The Magnet That Brings Down The Plane

2nd March 2009, Monday

Our flight was delayed from 5.50 pm to 7 pm. It was a good thing that Air Asia informed us via sms on our first day in Macau so we need not rush to airport on the last day. At least, we would have more time to shop!

Hello, Old Friend!

After packing and checking out, we walked towards A-ma temple, which is about 10 minutes walk from Ole London Hotel. Before that, we stopped by a shop to have dim sum. It wasn’t that great. On our way, we saw many dogs and cats on the pavement.

Make peace, not war

I was impressed that the dogs here knew how to use the zebra crossings and was even more amused when a car stopped to let a dog past. LOL! Back in Malaysia, even if they see a human being walking on the zebra crossing, they would step on the gas. If you ask me, I agree that the government hike up price for petrol to reduce vehicle users (and hence, morons) on the road.

Penha Church

After A-Ma temple, we walked past Moorish Barracks and then made our way to Penha Church which is located on the hill. Boy! It was such an arduous climb! The moment we reached there, all pain was forgotten because we were greeted by a beautiful view of the Macau tower and bridge. It was unfortunate that the place is so foggy, so we could get a great picture. However, the view is still breath taking.

We fooled around taking a lot of pictures backed by overcast skies. Actually, it was good that it wasn’t too sunny and hot throughout our visit in Macau and the cool weather made all walking much more bearable.

I couldn’t forget the place where I had the spicy beef and potato noodles with the pork chop bun that I had to go back to St Joseph’s Seminary to locate the shop. Like other shops in Macau, this one  is  also narrow with limited tables, so we had to wait our turn to get in. It was lucky that I stumbled into this shop during my last visit when we were trying to find shelter from the sudden rain. It was indeed a gem to find this eatery!

Most happening spicy curry potatoes!

Do try the spicy potato beef noodles! You can request for other ingredients such as fish ball, pork ball, ham, etc but the main thing to try is the potatoes itself! You can just order extra bowls potatoes to go with your noodles. After 3 days of having pork chop bun, I could say this place probably serve the best pork chop bun. Unfortunately, the kind lady told us, they ran out of buns and asked if we would like to have it with toasted normal white bread instead. We gave it a go and seriously, the meat here taste much better. We ordered two more but the lady said, she only left with one, so we made do with that  final piece! So, I guess try to come early, perhaps for breakfast to avoid disappointment.

The shop selling the spicy curry potatoes behind St Joseph’s seminary

There was a slight drizzle when we walked back to Senado Square for last minute shopping. You can get your almond cookies, egg rolls with pork floss, tarts, dried meat, peanut candy, etc on the last day of your stay at long alley towards St Paul’s.

This time round, I went to buy almond cookies from St Paulo’s instead of the very much famed Koi Kei’s. It was a lucky thing that I tried the cookies before buying. I am not a fan of almond cookies but, almond cookies from Macau, I would made an exception because it has no “cockroach” smell.

This time, I took my time to savor the various almond cookies being offered. So, I decided to buy St Paulo’s because it has one whole almond nut in one cookie, broken into two! A chat with the lady selling the cookies, we were told that, you can only get St Paulo’s cookies in Macau and no where else. Their cookies are all hand made and unlike the more famous competitor brand, Koi Kei, their cookies are manufactured and are exported overseas to sell. I guess she might be right because I heard from Ann that, they even have Koi Kei in One Utama!

St Paulo’s cheaper too! You get one at MOP24 for 18 and if you buy 5, boxes you get one for free. So average about MOP20 per box. St Paulo’s cookies are not individually packed like Koi Kei’s-MOP32 for 15 cookies per box – if you buy more than 4, you pay MOP28 per box.  St Paulo’s offers quite a good deal considering they put an entire nut into one cookie! Do try to buy the egg roll in pork floss! It’s simply delicious!

Colors on the Streets of Macau

We ended our shopping after 1 hour and 45 minutes and made our way again to Mah Si Fu Dim Pan for another round of almond, walnut, black sesame and water chestnut tong sui! It’s just too bad that we couldn’t bring water into flight or else, I guess we would ta pao some for consumption in our flight later on!!

You guys must be wondering why I put the post title as the magnet that brings down the plane… I didn’t check in my fridge magnets because we went on last minute shopping and I totally forgotten about it till after I had lock my luggage.

I have been traveling to so many places the past few years and sometimes, I would hand carry my magnets. This time round, the stupid airport security people in Macau claimed that magnets would affect the plane system and they had to confiscate them.

Hello? Does that woman even know what is electromagnet? She should be sent back to school to attend Physics class. She proudly announced that, she confiscated other passengers’ magnets as well. Funny. Most of my travel mates also carried their fridge magnets in their hand carry luggage but why are theirs not confiscated? I am sure other passengers also have magnets in their bags!

So what if I have magnets in my bag? Will the magnets made me into Gina the Magneto? All forks, spoons and knives will fly and stick on me as I board the plane???? Wait a minute.. Air Asia don’t even serve meals with steel forks, spoons and knives!

