Adam Lambert’s Day

I shall declare today as my personal Adam Lambert’s Day. I was not able to work the entire day. Since morning, I was obsessed. I think everyone should know by now that Kris Allen is the newly crowned American Idol for Season 8.

We, the fans of Adam Lambert couldn’t be happier! We wouldn’t want Adam Lambert to be singing the stupid coronation song in his debut album! I think if Adam wins, he probably gonna shoot himself in his foot and give the title to Kris.

I googled the internet for some feedback on the really, really bad song that Kara wrote. Poor thing. I think her days as a song writer are over. Here are some of the funny ones I found from fellow commentators:-

“I’m angry and bitter! Along with millions of others, I’ve been mesmerized by Adam. He’s already larger than life. And I wanted him to go out with a BANG! But making him sing “No boundaries” was like putting sour milk in the gas tank of a Ferrari! Whoever wins, I feel sorry for them. What an awful “song” to hope to start a career with! It’s not even a song. My dog could have written it.”

“Obviously, this one was the worst. It was a horrible experience to see Adam and Kris singing this. I am an absolute fanatic for Adam, but I almost could not vote for him, imagining ‘No Boundaries’ as a single, his single. I imagined googling him and that song coming up, I imagined going on iTunes and seeing that song, I imagined hearing it at the finale tonight, I imagined hearing it sung at the end of the Idol Tour concert. It was all just so horrible. I spent an hour and eight minutes debating with my sister whether I should vote for Kris instead of Adam so Adam did not have to be saddled with that song.”


Anyway, when I got home for lunch just now, my mom asked me in hokkien, “En dao ba iya ah?” (Hokkien: The handsome guy won?)

I told her, “No”

Then she was visibly frustrated and said, “Ah?? Eyeh pah piano eh iya ah?” (Hokkien: The guy who played the piano won?)

I said, “Yes”

She echoed the sentiment of almost everyone’s. Adam Lambert should have won.

But I explained to her otherwise.

Since morning, I have been telling my colleague that I want Kris Allen to win. She was puzzled because I am such a Glambert! (New term for Adam Lambert’s fans). I said, after watching the show last night, I hope Adam doesn’t win because, I don’t want him to get stuck with the stupid song in his debut album.

Seriously, for those of you who managed to watch the live telecast yesterday when Kris Allen was belting out, “No Boundaries” co written by the most obnoxious judge – Kara Dioguardi, he sounded like a chicken at the verge of being wring to death. Perhaps, Kris himself was praying hard for a major power failure that instant so he could just run away and hide.

Whatever it is, we know who the real winner is. This “winner” touches the heart of many fans across the world, not only in America. I guess I would stick to my gun regarding not watching a single episode of American Idol ever again in the future because I believe, there can only be ONE iconic and extraordinary Adam Lambert in the whole wide world.

Now, please excuse me. I am going to buy myself some black nail polish, eye liner and print a t-shirt- “My Doctor says I have Glambertitis.” Isn’t this cool?? Hehe! Forgive me for gushing like a school girl… seriously, I can’t help it. I am star struck.

Read also We’re Live Blogging American Idol Finale by Jim Cantielo here and check out the last paragraph.

13 thoughts on “Adam Lambert’s Day

  1. damn it gina! I was waiting till the weekend to watch the finals! So much for keeping away from the news. Who knew you are such a big fan! Anyway i am a kris fan hehe although i wouldnt be too bothered if adam had won.

  2. Kat, sorry lah. I thought UK got the same coverage as the US mah. Starworld, Astro has live telecast some more.. but didn’t get to watch till last night coz needed to work. l wasn’t such a fan till end of last week, I was too free so I watched the marathon on astro.. and was instantly addicted to Adam Lambert. That guy is seriously good!

  3. Yea thanks for Glambertizing me. LOL. You spreading the Glambertitis virus everyway gal. I have no way to hide from it *shakes fist in air*. But it was fun sharing your passion and joy on this.

    Thanks for sharing it with me😉

  4. Kleio: I think I should do sales. I am so convincing. LOL! Thanks a lot for sharing with me too!

    zik: I love having Glambertitis condition, never mind the pain.

    : Hmmph.. is that a dare? Maybe not getting those words tattoo lah. Maybe get a tattoo of ‘Udjat’ or Eye of Horus like what Adam has on his right wrist now. Hehehe!

  5. I’m 49 years old, Indonesian woman, live in Jakarta.
    I’m so sure since the begining that I have GLAMBERTITIS. And I’m proud of it.

    You, American, should give me the answer: “Is Kris the American Idol” or just “American Everage”?

    Kris is a good singer, looks nice, polite, and likeable.
    But I’m sure that Adam Lambert is not just the “American Idol” because he is the “World Idol”.

    Congrets for Kris Allen and Adam Lambert.

  6. widya: Sorry, I am from Kuala Lumpur. I still think Kris Allen is a victorious winner and I wish him best of luck in years to come. He’s talented in his own way and genre. I prefer Adam Lambert to steer his own course in the music industry rather than being controlled by the money crazy producers at the Fox. It’s a win-win for both.

    Kenny: I saw this in one of the articles covering American Idol Season 8 finale and find it really, really funny! Well, I almost missed the entire season also but I managed to catch up during marathon the week before the finale.. and I contracted Glambertitis!

  7. Hey.. thanks for the link girl to the blog explaining Adam’s wrist tattoo…. really really cOoL!!!!!!

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