Kuala Lumpur's Finest

As I was driving to the hokkien char place behind Tawakal Hospital near Bulatan Pahang, I already thought of the title of the blog post – Kuala Lumpur’s Finest.

I don’t really try a lot of hokkien char around Kuala Lumpur but, this is my usual haunt if I want a good hokkien char. The one I had in Petaling Street eons ago did not come close to this one. And last night, it tasted just as good. So, I guess I could safely say that, this is the finest hokkien char I ever had in Kuala Lumpur.

File picture from 2005

A fine hokkien char by my definition is that the noodles are not too sticky, it has no chlorinated smell (yellow noodles usually smell chlorinated), not watery smell, generous amount of pork lard, slices of pork, vege and prawns. Eventhough the serving is super oily, the good taste supersedes the oiliness…it tricks the brains so that it could bypass our gag reflex of not wanting to eat something oily. Heh!

Over hokkien char, we spoke of many things and shared some jokes that sent us into horrendous laughing fits. Seriously, it’s good to be able to laugh out loud sometimes to release some stress. Haha!

Everyone in the group except me of course, tried to shape up by going to the gym (this is a group of gay men, so what do you expect??), hoping one day they would be as good looking as models. Well, Datin claimed that he had bypassed the phase. What’s more important now is that, we all should be taking care of our health. Take our bodies as a machine. If we want these machines to run longer and more efficiently, we gotta do maintenance all the time. Yeah right! Talk about maintaining health over a plate of fried hokkien char laden with pork lard, fried fish cake, deep fried calamari, lor mee, pork paste soup and stir fried lala with chili padi! Not so appropriate eh? Haha! Ok. We will exercise.. tomorrow.

Tong Kee’s finest egg tarts

After the sinfully delicious dinner, we went to the “mothership” (datin’s house) for some drinks. I bought along some Tong Kee’s egg tarts and char siew sou. Again, I could safely say, these are the finest egg tarts in Kuala Lumpur. I think since we don’t have Lord Stow’s egg tarts here, this would suffice to appease my cravings till I visit Macau again! So, there goes our so called “maintenance” for our bodies. We were also treated with some delicious Arnott’s cookies from Melbourne. Datin baked some really nice wheat bread with cream cheese and apricots. He’s one heck of talented person! And even made my mom some ready-to-cook sauce made from chillis, prawns, minced scallops and turkey ham!

Wheat bread in sesame seed with cream cheese and apricots

When I got home, I washed down all the goodies with a capful of Glögg. I know it’s a winter drink.. but what the heck! Another finest all the way from Norway, courtesy from Sailor boy.

I think I shall sleep the day away today and dream dreams. For me, this is definitely a damn fine weekend!

P/S We will miss you, Ryne!

11 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur's Finest

  1. Wah, big and nice photos of some delicious looking bakery! Luckily we just had some hong kong style bakery for afternoon tea or else I’ll be kissing my screen lor (especially those egg tarts) :o)

  2. Hahahah!! Yeah! Don’t say. I am salivating thinking of the crunchy crust and not-too-sweet filling. I think I am going downstairs to make myself some coffee then proceed to look at these pics and lick the screen. Haha!

  3. oh i love this hokkien char! too bad i didn’t go very often when i was studying in KL. must make it a point to visit this place again!:)

    i’m back with Koi Kei portugese egg tarts! so glad they survived the flight back!

  4. Ann: You like to eat oily stuff yet still so skinny one? Haha!

    lingzie: Lucky you didn’t go there often or else you end up having weight problem. Hahah! Aiseh… not Koi Kei Portuguese egg tarts you should be getting lah.. it’s Lord Stow’s! Koi Kei’s taste like our King’s egg tarts only.. and King’s only RM1.30 each and Koi Kei’s cost MOP7!!

  5. aiks! i was making it a point to look for lord stow’s egg tarts but its in taipa right? we stayed near senado square and so was surrounded by koi kei and cheong heong yuen!!

  6. lingzie: Lord Stow’s in Corleone. Taipa is famous for the pork chop bun!😀 Never mind lah.. go some other time again to sample! There is this shop – St Paulos. I think their almond cookies are so much better. They have one whole nut in each cookie and it’s very fragrant.😀

  7. Edmund JP: Eh? I mentioned it’s behind Tawakal Hospital mah. You just take the Pahang roundabout towards Tawakal hospital, keep left. Then you see Caltex on your left hand side, a lorong separated the petrol station and Tawakal Hospital. Don’t turn in there. Go to the second turning to the left where rows of mechanic shop on your right. Find parking. There is a mamak shop at the end on your left. The stall is just opposite the mamak shop. Go before 7 pm. After 7.30 pm, the place will be jammed packed. Closed on Wednesdays.

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