You are Super Fat!

You know you are super fat when…..

1. You could no longer locate your own neck.
2. You need to replace your office chairs 3x in a month because they are broken.
3. Your boss told you to expand your cubicle because you look “suffocating” in it.
4. You could not even walk straight into the standard size door with a 2 year old toddler  by your side without banging his head on the side.
5. You get a seat on a crowded bus because the “kind” person who gave you the seat thought you are pregnant.
6. When you take a stroll along the park with a child your mom is babysitting and curious neighbours ask if he’s yours and congratulate you for being pregnant with twins.
7. The doctor could not locate your veins to draw blood for yearly blood test.
8. You go to any clothes/shoes/ bras/ panties shop (even without intention to buy anything, just to window shop) and straight away the salesperson tells you they don’t have your size.
9. McDonald’s staff automatically gives you sized up value meal without you asking when actually, you always order “medium”.
10. It’s getting difficult to even wipe your own ass.

I.. seriously… need…. to… lose…a… lot… a… lot… of weight….!

Cute As Button

I had been putting off watching movies for a few months. I was soooo… lazy…. to …. even…. get … out… from… the… house….

After so much procrastination, I suddenly went on a movie spree, watching both Valkryie and Slumdog Millionaire on Sunday in KLCC and caught the Curious Case of Benjamin Button at One Utama last night. I am like that.. always doing things compulsively!

All I could say is, these three movies rock! You guys should watch them… and yes, I cried buckets watching Slumdog Millionaire.

And don’t you think it’s worth to watch Benjamin Button solely for this scene???

God and Goddess!

Don’t you wish you are Cate Blanchett?? Who needs a bolster when you have Brad Pitt? *Nose bleed* I would be one helluva happy woman if I can just die in his arms. Sigh!

*Picture nicked from here.

The Air Cond Is Alive!

I feel that there aren’t enough dramas these days in my life that I had to go through this one today.

Right after lunch, as I was browsing internet and was elated that Slumdog Millionaire won 8 oscars including best picture, I heard a LOUD gurgling sound above my head. Then I looked up and saw black drops of water spewing violently from the air conditioner!! It’s alive!!

Quick thinking, I switched off the air cond before it does further damage on my CPU. Can’t help it.. all the power source is on the left side of the cubicle.. so what can I do?

Here’s a picture on how the air cond “vomit”!

Lucky I have a plastic container with me. So now, as I am typing this, I am listening to the tiny drops falling into the container and they are kinda soothing.. and making me sleepy! Macam-macam lah office ni! And yes.. my monitor is still the “aquarium”  type and not flat screen.. sigh.

25 Random Things

I have done my first 25 things in facebook.. so thinking of doing another 25 for the heck of it. Wanna do this earlier in this blog, but someone beat me to it… So here goes…

1. I can do things alone – shopping, watching movie in the cinema, gym, swimming, driving.. but I cannot eat alone in public. But I can eat alone at home.
2. I don’t like crowded places. The one and only time when I was in a massive crowd was during the millennium celebration in Bintang Walk. Gawd.. that was one hell of an experience.
3. I have no success rate in match making my friends, so please stop coming to me as if I own a matchmaking agency.
4. I hate to admit this but, I am very, very, very patt! LOL!
5. I should start taking it seriously when a guy told me, I am too smart for my own good.
6. I fell in love with Hugh Grant ever since he appeared as Will “About a Boy” (I watched this movie 7x) and no Divine Brown ever gonna stop me!
7. I refused to have air conditioner installed in my room, even when my aunt offered to pay for it some 15 years ago because I did’t want to contribute to the thinning ozone layer. With current heat wave in KL, I wonder if the offer still stands…
8. My siblings and I learned swimming on our own. My mom just took us to the many waterfalls in Taiping every weekend and gave us each a float, and we could swim like fishes!
9. I love kevjumba!!
10. I have super mammoth memory. It has nothing to do with my body size, I think.. but then, I remember a lot, a lot of things. I am the worst enemy you can have.
11. I used to be able to guess accurately what perfume a person is wearing because of my obsession with fragrant back in college. I’ve been slacking since.
12. My all time favorite perfume is Clinique Happy.
13. Most of my blouses and t shirts are in black, grey, brown and red.
14. I dare not wear red when I was little, afraid of bulls chasing after me. (In Taiping, there are a lot of cows roaming our residential area to graze grass and shit everywhere in the playground! I damn hate those cows!)
15. I think of succulent beef cheese burger before I sleep and wake up thinking of the same. This is bad.
16. Spending RM1,000 on facials bothers me a lot but I have no problem spending 4x the amount for cameras.
17. I don’t have any ear piercing or any body piercings and don’t intend to get one.
18. On the contrary to what most people think that I go out rather regularly, I don’t. In fact, I have only gone out only 2x this month to celebrate my birthday and one more tomorrow. That’s only 3x this month!
19. I wear the same pair of shoes to work everyday even though I have 20 other pairs lying around the shoe rack.
20. I started drinking coffee real early in my life – ever since I was in my mom’s womb.
21. I hate my unruly curly hair. They are still curly even when I have them short all the time.
22. I wish my dad sent me to Chinese school instead! There are so many things I miss because I am Mandarin illiterate. I speak quite good Mandarin though.
23. I can watch a movie over and over again and even memorize the scenes and this pissed my sister off because I would always tell her the ending when she was gasping and anxious about it.
24. I am okay with roads around KL but totally hopeless with PJ roads. So I always make my appointments in KL and hardly PJ except the Curve, One Utama or Centerpoint. LOL!
25. I never take hot shower because it’s too hot in Malaysia, even at 6 am. But in Melbourne, no choice lah coz it’s freezing!

My birthday was a blast. Thanks for cooking me a wonderful meal😀 and for the many, many cakes, a special home made oreo cheesecake (*beams*), dinners, Salvatore Ferragamo’s Incanto, etc! I love, love, love them! And then God gave me a weird birthday present. He gave me a urinary tract infection last Sunday. LOL! Ok.. cannot blame God. Blame myself for not drinking enough water!

The Office Boys

The office boys in my office are hilarious bunch. I think they are trying to brush up their English so, they always try to speak English whenever they have the chance. Somehow or rather, their effort always sent us into fits of laughter.

Office boy #1

He was walking by the photocopy machine and there was a colleague standing there, obstructing his way. Instead of saying, excuse me… he said, “Can I passed away?”

The colleagues sitting nearby fell off their chairs and laughed non stop… it’s direct translation from Malay – “Boleh saya tumpang lalu?”

Office boy #2

OB#2: Ada orang ah complain itu monster terlalu kecil lah. I cakap sama dia, monster besar kah, monster kecik ka… asalkan boleh pakai, cukup lah!!!!

*Monster here is actually the computer “monitor”. He said monster. LOL!!

Office boy #3:

OB#3: I am going out to buy survivor lah!

Admin: Ah??? Apa Survivor??

OB #3 : Cenderamata lah!

Admin: Adoi!!! Souvenir lah… apa survivor ni??

LOL.. you don’t get this working in multinational company! I love local companies’ sense of humour.