Porky Affairs at Cristang

On Wednesday night, I was invited by WL and Yip to Cristang at 8 Avenue PJ, their regular joint for a good porky meal. Yip has been a regular, dining in this place, almost twice weekly for a hearty meal of pork.

I love a good cheese burger – thick, succulent beef patty with pickled cucumber, tomatoes and generous dose of cheese. I guess a pork patty for a change would be great! Yip raved so much about the pork burger that I had dreams of pork burgers for a few nights, while waiting for porky Wednesday to arrive.

Before this dinner, I check online for the meaning of Cristang. I guess I was expecting some Portuguese mixed food since I didn’t get the spicy dose in Macau.

According to Wikipedia, The Kristang are a creole ethnic group of people of mixed Portuguese and Malaccan descent though many people of this group have Chinese, Indian and other ancestries due intermarriage.. Well, I had been to Malacca a number of times and tasted Devil’s curry a few times – that doesn’t make me an expert but I guess I would roughly know a little how Portuguese food would taste like!

We arrived at this cozy little shop at 8 Avenue before 8 pm. There were a few tables already being occupied. We didn’t expect a crowd but there were more tables occupied that night compared to other nights. They do pretty well for lunches though. Usually, only two tables are occupied at most. I guess that is because there is a promotion every Wednesday night. You get 20% off any of your choice of pork burgers! Malaysians are so damn kiasu! LOL!

Service was kinda slow because lack of staff. But the only waiter there is very courteous and tried his best to accommodate to our needs. Even the boss, Mr Gerald had to run around, made drinks and served the customers himself.

Bacon and mushroom lasagna

We pre-ordered a big pan of bacon and mushroom lasagna with 7 layers of different cheese. If you ask me, I probably don’t know if the cheeses are of 7 kinds. Most cheese taste the same to me. LOL! Anyway, this was quite a delight to tuck in. Ethan, Yip’s cute and not-so-little nephew enjoyed this and had a second helping. This dish is not on the menu. So, if you would like to try, perhaps, you may call to pre-order two days in advance for the cook to prepare the ingredients. This big pan of lasagna costs RM170.

Bacon bone ambila curry

Next on the table is the bacon bone ambila curry. WL prefers this to the usual pork ribs and said it was tastier. This dish is rather salty so it would be best to eat with rice. Oh, let me tell you about the rice. The moment the waiter served the rice on the table, you could get a whiff of very fragrant pandan leaves. I think one needs to have an acquired taste for ambila. I didn’t take a liking to it, but it was okay. RM37++ for two small servings.

We ordered honey chili chicken. It was slightly sweet. Of course! What am I saying? It’s cooked with honey, hello? I find it to be quite mediocre. RM15.80. We had the pie-tee too. Quite mediocre and the cup was not crispy enough – according to the food connoisseur Jane. RM6.80 for 5.

Yip’s favorite pork burger

Then the quarter pounder pork burgers finally arrived. They have a separate pork burger menu and labeled each type of burger like parking lot from P1 to P6. LOL. I ordered a P3 – grilled pork patty with back bacon, minced pork with chili con carne. They even have one with petai but.. I don’t think so!

Not that I had tried many pork burgers before, but this is quite delicious! I learned that the meat patty is handmade and not manufactured. I like the chilli con carne that came with it. It’s made of sambal with kidney beans, green beans and garlic, and other stuff that I could not decipher. It’s quite a mouthful and quite a delight to the taste buds. I guess it’s true when they said, if you want a good pork burger, you can come here. Yip can attest to it because he has been having pork burgers till all his colleagues and friends knew of his new obsession. Haha! RM14.90 onwards depending on which parking lot.. errr… I mean, which type of burger you order.

The pork belly vindaloo is quite tasty as well. How many times can we actually have pork with vindaloo? Most vindaloos are vegetarian based. This is a fairly new experience to me and it’s good to have it with the fragrant rice.

