Alternative Healing

I am cynical when it comes to health. I believe in science and always urge friends who have problems to go to the rightful doctors and get whatever-it-is fixed. Whenever people come telling me about “kuat sa” or cupping to suck bad blood out from the blood circulation, I remain apprehensive.

A colleague in office had been buying all sorts of “energy healing” pendants or drinking foul smell broth for her failing health. I would just roll my eyes whenever she mentioned to me about her latest purchases of energy pendants or stones or whatsoever. I think her problem is probably all in the mind. If she stops thinking about it, perhaps go for the right diet and exercise, get some fresh air, I think she would recover.

Recently, my third aunt is suffering a burning sensation on top of her right breast which made her very difficult to breathe. Thinking it might be a sign of an impending heart attack, she went to Ipoh specialist and spent about RM600 just to get the pain diagnosed. The doctor ended concluding that it was a false alarm and asked if she would like to do another check up but the cost would go up to thousands of ringgit and maybe, if need to do a by pass, it would cost RM10k just to clear up one artery in the heart. She decided to seek alternative medicine.

She found out that she actually has some sort of “psoriasis” which is a  type of skin disease. If not treated earlier, she would have died.

She went to seek help from this old lady in one old temple in Kuala Sepetang. The old lady used a red dye and applied all over her right breast to the arm pit while chanting some mantras. The red dye had to be applied under the sun for maximum results. So, it was really ridiculous to think about bearing your right breast in view of the gods in the temple and under the sun. You would also be apprehensive someone might even peep at you during the process.

Uncomfortable aside, she was advised not to wash the clothes she was wearing during the treatment and forbidden to take bath for the day. She may take bath the next few days but she was warned not to wash the clothes on her back for 3 days but to keep them aside.

Miraculously, she was healed. So much for the thousands of ringgit of diagnosis and RM10k onwards for a bypass, huh?

This inadvertently reminds me of a method I used whenever I have an eye infection. If my left eye has infection, I would tie a black thread with 7 knots on the middle finger on my right middle finger. You repeat the same to your left middle finger if you have infection on your right eye. Miraculously, the infection would be contained in a matter of hours, almost immediately! Till today, I don’t understand how it works but it sure help me to save money from going to the doctors.

I was told that, my late grandfather practiced some sort of magic. Whenever my aunts (my mom and her sisters) complained about having a headache, instead of rubbing with menthol oil or minyak angin, my late grandfather would rubbed his fingers gently on the temple of the affected head, chant some mantras on a nail and nail it on the wooden stand of the lamp post. And the pain would immediately go away miraculously.

Spooky huh? Or was it purely psychological?

6 thoughts on “Alternative Healing

  1. i have heard of such stories too… particularly when chinese has this thing called “seh” (snake)…. only alternative medicine can heal… strange but through eh?

  2. jasmine: I think no kua.. I better check with my aunt. LOL!

    : I think western medicines don’t even know what is “seh” and they thought it was some kind of skin disorder which is mild.. but it’s not! Strange.. but true.

  3. I also have a friend who bought a ‘wonder pendent’ made from volcanic ash and wore it round her neck, goes to bed with it, place it under her cup of tea, etc. She actually believes in it. All because of the ‘show’ during the promo at a hotel.

  4. hehe i remember my experience of the two remedies when i was small – the knot in middle finger and that strange cure for psoriasis done with some chanting and a wok cover over my head.

  5. fishtail: The volcano ash seller must be rich! What show? You know, this colleague brought the pendant to office, she filled a glass with water and place the pendant at the bottom of the glass, put a needle in. Instead of sinking, the needle floats. So all of them bought the bloody pendant. LOL.

    abbot: Ah… yeah.. I think it’s the same thing huh? But at least you don’t have to be naked. Haha.

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