A well meaning friend who walked behind me was shocked to see my bag was being frisked and in spur of the moment, she also blurted quite loudly – I ALSO GOT (magnets). I stared at her in disbelief and waved her to go away before I die from heart attack. I think my glare must be quite “murderous” as I could practically  see her soul jumped out from her skin. I am so sorry.

Sigh. I thought my trip would have a happy ending, but I guess not. Anyway, there goes my souvenirs for my closest buddies – so, I am sorry. If you want your magnets, go and ask from that stupid bitch in Macau who confiscated my magnets.

Short notes/tips on Macau

1. It’s very convenient to travel around Macau via bus. All stops are listed and tickets range from MOP3.20 to MOP6.40 per trip, depending on where you want to go. You don’t have to hire people to take you around. Almost every bus goes to Senado Square.

2. You can get free shuttle rides to casinos – Venetian/Sands from the ferry terminal.

3. You can get all info on Macau at this very useful website.

4. You can use HK Dollars in Macau. They would prefer HKD now because of the higher exchange rate due to appreciation of the HKD with the US dollars.

5. You can hand carry all your almond cookies back to Malaysia.

6. Try going to Coloane on the last day because you get to ta pao Lord Stow’s egg tarts! And even when we eat it at night, the crust still goes, “krup krup krup!” It’s that crunchy!!

7. Most landmarks or roads are in Cantonese or Portuguese, so it’s better for you to brush up your Cantonese as most locals don’t know what is St Paul’s! It’s called “Tai Sam Pah” (not big garbage ah!)

8. Look out for the visible dark green colored signage to plan where you want to walk. It’s really a tourist friendly place!

9. You can hop into any tourist info bureau to get free copy of Visit Macau and maps. It’s a very useful booklet with good quality pictures and descriptions!

10. Please bloody check in your magnets or else, stupid airport security idiots  in Macau, who never graduated from science school would confiscate your magnets and claim that it might affect the plane system.

17 thoughts on “The Magnet That Brings Down The Plane

  1. I absolutely luvvvv potatoes, so sure to try the dish one….yummm.

    hhmm, farnee also 1st time I hearing that abt the magnets…we all carry handphones on board even if it’s not on, there are magnets components inside mah… how abt tat leh? weird…???

    oh i jz discovered AirAsia got this “On Time Gurantee” policy. If flight was delayed more than 2hours can claim RM200 e-gift voucher wor. But got T&C attached lor….i.e. last min notice, act of god, etc

  2. awwwww i love that photo of the cat and dog! so cute!!!🙂

    i cant believe you got your magnets confiscated!!! so stupid one!!!!!!! haiyoh!!!!

    thanks for the very handy tips on travelling to macau. will definitely come back and refer to them if i make a trip there one day!🙂

  3. Ann: Good. You pass the test of not getting your magnets confiscated. LOL!

    Cee: Do try to go and have the potatoes.. it also has noodles with ham, fish balls, pork balls, beef, etc.😀 Absolutely delicious!

    : You sendiri nak sangat pergi kerja.. nobody stop you from coming with us what. LOL

    lingzie: Cute leh? Haha.. I have one that the dog try to have a go at the cat. LOL! Too bad it’s a too out of focus. No problem. If you need advice, you can write me anytime.😀

  4. Zing: I’m… dreaming of.. a crispy… egg tart.. just like the one we had at Lord Stow’s… (Sing along to the tune of “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas” )

  5. lol. really, i cannot believe it. why dont u shout out and tell them…”hey, look at me, u think i m a TERRORIST????” lol!!!

  6. hi, i bumped into your site while checking out on ole london. can you let me know how is this hostel/hotel? is it really convenient (5 mins walk to senado square) and the rooms are clean?

    all your photos are very nice!

  7. jasmine: It’s a 2-star hotel if not mistaken. It’s very comfy, very clean and quiet. Yes, it’s about 5 minutes walk from Senado Square and you need to use the back lanes to get there. The locals would be more than happy to help you. They called Senado Square “San Mah Lou” (new road in Cantonese). So don’t ask where is Senado Square, they won’t know! Say San Mah Lou! Enjoy your trip.

  8. hi gina! thanks for your reply! is it safe to walk in the back lanes? i will be travelling with my parents and young boys. hence, a little worried. can i easily take the shuttle bus from the next door hotel? which site did you book the hotel? i want to book triple room, but most of the sites offer twin rooms only. pls advice

  9. may i ask u something ?

    u know in 1u got selling Koi Kei Alomond Cookies ?

    If yes may i know new wing or old wing ? which floor & near with what shop ?

    i find long time already, cause my mother 1 2 eat, so i want find it for she….

    Thank you very much…

  10. Elaine, I once saw Koi Kei almond cookies at this Chinese medicinal shop in One U – Effective Herbs. It’s at LG Floor, below at the connecting bridge to old wing. Just opposite Old Chang Kee. Hope this helps.

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