Soul Travel

Last night’s dreams were one of the many “traveling” dreams I had. My friend said, my soul seems to travel as I sleep.

It was a restless night. The late supper “cham” was probably the culprit for the interrupted sleep.

I was in Bangkok. Then I was surprised to see many fellow facebook friends at the same place. The place looked like a very small warehouse along a river with many small and medium sized boats docking.

Everybody was cheery and merry. Since I was holding my camera, everybody posed for shots. I took many, many shots of the people I saw and among the faces I could recognized, were of dear old Tony and Mei! Maybe I miss you guys lah! Haha!

As I was trying to get away from the crowd, I walked into a narrow lane in the warehouse. There were soldiers everywhere. There was a barricade towards the end of the warehouse which led to a small village. I could see kids running everywhere and people with dirt on their faces carrying guni sacks. I wanted to cross over the barricade but was stopped by a soldier.

He said to me. Nobody goes in there ever comes out alive.

I ignored him and lied that I was a reporter.

He didn’t really insisted that I should not go. He watched me as I walked into the village for a few seconds before continuing to chat with his fellow mates and puffing his almost spent cigarette away.

As I was checking out the area and threaded carefully on the paths I took, I saw faces of hungry children extending their hands for food, some people with dreaded skin diseases sitting on the ground, some people in rags looking aloof as they walked about, some people in convict uniforms, etc. I was surprised that I wasn’t alarmed or scared. I was as calm as the night.

Then, I walked over to an area overlooking a port towards the end of the village. I spoke to two unidentified men.

I couldn’t remember what I spoke to them about, but I remembered I just wanted to use the toilet. LOL! So I woke up because of a full bladder.

It was only 6.45 am when I woke up this morning. The sky was still soft and dim as the shy sun refused to stir from its slumber. After relieving myself, I went back to bed to further soul travel. This time, I couldn’t remember the dreams when I woke up.

8 thoughts on “Soul Travel

  1. you always can remember your dreams very well🙂 but i am quite perplexed by this entry because of the contents and the vivid details of this dream lar…you think it has any significance? hehehe…meeting friends from facebook eh? got me or not? LOL!

  2. Weihan: Erm.. there were hordes of people lor… I cannot recognized all faces but they are familiar. I only remember the great couple – Tony & Mei. Haha! If tonight I dream about you, I will try to remember the dream and blog lah. LOL!

  3. wow, such vivid dream….and you can remember most of it. Sometimes i think those dreams we remember means s’thg or of what to come.

    I pernah dream of a situation, and months later it happened… i was like deja-vu :-O

  4. Sometimes hor, when I wake up to pangjiu..i can hit pause go back to bed and carry on with the same dream. Have you ever experienced that before? And was it in colour or balck and white?

  5. Ann: Tahi-ti? Shit-ti? LOL!

    Monk: Time arrived for what lah? I am not buying your story!

    Cee: Some are vivid, some are not. Wah.. that’s very scary.. I don’t know. I sort of like have deja vu most of the time.

    unkaleong: It has colors, but dull ones. Some are almost lomography-ish. Haha! I never dream the same dreams or continue dreaming lor. Usually, when I wake up, I hope to continue the dream but unsuccessful. I can sometimes dictate the dream to be what I want it to be and fully aware it was just a dream.

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