The Air Cond Is Alive!

I feel that there aren’t enough dramas these days in my life that I had to go through this one today.

Right after lunch, as I was browsing internet and was elated that Slumdog Millionaire won 8 oscars including best picture, I heard a LOUD gurgling sound above my head. Then I looked up and saw black drops of water spewing violently from the air conditioner!! It’s alive!!

Quick thinking, I switched off the air cond before it does further damage on my CPU. Can’t help it.. all the power source is on the left side of the cubicle.. so what can I do?

Here’s a picture on how the air cond “vomit”!

Lucky I have a plastic container with me. So now, as I am typing this, I am listening to the tiny drops falling into the container and they are kinda soothing.. and making me sleepy! Macam-macam lah office ni! And yes.. my monitor is still the “aquarium”ย  type and not flat screen.. sigh.

7 thoughts on “The Air Cond Is Alive!

  1. Eh, Academy Awards was today? SHIT! Who were the winners of the main category? Best actor, best actress, best movie, best cinematography…?

    I’ve had my encounter with your kind of vomitting aircond before, I can imagine, hahaha! Damn funny wei.

  2. WH: You tinggal kat kampong mana ni?? You can check the results here!๐Ÿ˜€

    The few I rooted for – won! Best picture – Slumdog Millionaire, best actor – Sean Penn and best actress – Kate Winslet.

  3. You know why? That’s because the air cond cannot believe that slumdog won. Granted it’s a great movie but it’s so overrated. Ben Button should have won instead. So yea..the air cond just had to puke in disbelief.๐Ÿ™‚

  4. inaesb: No ah.. I think Slumdog Millionaire deserved to win! As long as not the movie that sleazy Mickey Rourke acted in.. yucks…

    Cee: Haha! I think I have to prepare an umbrella now… sediakan payung sebelum air cond banjir. Haha!

    Datin: Aiyoh! Not that good lah! Datuk Lat is my favorite cartoonist of all times! I definitely do not belong to the same league! I took only 3 minutes to draw these!

  5. better ask someone to have a look at the air-cond.. I afraid it will explode after compulsive coughing… and I strongly believe the black water is health hazardous la…

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