Tanjung Sepat: Revisited

Can you see the cute little bikes!

I have been to Tg Sepat many, many times. I guess if I am not wrong, my old blog was probably one of the very first few to blog about this place.

I haven’t seen Ms Popiah for awhile so I decided to travel down to Sg Pelek to visit her before her coming trip to Shanghai. So, I roped a few friends to join me and drove down to Tg Sepat for food as well.

Of course, being a good old fashioned girl, I always eat at the same places, order the same dishes and recommend the same old things. This time round, I am glad my friends enjoyed it but there were more disappointments for an old timer like me. Perhaps, the place is getting way, way too commercialized for my liking. I could still remember the good old days, about 4 years ago where the place was less packed and I should have kept this place as a hidden gem for my selfish self!

The colorful painted bridge!

Some of the points I could gather from this visit were:-

1. The dry Bak Kut Teh at Ah Fook’s along Jalan Pasar was somewhat a let down. I don’t know but the meat tasted rather bland this time. No more “claypot smell of slightly burnt thick soya sauce”. The wet BKT is not that bad though. It was a slight sweet taste to it which makes it quite unique. The fish paste soup (“yue wat tong”) used to be bigger and they used to be quite generous with the tomatoes and sliced bitter gourd. Not anymore. I miss the days when there was no food review on tv or on blogs (Haha! Sorry, floggers!). Wherever Ah Xian goes, he seems to kill the place for good old customers like me.

2. There used to be an open space next to Moh Sing Coffee shop where they roasted their coffee in old fashion way and while you have your coffee, you are also get a whiff at the aromatic smell from the roasted coffee outside! Sadly, the side of the shop had been renovated and they built a building next to it and made the coffee shop darker and dim. No more open air roasting of coffee beans. The nice elderly gentleman who used to man the shop was nowhere to be seen and a lady in her 40s took over the making coffee job. I miss the elderly gentleman. I hope he’s okay.

3. They painted the small bridge behind the mushroom farm and hung some colorful lights leading to it. I guess it would be a beautiful sight at night. I still prefer the old almost torn down bridge some 4 years ago, which has more rustic feel to it. Now, they even have a small yard leading to the bridge, presumably to serve dinner at night, and attached with disco ball! Perhaps, I should try staying overnight to check out this place for dinner.

4. We were lucky to have found a place at Ocen Restaurant near the Lover’s Bridge at lunch time. The kepah in soup is good! Fishballs still as springy. And the fried meehoon with crabs was fragrant and nice. We didn’t order big, big oysters because the smaller ones taste better. However, they no longer sell the very crispy and fragrant gold fish shaped egg cakes, which my mother loved. She could eat one whole packet by herself! It’s so unfortunate.

5. The longan farm – my mom complained that the longans do not have much flesh and it doesn’t taste good and RM5 per kg is too expensive. I didn’t know. This is the first time I buy longans because Sasha likes to eat them very much. Oh well, I guess no more next time.

6. The worst development of all is probably, Hai Yew Hin which sells paos. They even have a shop opposite the existing shop now, solely act as kitchen (and display) to make paos. They have gone totally commercialized. It was disappointing that they didn’t put more paos in the steamer for customers who would just like to sample some of their presumably nice paos. The assistants even had the cheek to ask us to wait till 6 pm, two hours to try their paos. Imagine, opening a pao shop and don’t have paos to offer! You have to make phone calls to “reserve” the pao. Kam lan pah pai! This is totally unacceptable! I am going to boycott this place! No more Hai Yew Hin for me! And they change their name to Hai Yew Heng.

Homestay activity at Morib Beach

We went to Morib too. Glad that this place still consider quite clean. Many families came here to have a picnic, taking advantage of the clear weather. I think now, they have a homestay program for Morib too. I saw some men using the net to catch some fish in the teh tarik colored sea. The wind was blowing and the sky was filled with colorful kites. It’s a good place to bring family for a pleasant leisurely picnic.

A little girl on daddy’s shoulders

We headed to Putrajaya at around 5 pm and made it just in time for the hot air balloon exhibition in Precinct 2. There were hordes and hordes of people, I am glad we could find a good parking space in front of JPN and walked a little to the lift-off ground. Malaysians need to learn to get a grip of themselves and not to be so jakun to run towards the hot air balloons when it was prohibited to do so. Of course I didn’t join these jakuns and risked myself being run down by the stampede or worse.. kena hembap belon raksasa! I wonder why they dug some ditches around the field. It’s so dangerous as there were so many people walking about the place.

Blue, blue sky!

