Burger or Steak?

I like having short conversations with my sis during our daily commute to office and back home. Sometimes, she could say the darnest things.

We had a short conversation on boyfriends – both serious and merely friends. She finds, less educated men are easier to please and they are more spontaneous and highly likely to be more “cin cai”.

“Look at Mechanic and his friends. They just decide everything on the spot on what they want to do. One person say go Genting, then one guy would just offer to drive up and off we went. Go karaoke. Fine. Call the karaoke joint to book and we went singing, didn’t ask about the cost. Only mumble – Wah.. kam kiu kuai keh? (Cantonese: So damn expensive!) when paying and that’s about it. No more bickering endlessly after that,” she said.

“Hmm… true also..” I agreed.

“You see my uni mates. One fella – this cannot that cannot. Everything must follow his choice!” she said.

“Your friend Kok Weng is nice. And he’s also your uni mate.” I said.

“Yeah.. that one is an exception lah.. he’s exceptionally nice. Mom likes him very much you know…” She said.

I wonder what she meant by that, “Mom likes him very much YOU know”. LOL!

She quickly added, “No need to look far lah. Look at your guy friends. Don’t eat this lah… don’t fancy that lah.. afraid of heights lah, the room smells funny, etc. My gawd. Get a grip!”


Yesterday night, as I went bar hopping with Takeshi, the same thing happened. Since he’s a highly educated archipet* with exquisite taste, he too has problems making very small decisions.

Takeshi: What should I eat yeah? Burger or steak?

Me: Your stomach mah. Why you ask me?? And you are paying what, not I pay!

Takeshi: Shit la you. Do you have a coin?

Me: Ah???? Sai mm sai ah??

Takeshi: Faster gimme a coin. Head or tail? Which one is tail ah?

Me: The number is tail lah.

Takeshi: Is it? Not the other way round meh?

Me: …..

Takeshi: Okay.. the number is steak.

*flip coin*

Me: So it’s burger..

Takeshi: Yes ah burger ah? Hmmph.. let me think again.

Me: Jesus! By the time you decide, the kitchen’s gonna close!!

Takeshi: Shit!!! Order! Wei.. order!!

True enough. The kitchen is closed. LOL. Tai sei.

I shared the conversation I had with my sis with another friend online.

He asked,Will you be happy with someone who earn less than you? And less educated than you? Some will be ok. Some I don’t think so in the long run. Maybe what you mentioned to me… is so profound, try finding someone who you have to change the least….”

I replied, Yes. My sis is the good example already. I find as long as the person treats you good, that is the most important. Treat you good and with utmost respect and respect your family. Money can’t buy respect. What’s the point having phd? Or degree and live in bungalow, has tonnes of money, yet the attitude is like shit?”

To which he added, “So not the 5 Bs or the 5 Cs or the 5 Ms? Sometimes, I really feel tired about life. Too many tasks, expectations……..”

See.. educated people… SIGH!

What say you?

*Architect. But for Takeshi, he’s an archipet.

10 thoughts on “Burger or Steak?

  1. LOL. who is this takeshi wannabe archipet ah?

    talking about takeshi, i m always drawn to the cool ad posters of him at the giorgio armani shop at Central, HK. u try spotting it next time u there ok? this kinda task doesn’t need education wan…LOL.

  2. keatix: I also don’t know how I get to know this archipet. Some more later go watch movie with him.. aih… LOL! Yes.. I will go and take picture with the real Takeshi in HK.

    yuin: You are considered very cin cai di for a very educated person. LOL!

    Kenny Mah: So, you are the moderately cin cai educated person. LOL!

    Wei Han: Say whatever you want lah… as long as you don’t mention about ubat kuat lelaki kelang, is fine.

  3. hahahahahaha! poor takeshi!!

    as for whether i can accept a guy who has less education than me etc…it mostly depends on whether we have the same wavelength. different wavelength means totally kenot ‘kao tong’ which means kenot click lo. hehe

    and yes, respect and a good heart is important. so..as long as we both can support ourselves and our families…its ok liao. (must be realistic a bit cos money is important too! lol)

  4. zing: Yeah yeah..cin cai indeed. yesterday someone just put “smelly vege” in ML’s bowl. Wonder who that is? LOL

    lingzie: Yeah.. communication is the most important lah. Coz when we are old and grey, and when physical attributes no longer play a part in law of attraction, it’s the communication of the minds and hearts that matter.

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