Between 12 am to 7.45 am

12 am I got back from supper with my dear old friend at Old Town. I should not have nasi lemak as I was feeling queasy right after that. I have just recovered from an almost fever on Saturday, when I slept from 12 pm right through 7 pm, then feeling body aches all over. Should have just drank honey lemon and not my favorite Nanyang Melancholy coffee. Tsk tsk tsk.

12.15 am Went online to check some e-mails and surfing, waiting for the caffeine effect to dissipate. Spoke to equally late nightingale but she said she is off early tonight to my surprise!

12.45 am Spoke to my aunt and cousin who were still up at this hour watching tv.

1.15 am Went to bed, switch off all lights.

1.30 am Couldn’t sleep. So I woke up and read A collection of Birthday Stories by Haruki Murakami. Was reading about this old Italian grandmother who always bought a cake and waited at home for her dead husband and children who would never return and refused to give up the cake to the cleaning Puerto Rican lady when she begged for the last cake from bakeries around town for her daughter’s birthday party. And ended reading about this American girl giving her husband a sleazy birthday surprise consisting of two call girls and a dinner. You get the picture.

2 am Off all lights and trying to sleep. The whole house was darker than usual because the family has set up a mouse trap for one huge rascal we met during “Earth Hour”. We switched off all lights on Saturday with rest of the world at 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm and this rascal must have thought birthday came early. He came out – as big as a kitten and was walking gingerly around with so many family members watching tv (so much for earth hour huh? Har har! Well, at least we share one tv instead of switching on all three at one go!) and left Gas Stove screaming.

2.45 am Bloody! Bloody Hell! I still can’t sleep. I came out and turned on the tv instead. Was watching THS on diet fads. I remember Datin told me about the colon cleansing thingy. Some experts find that, such actions would induce further stress to the body.

3 am Watched “Definitely. Maybe”. It’s a movie about intertwined relationships starring Ryan Reynolds, Rachel Weiss and Isla Fisher (one super cute chick). I never really like Ryan Reynolds in any movies. He seemed overacting and I just can’t stand his face. But this movie, he was able to portray so much emotion; only using his eyes. It was such a meaningful movie. It took a span of almost 15 years, 3 relationships, a child, career advances and failures to realize that actually, the most important person in his life has been all along with him his entire life.

4.45 am Finished watching the movie. Sobbed a little at some cringing moments. Trying to get some sleep.

5.15 am In between bed tosses, I think I heard the mouse. Probably got caught in the trap. Images of the big rascal being either drown in a bucket of water, sun till it dies of thirst or suffer burns due to boiling hot water clouded my mind. Gawd.. this is really, really sad.

5.45 am Just as I was about to fall asleep, the mosque behind my house blared the solat subuh. It was actually quite comforting to listen to the azan. I tried to fall asleep again as soon as the azan was over.

6.15 am I must have fallen asleep because I dreamed of a guy that I really liked back in college days and I spoke to him in this dream. We were actually in a crisis. There was a flood and yet, he still could joke around and taking things easy. So much like him in real life. We were paddling like mad to reach higher grounds. But it didn’t take much energy because he was there to make all things seemed easy and enjoyable. Ain’t love grand?

7.45 am I was still paddling in water when the alarm clock rang.

With the lack of sleep and amount of paddling in the flood in the dreams, I hope I don’t make any errors while typing some office documents this morning. And you guys wonder, what is Monday blues?

Porky Affairs at Cristang

On Wednesday night, I was invited by WL and Yip to Cristang at 8 Avenue PJ, their regular joint for a good porky meal. Yip has been a regular, dining in this place, almost twice weekly for a hearty meal of pork.

I love a good cheese burger – thick, succulent beef patty with pickled cucumber, tomatoes and generous dose of cheese. I guess a pork patty for a change would be great! Yip raved so much about the pork burger that I had dreams of pork burgers for a few nights, while waiting for porky Wednesday to arrive.

Before this dinner, I check online for the meaning of Cristang. I guess I was expecting some Portuguese mixed food since I didn’t get the spicy dose in Macau.

According to Wikipedia, The Kristang are a creole ethnic group of people of mixed Portuguese and Malaccan descent though many people of this group have Chinese, Indian and other ancestries due intermarriage.. Well, I had been to Malacca a number of times and tasted Devil’s curry a few times – that doesn’t make me an expert but I guess I would roughly know a little how Portuguese food would taste like!

