Staying True

Well, I just finished reading another great book from Haruki Murakami – What we talk about when we talk about running. A memoir.

I am not going to review about this book. I just would like to share with you some spot on paragraphs found in this book.

“And now here I am living in this unimaginable world. It feels really strange, and I can’t tell if I’m fortunate or not. Maybe it doesn’t matter. For me – and for everybody else, probably – this is my first experience growing old, and the emotions I’m having, too, are all first-time feelings. If it were something I’d experienced before, then I’d able to understand it more clearly, but this is the first time, so I can’t. For now all I can is put off making any detailed judgments and accept things as they are. Just like I accept the sky, the clouds, and the river. And there’s also something kind of comical about it all, something you don’t want to discard completely.”

“But in real life things don’t go so smoothly. At certain points in our lives, when we really need a clear-cut solution, the person who knocks at our door is, more likely than not, a messenger bearing bad news. It isn’t always the case, but from experience I’d say the gloomy reports far outnumbered the others. The messenger touches his hand to his cap and looks apologetic, but that does nothing to improve the contents of the message. It isn’t the messenger’s fault. No good to blame him, no good to grab him by the collar and shake him. The messenger is just conscientiously doing the job his boss assigned him. And this boss? That would be none other than our old friend Reality.”

How do these two paragraphs ring true to you?

Sometimes when life is good and happening, it’s always too good to be true. As we may be happy that things are finally going our way, but we also should be ready to accept it when good things are abruptly taken away from us. Even the brightest stars in the sky would fade over time. Even the most beautiful and famous actress would grow old and grey. Yet, most of us are still too clingy and refuse to let go.

Sometimes, when reality catches up with us, we do not know how to react. We blame God. We blame others. But we never blame ourselves.

When reality hits us, then only we scramble out from our comfort zones and start to think hard. Till then, would it be too late? We hope we could foresee before reality strikes but not all of us are that lucky. So, we have to be prepared all the time. Do not let our guards down.

If reality strikes, we prepare to embrace it – like it or not. We mitigate. We try to do everything we can to return things to normalcy. After all, we humans are creatures of habits. Is there something call normalcy when reality had struck, especially bad ones? I guess the definition of normalcy depends on individual’s perception.

When reality does strike, we may be lost for a moment of time. We may be lost longer than we expected. But that doesn’t mean we have lost ourselves. We must not give up. For the time being, we just need to stay true to ourselves and cultivate an understanding of who we actually are.

3 thoughts on “Staying True

  1. We spend our whole lives telling ourselves that everything happens for a reason when in reality it is we who gives reasons to everything that happens. A nice write-up and I totally can relate to your perspective🙂

  2. Hello Gina, nice, interesting post.
    I have always believed, to live our lives with no excuses, to love with no regrets.
    Life is a challenge, meet it.
    Life is a song, sing it.
    Life is a dream, realize it.
    Life is a game, play it.
    Life is love, enjoy it.

    Then again, live your life like there’s no tomorrow.
    And when tomorrow comes, you will know you have had your yesterdays.

    You keep a song in your heart and have a pleasant week, best regards, Lee.

  3. Wei Han: If all the reasons you given yourself are good, then by all means. But don’t get carried away and be delusional. Heheh! Thanks.

    Uncle Lee:
    Thank you for the words of encouragement.

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