Hollywood Dreamin'

“I swear to God Heath Ledger was my classmate in college!” I told a friend in a serious tone.

“You’ve been watching too much tv again!” the friend answered, trying hard not to roll her eyes in disbelief.

“I think he just sat right there and he spoke to me! I swear!” Still trying hard to convince my friend.

“Ok! So what? So what if he’s your classmate?” she jested.

“True.. nobody would believe me anyway,” I gave up in frustration.

In my heart, I thought, if I tell people this, they would say I must be dreaming. I hope this dream would go on forever and I never wake up.


A movie producer dropped by my office to look for old magazines. I was surprised they wanted one issue which has a summary of what’s happening from 1983 to 2000. I showed to my lady editor boss which magazines he chose for her to quote a price.

As I was doing the calculation, she said, we ought to give him a discount since he’s buying in bulk.

She told me to price the old bumper issue at $399 to be segregated into 6 payments and each payment was further given a 10% discount.

Being really bad at Math, I was searching for a calculator and found that the batteries were dead. As I was doing calculation manually with my handphone with jammed key pads, there were noises at the back of my head and I was frustrated.

Then, the lady boss came out to check on the pricing again and argued with another clerk on how to label the price tags.

The noise heightened when the movie producer came by to ask if we had the magazines readily priced so he could make payment and he couldn’t wait much longer.

Instead of helping me with the invoice, the lady boss was still bickering with the clerk. I couldn’t contain my anger and shouted at the top of my voice to tell them to get a grip.

I startled at my own yell and woke up. It’s already 10.47 am.

6 thoughts on “Hollywood Dreamin'

  1. I wonder who’s gonna play Joker in Batman 3 or Batman 4…may Heath’s soul rest in peace…

    You have to be more careful with your sleeping habits, to be able to dream something like this and remember it so vividly, gives me the creeps. 50% of my dreams are forgotten when I wake, 20% more when i switch on my PC and start to write, and by the time I start writing, another 15% gone…so left 15% to write, in the end I don’t write about it, sheeesh.

  2. Wei Han: So.. believe Mah not to wrong Gina becoz she remembers everything very well including uncontrollable dreams. HAHAHAHAH! I don’t remember all my dreams. Certain vivid dreams, I would be able to recall. Some are forgettable. I remember these two because I was really stressed out in both. HAHA.

    Ann: Funny huh? The Heath Ledger one was really vivid. I could still recall our classroom in Systematic!

    zewt: I am glad most of my dreams are pleasant.. despite being stressed out.. and not having nightmares.

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