Between 12 am to 7.45 am

12 am I got back from supper with my dear old friend at Old Town. I should not have nasi lemak as I was feeling queasy right after that. I have just recovered from an almost fever on Saturday, when I slept from 12 pm right through 7 pm, then feeling body aches all over. Should have just drank honey lemon and not my favorite Nanyang Melancholy coffee. Tsk tsk tsk.

12.15 am Went online to check some e-mails and surfing, waiting for the caffeine effect to dissipate. Spoke to equally late nightingale but she said she is off early tonight to my surprise!

12.45 am Spoke to my aunt and cousin who were still up at this hour watching tv.

1.15 am Went to bed, switch off all lights.

1.30 am Couldn’t sleep. So I woke up and read A collection of Birthday Stories by Haruki Murakami. Was reading about this old Italian grandmother who always bought a cake and waited at home for her dead husband and children who would never return and refused to give up the cake to the cleaning Puerto Rican lady when she begged for the last cake from bakeries around town for her daughter’s birthday party. And ended reading about this American girl giving her husband a sleazy birthday surprise consisting of two call girls and a dinner. You get the picture.

2 am Off all lights and trying to sleep. The whole house was darker than usual because the family has set up a mouse trap for one huge rascal we met during “Earth Hour”. We switched off all lights on Saturday with rest of the world at 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm and this rascal must have thought birthday came early. He came out – as big as a kitten and was walking gingerly around with so many family members watching tv (so much for earth hour huh? Har har! Well, at least we share one tv instead of switching on all three at one go!) and left Gas Stove screaming.

2.45 am Bloody! Bloody Hell! I still can’t sleep. I came out and turned on the tv instead. Was watching THS on diet fads. I remember Datin told me about the colon cleansing thingy. Some experts find that, such actions would induce further stress to the body.

3 am Watched “Definitely. Maybe”. It’s a movie about intertwined relationships starring Ryan Reynolds, Rachel Weiss and Isla Fisher (one super cute chick). I never really like Ryan Reynolds in any movies. He seemed overacting and I just can’t stand his face. But this movie, he was able to portray so much emotion; only using his eyes. It was such a meaningful movie. It took a span of almost 15 years, 3 relationships, a child, career advances and failures to realize that actually, the most important person in his life has been all along with him his entire life.

4.45 am Finished watching the movie. Sobbed a little at some cringing moments. Trying to get some sleep.

5.15 am In between bed tosses, I think I heard the mouse. Probably got caught in the trap. Images of the big rascal being either drown in a bucket of water, sun till it dies of thirst or suffer burns due to boiling hot water clouded my mind. Gawd.. this is really, really sad.

5.45 am Just as I was about to fall asleep, the mosque behind my house blared the solat subuh. It was actually quite comforting to listen to the azan. I tried to fall asleep again as soon as the azan was over.

6.15 am I must have fallen asleep because I dreamed of a guy that I really liked back in college days and I spoke to him in this dream. We were actually in a crisis. There was a flood and yet, he still could joke around and taking things easy. So much like him in real life. We were paddling like mad to reach higher grounds. But it didn’t take much energy because he was there to make all things seemed easy and enjoyable. Ain’t love grand?

7.45 am I was still paddling in water when the alarm clock rang.

With the lack of sleep and amount of paddling in the flood in the dreams, I hope I don’t make any errors while typing some office documents this morning. And you guys wonder, what is Monday blues?

10 thoughts on “Between 12 am to 7.45 am

  1. Gosh..and I complain sleepy eventhough I slept at 12.30am. I think I should just shut up and dun complain abt my sleepiness. Haha!!!!

  2. wet dreams isit???? try to imply by saying flooddddd…cheh. u can never “get thru me”

  3. Your alarm clock rings at 745am? Syok-nya.
    Am already driving to work around that time.😦

    Perhaps you could try reading a text book or a legal document. Sure fall asleep one…🙂

  4. LFB: I think I am gonna call it an early night tonight. Now as if, I am on high. Haha!

    Ann: I slept the whole afternoon after lunch till 6 pm… so.. no mercy on me!

    Takeshi: No lah. Can you pls stop making assumptions, assuming that I think like you, chipet?? LOL!! And your nick is getting longer and longer .. even much longer than your comment!

    zing: I will try that.. next time when I cannot sleep. Maybe should dig out my old chemistry book. That would do the trick.

  5. My internal clock is shot to bits after pulling the graveyard shift over two consecutive days…I’d like to say I slept well this morning, but did not wake up feeling rested.

    Have decided to go for a Thai Massage and pop a voltaren tonight. That should go a long way in getting my $hit back in order. Hahaha..

  6. unkaleong: I was always on graveyard shift back in college – I don’t sleep at night, chat till morning, then took the bus to college. Sleep in class. Then go back home after lunch and sleep till evening. LOL! Now, normally I cannot last till 2 am. I slept the entire weekend becoz I was not feeling well. So, that explains the insomia.

    Cee: Only when I overslept in the afternoon on weekends lor. I should refrain myself from taking afternoon naps. But staying home usually is inevitable. I slept at 9.30 pm last night. LOL!

  7. Blame it on the damned coffee my dear…. ahahahaha….. but it sure is an interesting way to spend a sleepless nite… If not, we wouldn’t be having a good laugh over this blog … But the ‘you know what’ the size of the kitten ain’t so funny tho!!!!!!! So, did he get drowned, sunned or boiled?

  8. shorthorse: Yes.. the damn coffee! LOL! Anyway, the rat the size of a kitten didnt even get caught! Haha! At night, we still listen to him shouting “V for Vendetta” but we never caught him. We have a little Osama at home.

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