That would be.. revolting lah. I didn’t know this one ended up quite ok. At least the girls are young and pretty.

    Yuin: YEAH RIGHT!

    Zing: Must try at least once in a lifetime. I think once is more than enough for me!

    ML: Yes.. he’s not innocent lah.

    laymank: Go with Zing.

    Kenny: So that makes two of us! Yeah! A lot of stripes that night! Lol!

  4. Actually…we always thought it was ‘Tiger’ show … coz the tour guides when speaking in Cantonese always refer to it as ‘lou fu da gau’….AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  5. i hv never been to one, except a BOY show in Patpong accompnying my girlfriends from KL. emm, must go and watch at least once.

  6. BKK Boy: Are you who I think you are? Haha! Should go at least once lah. Been to Thailand so many times and I never been to this Tiger show till lately.

  7. where to watch the authentic thai girl show? the one in patpong is like you are forced to pay to pull. cos if you don’t pull, the show can’t go on.

  8. julia: I guess you have to check with the locals coz they are the ones who knew where to bring you. I couldn’t remember the club name but, with the presence of so many bouncers and watchmen outside the club, I guess it’s illegal.

  9. the one u went to,650 baht for both show is quite cheap. i paid like 500 baht per show. i feel ripped off now. you book through the local tour agency? or somehow, you manage to get at that price?

  10. Julia: Ripped off? The performers deserved every penny! My friends book via agent and he got us these. So I am not sure how he managed to secure such cheap rates. We went around Had Yai hiring an agent. Sorry, I have no details becoz it wasn’t me who arranged.

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