Cute As Button

I had been putting off watching movies for a few months. I was soooo… lazy…. to …. even…. get … out… from… the… house….

After so much procrastination, I suddenly went on a movie spree, watching both Valkryie and Slumdog Millionaire on Sunday in KLCC and caught the Curious Case of Benjamin Button at One Utama last night. I am like that.. always doing things compulsively!

All I could say is, these three movies rock! You guys should watch them… and yes, I cried buckets watching Slumdog Millionaire.

And don’t you think it’s worth to watch Benjamin Button solely for this scene???

God and Goddess!

Don’t you wish you are Cate Blanchett?? Who needs a bolster when you have Brad Pitt? *Nose bleed* I would be one helluva happy woman if I can just die in his arms. Sigh!

*Picture nicked from here.

7 thoughts on “Cute As Button

  1. oh i’ve only seen slumdog millionaire. and i loved it!! cried buckets at the end (tears of joy!)

    now that i’ve seen that photo you posted, i’m DEFINITELY watching benjamin button!!! ~swoon~

  2. Yeah slumdog was good but didn’t know to laugh or cringe at the slum toilet scene :s

    Haven’t watched benjamin button though. Wonder if it’s still on when I get back?

  3. lingzie: You will never regret it!😀

    Kenny: Yes.. I was very impressed with Cate too.. especially the part she was 17 years old… wow…

    Ann: No problem! Glad we both enjoyed the show.. especially the lightning conversations.. LOL!

    Jasmine: Eh.. I cringed and laughed at the toilet scene.

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