You are Super Fat!

You know you are super fat when…..

1. You could no longer locate your own neck.
2. You need to replace your office chairs 3x in a month because they are broken.
3. Your boss told you to expand your cubicle because you look “suffocating” in it.
4. You could not even walk straight into the standard size door with a 2 year old toddler  by your side without banging his head on the side.
5. You get a seat on a crowded bus because the “kind” person who gave you the seat thought you are pregnant.
6. When you take a stroll along the park with a child your mom is babysitting and curious neighbours ask if he’s yours and congratulate you for being pregnant with twins.
7. The doctor could not locate your veins to draw blood for yearly blood test.
8. You go to any clothes/shoes/ bras/ panties shop (even without intention to buy anything, just to window shop) and straight away the salesperson tells you they don’t have your size.
9. McDonald’s staff automatically gives you sized up value meal without you asking when actually, you always order “medium”.
10. It’s getting difficult to even wipe your own ass.

I.. seriously… need…. to… lose…a… lot… a… lot… of weight….!

9 thoughts on “You are Super Fat!

  1. kambade gina! i also need to lose a lot of weight!!

    but i think the key is not to pressure yourself and don’t keep thinking that you need to lose weight.
    instead, tell yourself that you are respecting your body by eating better (don’t starve yourself!) and giving it the exercise it needs. easier said than done, i know. so..kambade!!🙂

  2. do u know this golden quote ? ” Actions Speak Louder than Words !!! ”

    how many times u hv said so? how many yr since u said so? hv u ever start ?

  3. I am not kidding… except no. 6 is not entirely true.. but it was somewhere between those lines…

    Yeah legna, i know i know.. you are no angel either for spelling it backwards! LOL!

    Shut up, Monk!

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