We arrived at this cozy little shop at 8 Avenue before 8 pm. There were a few tables already being occupied. We didn’t expect a crowd but there were more tables occupied that night compared to other nights. They do pretty well for lunches though. Usually, only two tables are occupied at most. I guess that is because there is a promotion every Wednesday night. You get 20% off any of your choice of pork burgers! Malaysians are so damn kiasu! LOL!

Service was kinda slow because lack of staff. But the only waiter there is very courteous and tried his best to accommodate to our needs. Even the boss, Mr Gerald had to run around, made drinks and served the customers himself.

Bacon and mushroom lasagna

We pre-ordered a big pan of bacon and mushroom lasagna with 7 layers of different cheese. If you ask me, I probably don’t know if the cheeses are of 7 kinds. Most cheese taste the same to me. LOL! Anyway, this was quite a delight to tuck in. Ethan, Yip’s cute and not-so-little nephew enjoyed this and had a second helping. This dish is not on the menu. So, if you would like to try, perhaps, you may call to pre-order two days in advance for the cook to prepare the ingredients. This big pan of lasagna costs RM170.

Bacon bone ambila curry

Next on the table is the bacon bone ambila curry. WL prefers this to the usual pork ribs and said it was tastier. This dish is rather salty so it would be best to eat with rice. Oh, let me tell you about the rice. The moment the waiter served the rice on the table, you could get a whiff of very fragrant pandan leaves. I think one needs to have an acquired taste for ambila. I didn’t take a liking to it, but it was okay. RM37++ for two small servings.

We ordered honey chili chicken. It was slightly sweet. Of course! What am I saying? It’s cooked with honey, hello? I find it to be quite mediocre. RM15.80. We had the pie-tee too. Quite mediocre and the cup was not crispy enough – according to the food connoisseur Jane. RM6.80 for 5.

Yip’s favorite pork burger

Then the quarter pounder pork burgers finally arrived. They have a separate pork burger menu and labeled each type of burger like parking lot from P1 to P6. LOL. I ordered a P3 – grilled pork patty with back bacon, minced pork with chili con carne. They even have one with petai but.. I don’t think so!

Not that I had tried many pork burgers before, but this is quite delicious! I learned that the meat patty is handmade and not manufactured. I like the chilli con carne that came with it. It’s made of sambal with kidney beans, green beans and garlic, and other stuff that I could not decipher. It’s quite a mouthful and quite a delight to the taste buds. I guess it’s true when they said, if you want a good pork burger, you can come here. Yip can attest to it because he has been having pork burgers till all his colleagues and friends knew of his new obsession. Haha! RM14.90 onwards depending on which parking lot.. errr… I mean, which type of burger you order.

The pork belly vindaloo is quite tasty as well. How many times can we actually have pork with vindaloo? Most vindaloos are vegetarian based. This is a fairly new experience to me and it’s good to have it with the fragrant rice.

Cookies & Cream with oreos

We completed the dinner with two desserts – cookies and cream with oreos and banana-apple pie. Again, the cookies and cream with oreos is not on the menu yet and it’s still on experimental stage. It was a hit with the kids and adults alike. RM18.90. As for the banana apple pie, I think it has quite good stuffing but we were a little overwhelmed by so much food earlier on that we failed to savour it to our heart’s content. Perhaps, for my next visit, I would probably go for banana-apple pie ala mode! Again, I don’t think it’s on the menu. It needs to be pre-ordered and one pan is good for a family of 10. RM90.

All in all, slow service and the silly parking lot* aside, I guess this place warrants a second visit. I think I would like to have an entire pork burger to myself and no more sharing!

Cristang Restaurant
Section 8, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
B-G-19, 8 Avenue, Jalan Sungei Jerneh (8/1)
Petaling Jaya. (behind the Courts Mammoth, Wisma Thrifty)

You can check out direction and menu in facebook.

*Even if you park at the ground floor in front of the restaurant, you need to drive down to the basement to pay for your ticket before going out.

P.S. Sorry Yin Mand! I think I need longer time to consider being a vegetarian.

Random Notes

The brain activities hit a high note for the past few weeks. I think I must give it a rest and had to cerita a bit here.

1. I always think when it rains, chances of house break-ins or robbery would be lesser. Don’t you think so? Who wants to rob in the rain? So I guess it would be good to be raining all the time to reduce chances of theft and robberies. Just my thought. Can we ask God for more rain since He couldn’t make the useless police to stop the crimes?

