Chinese New Year

I remember those days when there was no internet. Yes, I am that ancient. LOL. I used to buy Chinese New Year cards by the bulk, equipped with a few strips of 20 sen stamps and I began writing as early as a month before CNY to my relatives, cousins and good friends in Taiping, Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Then, the stamp fee increase to 30 sen per card and we were not allowed to seal the card. Sealed cards cost more. Then, behold the internet. We started to send greeting cards using 123greetings or blue mountain. Everything became cheaper!

Still, every year, there are five people who would send me a CNY card without fail. They are my insurance agent, the guy who sold me my Ferrari, my beautician, my car insurance agent and a former classmate who wish to sell me insurance. Oh yeah, I forgot there is also another guy from Great Eastern who would send me cards for all occasions and sometimes hand made them himself.😀

It is also a time to buy cartons upon cartons of chrysanthemum, winter melon and this year’s latest invention, the mixture of chrysanthemum and lor hon kuo. Taste pretty good! These are usually bought just in case if there’s any visitor to the house. Normally, we would finish all the drinks before the 15 days are over! With the kids around the house, probably this year, we would finish the drinks in 5 days.

As for dried meat, my family prefers Kiew Brothers’ compare to other brands. Some complained it’s too sweet, but I think the meat is the tenderest. I prefer the minced one to the sliced meat because the sliced one is just too hard to chew and somewhat lack the “smoked” smell. I don’t like Loong Kee’s because it contains too much fatty meat and just taste funny, Hock Seng Guan or the “aeroplane” brand because it would take forever to chew because of the hardness.

My family doesn’t buy Mandarin oranges because we get them for free from suppliers and contractors in my office. I think this year, I alone got the entire crate of Mandarin oranges given over the last few days in office. I don’t eat them, so most of them are for guests or to bring with me to visit friends as symbolic gestures.

For lucky draw in office this year, I got myself a box of chocolate. My boss gave me a bottle of Martell. I think I have the word “alcoholic” written all over my forehead. Unlike yesteryears, there wasn’t many hampers this year, so I didn’t get red wine, bird nests, abalone or mushrooms. Let’s be optimistic! There is always next year.😀

Anyway, the above are the usual happening for my annual, very ordinary Chinese New Year. This year, I won’t be going back to Taiping. Funny how, as much as I dread to go back to hometown and stuff my face silly with food and remain vegetative in front of the tv, I felt a bit lost now of what to do staying in Kuala Lumpur.

Anyway, I think I shall go back to Taiping when the festive season is over to avoid the crazy jams and traffic madness. We don’t have to go back to our hometown to visit our dear ones only on festive seasons. We can do it any other time of the year. It’s sad to see those who live near their aged parents don’t even bother to go home to see them while some of us have to drive very far to see our old parents or take flight back to hometown every 2-3x a year just to visit. Appreciate our parents when they are still around. There might not be much longer time for us to enjoy their company.

Well, here’s wishing everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays. Drive safely. May the year of Ox brings you good health, much love and happiness. And most of all, chut yup peng onn (safety wherever you go).

20 thoughts on “Chinese New Year

  1. OMG…and you scolded me for announcing to d whole world you’re an alcoholic…excuse me, even your boss gave you a bottle of Martell for CNY … tsk tsk tsk…. (*_*)

  2. …. & a Happy New Year to you & your family too… a very exciting Ox year indeed ~ & safe journey back to Taiping when you do embark on the journey … as you say… May you have bulldozers full of health, wealth and happiness & bulldozers LESS of bullshitting fr. morons in your life… ahahahaah!!! Cheers & have a good one!

  3. shorthorse: *Hic* Hic* Hic* LOL!! No lah.. he gave me a bottle of liquor every year from the hampers one. LOL! Happy Niu Year to you too! And Tony!😀

  4. CNY cards… oh yeah, i remember i actually count how many CNY cards i receive in a year and hope that i will get more the next year hahaha!!

    drive safe!

