Then and Now

1. Then, I used to be a worry wart (now also, just a bit lesser). That is why I was an insomniac when I was younger. I used to go through the whole night without sleeping, only to feel sleepy in the morning and slept in the afternoon. I was a vampire! Now, the moment my head touch the pillow, within 7-8 minutes, I am already in dream land.

2. Then, whenever my pants were getting too tight, I would be worrying already. I would start to eat lesser and perhaps, stop taking dinner and in two weeks, I could feel the pants are loose again. Now, whenever my pants feel tight, I just go out and buy new pairs. This is very bad.

3. Then, friends who knew me since college witnessed before my wandering eyes while having meals. I could be talking to you but I never looked at you because my eyes were too busy cuci mata. LOL! Now, I couldn’t be bothered who walked past till someone mentioned it to me, “Look at the leng chai!”

4. Then, I used to buy a lot of toiletries and supplements for my pimpled face. I think you could find the entire pharmacy in my house. Tea tree oil, oxy, zinc supplements, evening primrose oil, fish oil and any other products that promise to get rid of your pimples, you could find it in my house! I gave up after I failed to do anything to improve my skin conditions. Now, I only make do with one facial wash and moisturizer and the face is fine (Thanks to Jovy, my beautician).

5. Then, I had no restraint in expressing my anger. For the slightest reason, I just blew up. I don’t care how you feel. I couldn’t be bothered if I had wrong you and whatever damage I might have caused. Now, whenever someone pisses me off, I try my best to suppress my anger before I say anything. So, if my anger get better hold of me and I blast at you, you must have done something really, really grave to aggravate me.

6. Then, I am very sarcastic and never mince my words. I don’t care what you think. Now, I am still sarcastic but it depends on how much I really care about the person or the problem to voice out my opinion. Otherwise, I don’t give a shit.

7. Then, I always felt restless if I don’t get out from the house at least once a week. Now, I could stay home, not going anywhere for weeks. Somebody is getting homely!

8. Then, I could discipline myself going for morning walks or swimming sessions when I was in college without fail. Now, I keep procrastinating my exercise routine. Wait a minute, what exercise routine? (Maybe also because worry for safety. Who wants to go for morning walks when possibility of getting robbed by just getting out from your house is so high?)

9. Then, I have many drinking friends but not enough alcohol to go around. Now, I have many bottles of Absolut Vodkas and Jack Daniels at home but not many friends to drink with. Friends are either having liver problems, migrated, turned over a new leaf or get wasted in another way – they got married. LOL!

10. Then, I don’t believe in second chances. Now, I still don’t believe in second chances.

8 thoughts on “Then and Now

  1. i njoy reading this post. the older v get, the lesser v “kpc” about many things, only got the strength for things and people that v care. haha.

    Don’t believe in second chances? Mayb u r right, once bitten, twice shy. But do take a look at this video, very inspiring.

    sorry ya, i’m young, but so cheong hei! hehe

  2. Being cheong hei is good mah.. at least we get the message across. If cheong hei still tak faham, itu yang susah nya. Haha!

    Thanks for sharing the video. Wish my late friend could see it. She committed suicide 4 years ago.

  3. Wow… you are becoming wiser and wiser by the day it would appear…. good for you my friend…. My white hair count is getting bigger & bigger but the wisdom factor has yet to materialise… hmmmmmph..

  4. shorthorse: No lah. I don’t know but I think I have always been quite mature since young till people say I am “Lou Yan Jing”. Hahha! There is a difference between being childish and child-like. You just happened to be child-like and that is a good quality to have, actually! Less worries, more fun, more optimistic. Haha.

  5. “Now, whenever my pants feel tight, I just go out and buy new pairs.”

    Ha ha! I love this!

    This justifies all the shopping I can do!!!🙂

  6. That is a funny and interesting post, Gina. Very meaningful as well. I thought of writing something like that for quite sometime now, was lazy then and is still lazy now :o) Maybe one day. If that day will ever come.

  7. Yip: Eh.. you never put on weight also. Still macam model. Why buy more new clothes leh? Haha!

    Ai Shiang
    : Thanks. Haha! Sometimes, I think my life is a big circus. Wonder how long more it is to continue being a clown.

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