Crowning Glory

Dreamin' of Adam Lambert

I was telling my friend a dream I had about Leslie Cheung many years ago when he performed live in Kuala Lumpur. I dreamed that he was my classmate. I was sitting alone in class when he came in and sat beside me. I asked him why he didn’t choose other seats because the class was empty and he had to sit beside me. (Yeah, back then, I was also quite anal and stuck up). Yet, he smiled at me and took a whiff of my hair. He said he liked the smell of my hair. LOL! This dream occurred in 1988, 21 years ago but the scene is still very vivid in my mind!

For people who knew me the longest, they know that I am not adventurous at all when it comes to hair styling. I always have short hair and occasionally, when my feminine moods strike, I would keep long hair. There was once in college, I kept my hair for 2 years without cutting at all. The hair grown past the shoulder length, then I did the unthinkable. I went to perm it. LOL. It was quite disastrous.

I think I only perm my hair 3x in my life this far. Once when I was 2 or 3 years old, my aunt decided to perm my hair despite my mom objecting furiously. I ended up looking like a little hippie. Another time was my aunt used me as a model to learn a new hair styling technique and I ended having this very curly maggi mee styled hair which I hated! I think the hair didn’t even last a month because I insisted to cut it all off. The third time was in college as described in the above paragraph.

When I was in primary school, my mom always tied my hair to two pony tails. My form teacher always complained that I have two brooms sticking out from my head. Sometimes I wonder since when do teachers have a say on how a student should wear their hair? (Not unless you are in Chinese private school where all students’ hair should not be over their ear lobes! That includes females.)

And, because of the stupid remark, my hair went shorter and shorter. Once, my hair was so short that I looked like a convict. I didn’t know what’s got into my aunt’s mind that day when she cut my hair. Everybody asked if I was going to join another friend, who so happened had her head shaven before going to India. My hair was just an inch away to becoming a skinhead.

Then, in secondary school, because of Aaron Kwok, everybody’s hair was parted in the middle. Of course, I didn’t follow the hair style. I would look ridiculous. But I was always very generous in using hair gel, mousse, oil, cream, spray – whatever I could get from the shelf that would give the hair strong hold. I think if there is a typhoon blowing in my school with everything ended up in disarray; the hair would still be immaculately in place! I didn’t understand why the school banned the use of gel. I just like my hair to be neat, so I defied all rules on using gel in school. But I was never caught because I was such a teacher’s pet. LOL!

I think my best hair days would probably sometime around 2004. That was the party going time. And of course, I actually looked good because I exercised. LOL! Perhaps, when you exercise, other than having the feel good hormones endorphin excreted excessively, your hair would tend to be healthier too? Is there a connection?

Now? I don’t know what is wrong with my hair. It is getting curlier each day even without perming. Sometimes I would wake up in the morning having dragon ball hair without use of gel or hair spray. It was as if the hair has a mind of its own, and everyday it would end up having new styles, unfortunately not at all flattering. I envy people who could have out-of-bed look so effortlessly good.

Talking about hair, I want to rave about Adam Lambert’s  thick hair. I think his raven black hair suits him more than his natural strawberry blonde. I think rockers of all times generally have black hair? Look at Elvis Presley! He dyed his hair (and also chest hair!) black too!

Speaking of that, don’t forget to watch the finale of American Idol tonight and also tomorrow morning! Adam Lambert rocks!

12 thoughts on “Crowning Glory

  1. You know what I lurve abt you ….. your ability to laugh at ROCK baby …!!!!! I too hate perming my hair … the texture of my hair is hard & when its permed it takes on a stiff hardwire look…. not at all like the luscious hair that bounces away in the ads that they show on tv … so not much option for me there too…😦 So, the solution… have kept it short short short & sassy …. never looked back since …

    YES YES … tonite’s THE nite… YAY … GO ADAM GO!!!!

  2. lol……and also the ability to end a blog with whats on your mind now….”ADAM LAMBERT”!! Wishing him luck….cos nowadays when it comes down to reality show, it’s all about popularity babe….who’s more likeable too… >.<)Y

  3. shorthorse: Haha! Yeah.. it makes this life more humourous mah and also, easier to live for many more years to come. Ability to laugh at yourself is the best thing one person could have. It makes it easier to accept one own shortcomings. Eh you look like Sylvia Chang, irregardless of hair style!

    Cee: Hahaha! Wah.. you can read my mind also. Since Sunday, I have been makan Adam, tidur Adam, mandi Adam, berak Adam… everything in my mind now is Adam, Adam, Adam… sigh. It wasn’t so bad when I was in my teens swooning over Leon Lai and Leslie Cheung. Mid life crisis?

  4. so, when is yr next feminine mood gonna strikes u again?? lol. nice cartoon wor…kanasai betul. lol.

  5. Kakaka… excellent cartoon…. TRY TRY la Adam’s hairstyle… make sure you grow your fringe extra long & let it fall over your eyes … then you can seal it in place with your favorite GEL! Ahahahahahhaha🙂 …

    So it’s set eh? We all have a date in front of the idiot box tonite …

  6. I had my hair permed to follow Aaron’s stylo. Muahaha…those were the days;) The most adventurous thing i’ve done is gone bald. Though this was when DigiCam’s cost an arm and a leg, hence no pics😦

  7. shorthorse: I think I shall go to the Jinjang area there and tell the si tao por.. I want this hair style, then show her Adam’s hair. LOL!!!

    : Wah… you also quite vain ah? LOL!

  8. Wow, you can remember a dream back so long ago? Impressive. Leslie Chung must be your idol back then huh?

    Having said that I do remember a dream I had back in primary school. Bizarre dream I still remember now but it was a bit messy, didn’t make sense and hard to put in as a story, maybe that’s why it’s still in my head :o)

  9. ai shiang: Who doesn’t like Leslie Cheung? Haha! I think he was okay till he was spotted with long hair and wear a dress. Haha! Who can forget a dream like that which involved a star? I dreamed of Wan Siu Loon came to my house to have lunch – my mom was the most excited one. Then I dreamed I flew across the sky with Leon Lai. LOL! All these many years ago lah.

  10. LOL, wah, you dreamt about all the famous people huh? My dreams are always weird and hard to explain. Unfortunately those people I dislike like to pop up in my dreams :o) But of course not 100% of the time. I would wake up cursing here and there! Those dreams that really made me sweat were when I dreamt about having to sit for SPM and I had not studied yet! SPM was so long ago and still it kept coming back to me.

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