Kai Fan Story

I had kai fan (Cantonese: chicken rice) yesterday when I suddenly thought of stories associated with this food.

Story no. 1

My cousin’s colleague is a Canadian Chinese working in Malaysia. So, during lunch, they went to have lunch at a local coffee shop.

The conversation went on like this:

Canadian dude: How do you call “breasts” in Cantonese?
My Cousin: “LIN lahhhhhhh!”
Canadian dude: Okay, thanks.

He walked to the chicken rice stall and said rather loudly in Cantonese, “Si Tao Por! Pei ngor KAI LIN FAN yatt tip!” (Gimme a plate of chicken rice with breasts meat)

My cousin and the rest of his colleagues were stupefied and turned red. It didn’t help either that the middle aged lady manning the chicken rice stall has well endowed assets too. It was a lucky thing that the lady boss was in a good mood that day and gave him what he wanted.

It’s called “Kai hong. And not kai lin!” *Wei Han, please take note. LOL.

Story no. 2

William, the very nice guy who was gracious enough to host us when we visited in Kota Kinabalu two years ago, is also a fan of kai fan.

Being rather new in KL during his uni days, his Cantonese was not that good. But at least, he tried his best to converse in Cantonese.

He also spoke to hawkers in Cantonese when he kanjiong-ly ordered his kai fan, “Kai fan yatt phoon!” (Direct translation from Mandarin – in Cantonese, it actually meant, one basin of chicken rice.)

Story no. 3

This one is classic. Also a case of direct translation from Mandarin to Cantonese.

My sis in law’s brother – “Pei ngor kai chee pung”. He meant chicken wings. (direct translation from Mandarin – “chi zhi pang”)

Story no. 4

When I was in college, there was this really tasty chicken rice near TAR College. My housemates and I would eat kai fan on alternate days and wouldn’t get bored.

Then another housemate said to me – “Eyeh.. day day also kai fan. Make sure you brush your teeth ok! Coz the smell from the garlic chilli is terrible. I damn hate my classmate. She everyday also eat kai fan then likes to stand so close to me and talk near my face!”

Moral of the story is.. please brush your teeth after you eat kai fan coz your mouth stinks big time. Her remark just put kai fan in the same league as petai and durians.

There you have it… inane stories related to much loved Malaysian dish- kai fan. Sorry lah… I am damn, damn bored in office. LOL.

*Apologies: You have to understand both Mandarin and Cantonese to get Story no. 1, 2 & 3.

20 thoughts on “Kai Fan Story

  1. I got no kai fan story..maybe cuz I dun really like kai fan.

    But one thing I have to say eventhough I don’t like kai fan, the kai fan at 12th floor MBF building very nice.

  2. I also got one kaifan story.

    When I was doing my diploma, most often than not, I will frequent this kai fan shop at Petaling St. And my favorite always go to the ‘lin’, like you put it.

    One day, I was a bit late, and the stall ran out of ‘lin’, the lady boss being nice and recognized me as her loyal customer, offer to give me drumstick instead – but charged me the same price. Little did she know that I didn’t like drumstick at all and she thought she did me a favor. Hahaha…

  3. jasmine: That’s all I could think of at the moment.. actually, I think there is more.

    zing: Kai chee pung?? You don’t eat kai chee pung.. you eat chicken thighs.

    ann: Yeah.. the husky voice ah lian selling kai fan. Hmmph.. we seem to have prejudice against people with tattoo eye brows huh? LOL!

    inaesb: Yeah… they ask you.. how many balls you want. LOL!

  4. Hahaha… thank goodness I speak both Cantonese and Mandarin else I won’t be able to appreciate the full humour of this post. Priceless, I tell you, priceless!😀

    And a Happy Year of the Ox to you and all your readers!😀

  5. Kenny: Haha! The wonderful thing of knowing a few languages and dialects simultaneously! Happy Niu Year to you too!

    Zewt: Yes.. I think if I were eating that time, probably I would choke. Haha!

  6. kai fan is great man. i usually go on a hunt for a good plate of kaifan. and in shenzhen and HK, they hv some especially good kaifan which they call, PAK CHIT KAI and also, they hv YIM KAI to choose. This usually happens at cantonese proprietory shops…..veli the good. yummy man.

  7. Lol! Don’t know to feel nice that my name is mentioned or digest on the reason WHY it was mentioned, haha! But hey, at least I know how to order “kai hong”, ok? Still learning la, making an effort to converse with certain people in some cantonese nowadays. SIGH.

  8. Wei Han: Feel nice lah. I am educating you mah. HAHAHAHAH!!!! Some more ask me what is pak cham kai. LOL!

    yuin: Yes.. you love hai a lot.. also the one that get crabs.. come on… please don’t deny it.

  9. eh near TAR college got good kai fan ah? i studied in TARC too and never realized got good kai fan there…where? where? (i only know mali nasi lemak which i miss now!)

  10. lingzie: Same shop.. the first shop that sell chap fan one… and tai chow… we called it the mafia’s shop.. coz the people there selling look very ah beng and samseng. LOL!

    I heard about the Mali nasi lemak.. I sudah lama graduated.. pre-mali nasi lemak lah!

  11. … Story no. 1 takes the cake for me …!!!!!! Wah, in the US, he can be sued for sexual harassment for even implying that calling chicken breasts .. kai lin..ahahahah!

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