2. There were so many dogs behind my house at night appearing out of nowhere. I caught them barking and snarling at the cats behind my house a few times. I managed to save the cats by pouring water at the dogs. I wasn’t so lucky once. My favorite kitten died. But I couldn’t find any puncture wounds on him as he lay dead under my sister’s car at the backyard. Maybe he was frightened to death. Yesterday, again, the stupid dogs were barking like mad at something but I didn’t bother to wake up to see what’s going on. Hence, it was another restless night.

3. I was driving on the left side of the road towards the traffic light when a car suddenly made a mad dash into my lane without indicator. I ended honking like a bloody mad woman and the car stopped, taking half of my left lane while I made a sudden curve to avoid knocking into it. Then I looked at the rear mirror, fuming, only to find that the stupid driver is actually my new office colleague who fell off her cubicle like a swatted fly just last week. Maybe the fall caused a trauma to her brain that she has to be one hell raiser on the road. Then, she tail-gated my car to the point that if I ever made an emergency break, she would bang my car rear. I think I should propose a new course in office – how to drive using brain and with courtesy. Oh, she no more wears stilettos in office and always on flip flops now.

4. Popiah seemed to be able to eat and eat and eat without getting fat. She could eat two whole plates of rice while I had to pick rice one grain at a time so I could fool my stomach that it’s full. Seriously… if I ever reincarnate into whatsoever form, grant me a high metabolism, PLEASE!!!

5. Interesting things you pick up following conversations with interesting people – Do you know that, when you eat wild boars, you should check how did the boar die before it ended on the dining table? You should get those die by gunshot because the boar was caught unaware – it was peacefully minding its own business and out of nowhere, got shot and died. So, this fella would be less tense and secrete less “stress hormones” as opposed to the one being hunted down by dogs. Hhmphh… if you think this way, I think we all ought to be vegetarian. Most animals died for the sake of feeding mankind are aware that they are going to die. Cows before slaughter would shed tears, goats too. I don’t know about sheep because they could be pretty dumb. LOL! This cerita made me think a little over the weekend. Now, looks like I am going to give up my favorite succulent beef burger. *Sob*

6. Yesterday, a colleague came over and handed me an eye pillow with lavender oil and said it was from Maybank. We ended talking about facials and what good this eye pillow can do wonders for eye bags and also sooth stressful eyes. After all the yakking about how good the eye pillow is, I slipped it in my drawer. Then only the dumbass told me, “Err… it’s for your boss”. Bloody hell! Go and cerita cerita panjang panjang and never mentioned it’s for my boss at the first place! Say lah it’s for my boss in the beginning, so I don’t have to have small talk with you out of courtesy, thinking it was for me. Bloody shit. LOL!

Tanjung Sepat: Revisited

Can you see the cute little bikes!

I have been to Tg Sepat many, many times. I guess if I am not wrong, my old blog was probably one of the very first few to blog about this place.

I haven’t seen Ms Popiah for awhile so I decided to travel down to Sg Pelek to visit her before her coming trip to Shanghai. So, I roped a few friends to join me and drove down to Tg Sepat for food as well.

Of course, being a good old fashioned girl, I always eat at the same places, order the same dishes and recommend the same old things. This time round, I am glad my friends enjoyed it but there were more disappointments for an old timer like me. Perhaps, the place is getting way, way too commercialized for my liking. I could still remember the good old days, about 4 years ago where the place was less packed and I should have kept this place as a hidden gem for my selfish self!

The colorful painted bridge!

Some of the points I could gather from this visit were:-

1. The dry Bak Kut Teh at Ah Fook’s along Jalan Pasar was somewhat a let down. I don’t know but the meat tasted rather bland this time. No more “claypot smell of slightly burnt thick soya sauce”. The wet BKT is not that bad though. It was a slight sweet taste to it which makes it quite unique. The fish paste soup (“yue wat tong”) used to be bigger and they used to be quite generous with the tomatoes and sliced bitter gourd. Not anymore. I miss the days when there was no food review on tv or on blogs (Haha! Sorry, floggers!). Wherever Ah Xian goes, he seems to kill the place for good old customers like me.

2. There used to be an open space next to Moh Sing Coffee shop where they roasted their coffee in old fashion way and while you have your coffee, you are also get a whiff at the aromatic smell from the roasted coffee outside! Sadly, the side of the shop had been renovated and they built a building next to it and made the coffee shop darker and dim. No more open air roasting of coffee beans. The nice elderly gentleman who used to man the shop was nowhere to be seen and a lady in her 40s took over the making coffee job. I miss the elderly gentleman. I hope he’s okay.