  5. Ann: If I say that to you, I get angpow boh? LOL!!

    zewt: Haha! Have to take care of the environment lah.. cannot simply simply chop down trees in order to get a card. Haha! Gong xi fa cai!

  6. Cards? I think it’s been over a decade since I last sent a card. The only thing I post today would probably be the loan and credit card payments. Hahaha!

    I’m going back ‘hometown’ tomorrow for reunion dinner. Luckily I go back every week one, otherwise ma kena scold from you? 🙂

  7. We are staying back in KL as well this year…the in-laws are coming down to KL for a change this year…and it is the children’s turn to cook reunion dinner…oops!
    I have 5 dishes to cook tomolo…wish me luck yea!

    Gong Hei Fatt Choi!
    Wish you endless good blessings this year!
    Eat first, think later…LOL!

  8. Have yourself a karimee Happy New karimee Year! May the karimee year of the ox karimee bring you wealth and karimee hapiness.!

  9. laymank: Good to hear you always go back and see your ah ma on weekends. If you need me to marah you for this basic requirement being a filial son, I don’t know what to say… Hope you keep this up to AFTER you are married. It’s a different story wan. I can bet my ass on that.

    Ponytail: Hey! Gong Hey Fatt Choy! Good luck in preparing the dishes!! It’s better to get others to come from hometowns to KL as it was pretty jam the other way round! My brother and cousin took extra 3-4 hours on top of traveling time to reach both Perlis and Taiping!

    yuin: Yes. You too.. have a karimee new year, karimee health, karimee wealth and lots and lots of karimee angpows.

    jasmine: Wah… good to be where there are noise.. baru ONG mah! Hahha!! I now regret not going back to Taiping.😦

  10. Gina,
    Happy Chinese New Year to you and Gong Xi Fa Chai!:)

    P/s: I miss your posts but I still don’t have time to read them yet. Be back when I’m ready.

  11. hi gina! hope its not too late to wish you happy chinese new year!! what have you been up to in KL? hope you’re having a fun and relaxed CNY.

    this is the first year my grandpa ‘officially’ moved in with my brother and i. so our fridge is stocked up with F&N orange, packet green tea drinks😛, and lots of mandarin oranges which my grandpa bought for guests. previously we never had guests cos we would be the ones doing the visiting! lol

  12. lingzie: Oh.. always not too late. Still have time till Feb 9! Haha!😀 Gong xi fa cai to you too!

    Nothing much in KL lah. I was in some sort of house arrest.. then luckily I have some cooking skills.. have been surviving on roti canais the past few days…I only sleep, eat, sleep, watch tv, sleep, eat for the past 5 days. Now I am back to work.

    I love grandparents!😀 Too bad I don’t have any grandfathers as they passed away even before both of my parents got married. Both grandmothers died some 5 years back – one in Penang.. or else, I would be back to hometown visiting the great old ladies. It was a more meaningful festive season with grandparents dotting on us.😀

  13. this post reminds me of a pitiful granny… she has brought up 10 kids… and can you believe it that none of them want to take her in???

    she lives all by herself wit a maid (just recently employed) in a condo… altho it’s quite a comfy place to live in but imagine that poor old lady all alone day in and day out (she’s abt 80 now)

    the worse part is… from the 1st til today, my aunts have been goin over to pick her up so she could at least be around people… i can’t believe her kids… it’s so sad really…

  14. asstha: Aiyoh.. damn sad right? 10 children and none of them wanna be with her on the most important days of the Chinese.. terrible, terrible, terrible.

    That is why I told my friends who have kids and hoping that the kids would take care of them when they are old – THINK AGAIN! Seriously, I heard a lot of horror stories such as these and it surely makes you think again and again, why we want to have kids – we spend entire life taking care of them, fussing over them.. and in the end, this? Filial is no longer in the family dictionary. It’s long gone, eroded over time.

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