Shopping Frenzy in Hat Yai

I totally forgot that we went to aquarium the previous day. (I only remember the Thai Girl Show vividly ! Lol!) It cost 200 baht for adults entrance per person and kids under 3 years old, get in for free. It was said, this Hat Yai aquarium is much bigger compare to the one in Langkawi. I haven’t been to Langkawi’s one so I don’t know. Anyway, there was nothing much except, there will be a feeding time at 3.30 pm every day. You get to see how sting ray eats! Good place to bring children.

13th December 2008, Saturday

It was the last day being in Hat Yai. So, what is more rewarding than a shopping frenzy? We went to Talak Sot, a market in town which is actually a building with few storeys packed with shops inside. I didn’t notice how many storeys as my eyes were clouded by the goods and wares in the market!

Hat Yai is a good place to pick up imitations – some are not as good as Chiang Mai’s but what the heck. My friends picked up a lot of Hello Kitty bags and make up boxes which are quite cute. We also bought some cashew nuts. It’s about RM26 per kg. If I remember correctly, I bought 1 kg in Chiang Mai for RM32. And also you get to buy lot of other sea produce and bird nest at reasonable prices. And guess what? Instant noodles of famous brands like Pama – the yummy duck and tom yum flavored instant noodles are as cheap as RM15 per box of 30 packets! That is like 50 sen per packet when you have to pay RM4.50 for 5 back in Kuala Lumpur! I could see some jaw dropped now. Haha!

Hotels are quite cheap in Hat Yai. We stayed at Yong Dee Hotel, which is a budget hotel at only RM58 per night per room on twin sharing basis. It’s a bit old but it is clean. The thing I don’t like is the bathroom. It doesn’t have a handle to place the shower and there is no shower curtains.. and the water from the tub flow right out to the hole next to the toilet bowl! But it’s quite clean also lah.. consider satisfactory. What to expect?? RM58 nia! If you prefer more comfort, perhaps you can try staying at Lee Gardens Plaza or Novotel.

I didn’t really have much in mind to buy so I just pick up some t shirts for the kids at home and also, some shorts for myself along with a little knick knacks as souvenirs.

After the short shopping, we went to have our lunch at the Sky Buffet, Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel. Surprisingly, the buffet only costs 149 baht. It was nothing spectacular, but the food is not that bad. And we get to see Hat Yai horizon while having lunch. I think it would be better to have dinner and watch the sunset.

We had bird nest @ 400 baht each bowl. Since it’s considered quite pricey to us, we joked about going to the toilet to ta pao our urine when we wanna go to the loo so we could use it on our plants. Gross!

We went back to Sg. Petani by 8 pm and made our way to Bukit Tambun for a good and cheap seafood . Our host suggested this restaurant called Gee Seng as they are very popular for being cheapest and the most delicious. I thought to myself, I would never eat anymore seafood when I come back to KL! This trip is seafood overload.. It’s like we are in cholesterol heaven!

Before we go back to Kuala Lumpur, we were delighted when our host took us to Cha Zuo restaurant along Jalan Putra, Sg Petani to try out the pandan nasi lemak. It’s green in color.  You may choose normal rice also, to go with the variety of dishes. The modest shop is manned by one Chinese uncle, helped by an Indian lady. Green rice is cooked with pandan, so you get to smell a whiff of pandan as you savour down the delicious nasi lemak! Do try the wan tan mee too! It comes with lard!

Well, hope you guys enjoy reading the Hat Yai posts.

PS. I think some of you may have problems loading pics in this blog.. so I guess I will minimize  loading pictures and probably just give you guys the link.

9 thoughts on “Shopping Frenzy in Hat Yai

  1. Seizhin: It’s a medium sized aquarium with lotsa fish.. the garoupa is so damn huge! I think if you stick your hand to it and it thought it’s food.. you probably will be limbless. LOL! And the giant stingray is huge too!

  2. syiok looking at the food pics….so miss the malaysian chinese food man. i think it is , without doubt one of the best cuisine in the world. but of course, i may be biase being bred and grown here…hehehe.

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