Thank God for the fairly good weather and blue skies! We managed to snap some good pictures from the exhibition. Despite the deterioration of personal touch in Tg Sepat and being dehydrated, all in all, it was a great trip, with great company.

15 thoughts on “Tanjung Sepat: Revisited

  1. “kena hembap belon raksasa” – LOL. aiyoh, why these people cannot comprehend the danger/possibility of being smothered by those balloons ler…

    love the last shot – truly❤ in the sky. hehe.🙂

  2. Some more they bring kids and all.. and running straight at the balloons.. as if ada chance to naik. Tsk tsk tsk! LOL! Thanks for the invite!😀

  3. Tg. Sepat….Ahhh….bring back those memories. Used to be a nice place to visit during weekends. Sad to hear that it is so commercialised.

    Gina, did you know that your old blog about Tg. Sepat was where I get to know you?

    Beautiful photos.

  4. Eric: Yes ah?? Everybody has their favorite piece in the old blog.😀 I am glad that people are happy to share the wonders of small little towns with us.. but, development is inevitable. Kinda sad.

  5. yes it’s sad to see the old building torn down demolished in the name of development. To me it’s like erasing history and traces of the past. Somehow the Malaysian government are not not very fond of restoring old structure or retaining the hundreds of years old name……kept wanting to carry out their so-call “re-branding”…i mean wth?!?

    if we visit other countries especially westerners…..you can trace back a building or road name since the 16th or 17th century…thats what we call history mah. Vy sad lor here.

    The hot air balloons……wow!!! such blue blue skies for the backdrop.

  6. Cee: Yeah.. those people eat shit till very full liao, so got nothing to do.. think with their backside to come out with all these fantastic rebranding plans! Of coz they have lotsa money to embezzle, this is one of the ways lor.. to make new signages to use money.. then embezzle it. Like we dunno. Haha! Yeah.. here.. they don’t even respect history lah… ever since the Hang Tuah case.. Haha! This is a beautiful country. Unfortunately, morons are running it.

    inaesb: I should be put on the Malaysian tourism payroll huh? To promote Malaysia via blog.😀

  7. in some ways, i hv never pro commercializing a certain joint. the crowd will screw up the whole establishment, the proprietors will be big headed themselves. they will go ahead setting up branches and do the franchizing shit. as long as they keep their food to that certain quality and hv pride over them…catering to the usual full house crowd, tehre is really nothing wrong with that.

    so there r 2 school of thoughts..whether to promote them via media/blogs or thru word of mouth. i prefer the latter becasue it’s more personal and more meaningful…..the former is just for pure glory……..yucks. hehe.

  8. Damn ‘sui’ pics … agree with inaesb … be design consultant for our tourism website or maybe you could send your pics to some travel mag!

  9. takeshi: I guess after a span of four to five years, we began to feel that blogs actually bring more detriments than benefits? Haha! Benefits to business owners but for pleasure seekers like us, it’s kinda daunting. Sien.. ok ok. Will not blog about good stuffs anymore.

    shorthorse: Haha! No lah.. no “quali” yet. Haha!

  10. yeah, that’s why in some ways….i find mainstream food bloggers are merely riding on people’s popularity…….it’s totally different from those like “eatingasia”..now that is real research…..huh?

    yeah, just do it via word of mouth..better…mouth to mouth mah…lol.

  11. hah you mean the paos are not nice anymore ah????????😦😦😦😦😦
    heard about these delicious paos a few years ago from a friend and have been wanting to visit. sigh. guess no need liao now.😦

    its so sad that everything is getting so commercialized. everyone wants to find a way to increase productivity and hence make more money so all these art of cooking/roasting coffee/making bak kua etc is dying!! and what we’re left with is sub-par food. very very sad really. sigh.

    but very nice photos of the hot air balloons! i’ve always wanted to ride one. but so expensive la.

  12. Takeshi: Yah lah yah lah, Mr Natgeo! Nothing can satisfy your exquisite taste lah.

    lingzie: My friend said, the pao is not that nice. To me, it was okay. She only buys from an old uncle on bicycle who sells paos in Sg. Pelek. I tried the Hai Yew Hin’s paos – ok lah. Normal lor.. coz we don’t have mui choy pao in KL. Maybe rare, that is why it was deem specialty, I supposed.

    We didn’t get to ride the balloons also lah. Get to see only! Anyway, I rode one when I was in Hong Kong! Perhaps you can try one when you go to Ocean Park.😀

  13. de elderly man is working in another coffee shop nw…I also like Moh Seng Coffee Shop very much,esp its bread..yummy!!

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