Cookies & Cream with oreos

We completed the dinner with two desserts – cookies and cream with oreos and banana-apple pie. Again, the cookies and cream with oreos is not on the menu yet and it’s still on experimental stage. It was a hit with the kids and adults alike. RM18.90. As for the banana apple pie, I think it has quite good stuffing but we were a little overwhelmed by so much food earlier on that we failed to savour it to our heart’s content. Perhaps, for my next visit, I would probably go for banana-apple pie ala mode! Again, I don’t think it’s on the menu. It needs to be pre-ordered and one pan is good for a family of 10. RM90.

All in all, slow service and the silly parking lot* aside, I guess this place warrants a second visit. I think I would like to have an entire pork burger to myself and no more sharing!

Cristang Restaurant
Section 8, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
B-G-19, 8 Avenue, Jalan Sungei Jerneh (8/1)
Petaling Jaya. (behind the Courts Mammoth, Wisma Thrifty)

You can check out direction and menu in facebook.

*Even if you park at the ground floor in front of the restaurant, you need to drive down to the basement to pay for your ticket before going out.

P.S. Sorry Yin Mand! I think I need longer time to consider being a vegetarian.

18 thoughts on “Porky Affairs at Cristang

  1. already salivating reading your blog today……and making me hungry liow… slurpppp. I should give this place a try especially for pork lovers like me😀

    wahlauyeh…….freaking expensive lor those pie-tees. I know the ingredients for those cups r vy cheap, only long hours sitting n doing those cups.

  2. The only place i ate pork burger b4 is at BKK’s McD. Love it very much.

    I must try this one then. But quarter pounder…so big!!

  3. Hi, thanks for little blog on Cristang, and I was very impressed with the research that you did on the Cristang people, even the writer from the HK post nor the STAR mentioned anything about our heritage in their write ups.. LOLZ… thank you, I totally appreciate the research that you did and educating people about the Malaysian Portuguese community.

    The Ambila curry is a unique dish on its own, more so when done with the original recipe, using bacon bones, which had been passed down from my great-grandfather. It will have the salty flavor, as you say, which comes from the cured bacon bones that is used, however, the menu item of Pork Rib Ambila is a permanent feature.

    The lasagna, banana apple pie and the cookies and cream are non menu items, however, cookies and cream dessert is made on the fly and can be served with alcohol or not, for your dinner, Yip requested for the non-alcoholic version.

    I also thank you for the comments that were made on the other items, we will do our best to improve on these items.

    Hope to see you again soon.🙂

  4. Kenny: It’s a working day the day after the dinner, so I cannot makan petai lah.. what if terkentut in office. Naya tau!! LOL!

    WL: Yeah.. same here too. I ate only 3 biscuits for breakfast. Haha!

    Cee: Looks like we pay for hard work lor.😀 Think so easy meh making pie tee?

    lingzie: It’s quite a delight actually.

    yip: Go lah makan some more. Make sure you get more discounts on behalf of me.

    ann: I had one also in Had yai. Nothing special also lor I find. You will like this one better. Share with your man lah.

    Gerald: Thanks for introducing the cuisine to us. I guess we don’t have to travel as far as Portugal to try these! Haha!

  5. Just a little update on the new Oreo’s cookies and cream dessert…

    I’m now serving it as individual portions… laced with peppermint liquor…🙂

  6. Gina, I think Gerald will be considering giving you a commission for this blog. If you Google “Cristang”, it’s in the 6th position in Google page! Companies will pay for such a position in Search Engines!😉

  7. Wai Ling: Yes, I think a lot of people should pay me liao since some of my makan posts ended top 10 in google. LOL! I rich lor itu macam.. in calories, that is.

  8. Wow, just stumbled upon here while doing a search on Cristang, purely in search for its pork & petai burger, refusing to believe that it’s true. And here you are confirming it! I’m so there! Everything else looks splendid too!

  9. 550ml jar of faith: Haha! Yes.. there is a petai burger on the menu. I wouldn’t wanna try it as tomorrow is a working day.. imagine peeing in the office toilet. Petais are only to be taken on weekends. LOL! Enjoy!

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  11. I guess i stumbled upon this at the right time. 20% off all pork burger on wednesday? im so there tonight. hehe. thank you for the tip off, i shall go demand my 20% discount now.🙂

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