Long Holiday

Most of my colleagues are taking long leave till the year end starting from tomorrow. I think I would probably be the only person in office who finished up her leave before mid October! LOL! I even took unpaid leave for the recent trip to Hat Yai. Talk about bad planning…

Anyway, for this long leave, let’s all of us keep in mind of the things to do before going or while we are on long breaks.

1. Have you paid your bills – credit cards, utilities, insurance?
2. If you leave town, ensure all doors and windows are secured and locked. I know if the burglar wanna visit your house, there is no stopping him.. we can just pray hard that it won’t happen or if it unfortunately happens, just hope that he dies a slow and painful death falling from the balcony of the house that he breaks in.
3. Ensure all power sockets are switched off except emergency lights that switch on automatically at night. And don’t go and switch off house alarm pulak. LOL!
4. Go easy on the wine, roast turkey and pie.. we don’t want to over indulge and suffer later. Moderation is the key word here.
5. Switch off and unwind. We all need the quiet year end to reflect what happened throughout the year, count our blessings and appreciate the people around us.
6. Try to put bad things furthest away from our minds (I know this is hard for me, I bear a great deal of grudges but I will try).
7. Shop moderately. We need to brave ourselves for next year’s economy impact. So, don’t expect big, big present from me.
8. Remember to pray a lot for the nation. It’s going to the dogs even if we do.. but I guess there is no harm trying.

If you are a last minute shopper and want to get something for yourselves or your cute girlfriends, you may go to i candy @ 1st Floor, Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid for its year end sale! Even new arrivals are on sale! Sale ends 4th January 2009.

Last but not least, here’s wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009.

May the spirit of Christmas brings you peace, the gladness of Christmas gives you hope, the warmth of Christmas grants you love.

10 thoughts on “Long Holiday

  1. Gina,
    I haven’t have time to go through all your latest posts! Still not 100% recoevered from my sick and my modem at home is sick too! grrrr!

    Anyway, I would like to wish you a blessed Christmas and a Happy 2009! Have fun!:)

  2. Zing: Same to you!

    jasmine: Same here.. no turkey.. but assam fish for me! Lol!

    ponytail: You have a good holiday too ya!😀

    kok: I hope you recover soon! Have a long, long good holiday!

  3. Merry X’mas dearest Gina!!!!!!!! Been tiring ourselves out since October .. & all the eating & drinking on X’mas eve and X’mas day doesn’t help …. hee hee hee….. Enjoy the quiet time in the office… you don’t often find your office space devoid of morons you know… ahahaahahahah!!!!

    Have a good week!!!!

  4. lingzie: Hope you have a good holiday too!😀

    shorthorse: My dearest Mei, you too!😀 Eh.. have to cut yourselves some slacks leh.. with all the hiking and camping, etc. I see also I tired. LOL! Yeah you are actually right.. no morons bug me today.. except one who kept calling the wrong number even when I specifically tell her.. she got the wrong person. You and Fat Dragon have a good week too!

  5. …. You’re right abt cutting ourselves some slack …. Led a group of friends to Broga & Kijang, all in one day, Awal Muharram day … with activity starting from 5.30 (to hike up for sunrise) to 10pm (after dinner). Needless to say, on Dec 30 we’re a couple of Zombies… slept and slept and slept and slept …. & now at 2.15am Dec 31, we cannot sleep … sigh…

  6. shorthorse: LOL!! I think like you told me earlier, when it rains, it pours.. so, be glad that there are still some activities going on to keep you and fat dragon going. I am more on the lazy side. Can just sit in front of the tv for hours and hours!

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