Random Notes

The brain activities hit a high note for the past few weeks. I think I must give it a rest and had to cerita a bit here.

1. I always think when it rains, chances of house break-ins or robbery would be lesser. Don’t you think so? Who wants to rob in the rain? So I guess it would be good to be raining all the time to reduce chances of theft and robberies. Just my thought. Can we ask God for more rain since He couldn’t make the useless police to stop the crimes?

2. There were so many dogs behind my house at night appearing out of nowhere. I caught them barking and snarling at the cats behind my house a few times. I managed to save the cats by pouring water at the dogs. I wasn’t so lucky once. My favorite kitten died. But I couldn’t find any puncture wounds on him as he lay dead under my sister’s car at the backyard. Maybe he was frightened to death. Yesterday, again, the stupid dogs were barking like mad at something but I didn’t bother to wake up to see what’s going on. Hence, it was another restless night.

3. I was driving on the left side of the road towards the traffic light when a car suddenly made a mad dash into my lane without indicator. I ended honking like a bloody mad woman and the car stopped, taking half of my left lane while I made a sudden curve to avoid knocking into it. Then I looked at the rear mirror, fuming, only to find that the stupid driver is actually my new office colleague who fell off her cubicle like a swatted fly just last week. Maybe the fall caused a trauma to her brain that she has to be one hell raiser on the road. Then, she tail-gated my car to the point that if I ever made an emergency break, she would bang my car rear. I think I should propose a new course in office – how to drive using brain and with courtesy. Oh, she no more wears stilettos in office and always on flip flops now.

4. Popiah seemed to be able to eat and eat and eat without getting fat. She could eat two whole plates of rice while I had to pick rice one grain at a time so I could fool my stomach that it’s full. Seriously… if I ever reincarnate into whatsoever form, grant me a high metabolism, PLEASE!!!

5. Interesting things you pick up following conversations with interesting people – Do you know that, when you eat wild boars, you should check how did the boar die before it ended on the dining table? You should get those die by gunshot because the boar was caught unaware – it was peacefully minding its own business and out of nowhere, got shot and died. So, this fella would be less tense and secrete less “stress hormones” as opposed to the one being hunted down by dogs. Hhmphh… if you think this way, I think we all ought to be vegetarian. Most animals died for the sake of feeding mankind are aware that they are going to die. Cows before slaughter would shed tears, goats too. I don’t know about sheep because they could be pretty dumb. LOL! This cerita made me think a little over the weekend. Now, looks like I am going to give up my favorite succulent beef burger. *Sob*

6. Yesterday, a colleague came over and handed me an eye pillow with lavender oil and said it was from Maybank. We ended talking about facials and what good this eye pillow can do wonders for eye bags and also sooth stressful eyes. After all the yakking about how good the eye pillow is, I slipped it in my drawer. Then only the dumbass told me, “Err… it’s for your boss”. Bloody hell! Go and cerita cerita panjang panjang and never mentioned it’s for my boss at the first place! Say lah it’s for my boss in the beginning, so I don’t have to have small talk with you out of courtesy, thinking it was for me. Bloody shit. LOL!

10 thoughts on “Random Notes

  1. Hey, if you are going to be a vegetarian, I’ll give you my biggest support! I’ve been one for almost a year now, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. Sure, it’s quite tempting when I passed by KFC but hey, human should have self-control right? When you think about it, the food only stays in your mouth for a few seconds but imagine all the sufferings it has caused to the animals, the environment and to your own karma. At the risk of sounding like a PETA activist, I am just driven by the principle “What goes around, comes around”.🙂

  2. Yin Mand: Aiyah… like that how to blog about food with meat next time in this blog ah? Haha! I should put aside my selfish and greedy needs and think of the poor suffering animals. Forgive me coz in the next post, there is gonna be one heck of animal killings for human pleasure.

  3. oh not eat meat…*sweat* but i think it’s jz how the life cycle is that each creature are created for a reason. So if we all together stop and be vegetarian, we’ll be over swarmed with too many cows, chicken or goats running around wor.

    but nonetheless, I don’t support the animal cruelty ya ….

  4. Cee: Yeah… well, a friend also shared the same argument about animals being overpopulated. Haha! No.. I don’t support animal cruelty either.. may God has mercy on the poor animals’ souls.

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