3. They painted the small bridge behind the mushroom farm and hung some colorful lights leading to it. I guess it would be a beautiful sight at night. I still prefer the old almost torn down bridge some 4 years ago, which has more rustic feel to it. Now, they even have a small yard leading to the bridge, presumably to serve dinner at night, and attached with disco ball! Perhaps, I should try staying overnight to check out this place for dinner.

4. We were lucky to have found a place at Ocen Restaurant near the Lover’s Bridge at lunch time. The kepah in soup is good! Fishballs still as springy. And the fried meehoon with crabs was fragrant and nice. We didn’t order big, big oysters because the smaller ones taste better. However, they no longer sell the very crispy and fragrant gold fish shaped egg cakes, which my mother loved. She could eat one whole packet by herself! It’s so unfortunate.

5. The longan farm – my mom complained that the longans do not have much flesh and it doesn’t taste good and RM5 per kg is too expensive. I didn’t know. This is the first time I buy longans because Sasha likes to eat them very much. Oh well, I guess no more next time.

6. The worst development of all is probably, Hai Yew Hin which sells paos. They even have a shop opposite the existing shop now, solely act as kitchen (and display) to make paos. They have gone totally commercialized. It was disappointing that they didn’t put more paos in the steamer for customers who would just like to sample some of their presumably nice paos. The assistants even had the cheek to ask us to wait till 6 pm, two hours to try their paos. Imagine, opening a pao shop and don’t have paos to offer! You have to make phone calls to “reserve” the pao. Kam lan pah pai! This is totally unacceptable! I am going to boycott this place! No more Hai Yew Hin for me! And they change their name to Hai Yew Heng.

Homestay activity at Morib Beach

We went to Morib too. Glad that this place still consider quite clean. Many families came here to have a picnic, taking advantage of the clear weather. I think now, they have a homestay program for Morib too. I saw some men using the net to catch some fish in the teh tarik colored sea. The wind was blowing and the sky was filled with colorful kites. It’s a good place to bring family for a pleasant leisurely picnic.

A little girl on daddy’s shoulders

We headed to Putrajaya at around 5 pm and made it just in time for the hot air balloon exhibition in Precinct 2. There were hordes and hordes of people, I am glad we could find a good parking space in front of JPN and walked a little to the lift-off ground. Malaysians need to learn to get a grip of themselves and not to be so jakun to run towards the hot air balloons when it was prohibited to do so. Of course I didn’t join these jakuns and risked myself being run down by the stampede or worse.. kena hembap belon raksasa! I wonder why they dug some ditches around the field. It’s so dangerous as there were so many people walking about the place.

Blue, blue sky!

Thank God for the fairly good weather and blue skies! We managed to snap some good pictures from the exhibition. Despite the deterioration of personal touch in Tg Sepat and being dehydrated, all in all, it was a great trip, with great company.

Soul Travel

Last night’s dreams were one of the many “traveling” dreams I had. My friend said, my soul seems to travel as I sleep.

It was a restless night. The late supper “cham” was probably the culprit for the interrupted sleep.

I was in Bangkok. Then I was surprised to see many fellow facebook friends at the same place. The place looked like a very small warehouse along a river with many small and medium sized boats docking.

Everybody was cheery and merry. Since I was holding my camera, everybody posed for shots. I took many, many shots of the people I saw and among the faces I could recognized, were of dear old Tony and Mei! Maybe I miss you guys lah! Haha!

As I was trying to get away from the crowd, I walked into a narrow lane in the warehouse. There were soldiers everywhere. There was a barricade towards the end of the warehouse which led to a small village. I could see kids running everywhere and people with dirt on their faces carrying guni sacks. I wanted to cross over the barricade but was stopped by a soldier.

He said to me. Nobody goes in there ever comes out alive.

I ignored him and lied that I was a reporter.

He didn’t really insisted that I should not go. He watched me as I walked into the village for a few seconds before continuing to chat with his fellow mates and puffing his almost spent cigarette away.

As I was checking out the area and threaded carefully on the paths I took, I saw faces of hungry children extending their hands for food, some people with dreaded skin diseases sitting on the ground, some people in rags looking aloof as they walked about, some people in convict uniforms, etc. I was surprised that I wasn’t alarmed or scared. I was as calm as the night.

Then, I walked over to an area overlooking a port towards the end of the village. I spoke to two unidentified men.

I couldn’t remember what I spoke to them about, but I remembered I just wanted to use the toilet. LOL! So I woke up because of a full bladder.

It was only 6.45 am when I woke up this morning. The sky was still soft and dim as the shy sun refused to stir from its slumber. After relieving myself, I went back to bed to further soul travel. This time, I couldn’t remember the dreams when I woke up.