A Quiet Weekend

I am in the office right now, enduring the growls of the stomach pleading for fatty food. I ‘ve been having constant cravings for KFC since I read this blog and succumbed to the temptation yesterday night. Also, I have been craving for nasi lemak with kerang and telur goreng sold by the man in ketayap near my house. He has been on long leave since middle of this month because his dad is sick in Pahang. His assistant helped to man the stall last Tuesday, then went missing again since Christmas’ eve. Let’s all pray that his dad would recover soon (not for my sake though! I swear!)

I came to work on Friday and today.. yeah. The office is really quiet. Like Shorthorse pointed out, it’s good to have a holiday when most morons in office are on leave. Does that statement include my boss? LOL! Of course, he’s not a moron!😀

I am not sure what I want to ramble about apart from the Christmas’ eve night was spent half sober. Age is catching up on me. I cannot really drink that much anymore. After 4 glasses of wine and 4 shots of vodka, I called it a night. Feeling heavy on the head and waking up in the morning as if I had been just ran over by a truck and survived. Got a nagging backache now, resulting from sleeping on the floor. I spent the entire Christmas day itself recuperating. No more alcohol next Christmas! Pilot Boy teased, I said the same thing every year.

It was funny to watch video clip made of the many photos we took of how we met -the friendship that lasted some of them many years, for me, just these two years. It was a nice personal touch from the host, I must say. Throw in some extra fluffy pillows, bean bags, perhaps a mattress or two, it would be a perfect party.

The kids have gone to Taiping with the family and sis has prior plans to go outstation for her long lost friend’s wedding. It’s gonna be a quiet weekend for me, my HBO and my internet. Maybe I will go catch Australia or Ip Man this weekend. Eh? How come no more news on Revolutionary Road ah? Aku nak tengok! Also keeping fingers (and toes!) crossed for Muallaf.

11 thoughts on “A Quiet Weekend

  1. Oh it’s a long and slow long weekend, innit? Tis the season for the best films yet… Muallaf, RR and even The Reader if we’re lucky…

    Have a blessed (albeit belated) Xmas, dear and a merry NYE celebration ahead!

  2. Kenny: Yeah.. but I wish it never came to an end.. yawn…

    zing: Not scared lah. Lol! I still can watch ghost movie.. unlike someone.

    wokandspoon: Happy New Year! Yeah! no more repeating this miskake!

  3. shorthorse: Yes.. it’s crazy. Some more the wine we had, one is from Japan (the honey plum wine – I totally loved it!), red wine from South Africa.. and white wine from some place else.. and AbsolutPeach in Ribena and Mango juice… *Burp*

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