Million Stars and Fireflies

Last Sunday night, everybody in the family was feeling restless. It was a hot and humid night, despite the shallow rain. I was surfing the internet while the rest of the family hogged the tv watching some Astro’s singing competition.

I waited for my cousin sis to buy me some sweet corn from the pasar malam. It’s almost like a Sunday night ritual. Sweet corn, Taiwanese sausage or popiah – sometimes a combination of two when I don’t have a proper dinner.

When cousin came back with the sweet corn, we huddled in front of the tv, regardless of what’s shown and munch the goodies away. What a comfort zone!

Bamboo hut

Then, I thought of the orang asli settlement area somewhere in Gombak that I went visiting briefly that morning. Most of them are still living in some bamboo or wooden huts. As it was a cloudy morning, it was a pleasant walk. As I strolled around their kampong, the villagers were ever generous with their smiles. It’s a good feeling to be welcomed to a place where skin colors , political ideologies, social status, etc do not matter.

Friendly Kiddo

I bumped into a friendly kid and I persuaded him to strike a pose for me to take a picture. He obliged willingly.

I didn’t stay long as we are going to other places as well.

I couldn’t help but wonder how these people live in their simple world of small huts with basic amenities. Well, I did spot an Astro satellite dish in one of the houses though. Hehe! I guess some of the more advanced houses have electricity while others still do not have.

Even the cats are friendly!

I look back at my own life and felt ashamed that I complained about the petty things – weather, the taste of abundant and good food, internet is moving too slow, too many old and lousy movies on Astro, Astro is not working because of the bloody rain, Air Asia not having sale to the places I wanna go (haha!), my fridge magnets got confiscated, etc.

We should be grateful with what we have.

Except this one ganas Kitty!

On the contrary, perhaps, the orang asli are laughing at us for using most of our salaries to pay for escalating costs of amenities when they get their water for free from the flowing river. They get to breathe in the freshest air in KL without air purifier! And they have fewer diseases like hypertension or diabetes because they work out a lot in the woods and live stress-free, longer and more contented lives than all of us combined? And while we moan and groan when electricity is cut off for a few hours, they are happy in the company of a million stars and fire flies every night?

7 thoughts on “Million Stars and Fireflies

  1. i like the kitties!!
    even the ganas looking one. lol
    just saw a very cute and chubby tabby cat in the backseat of a kembara.
    the owner taking the cat out for a drive me thinks!

    but back to the main topic at hand… i do wonder how my life would be if it were simpler, with fresher air and no electricity. it sounds nice, but i wonder if this spoilt city girl will really be able to get used to it?!

  2. I like the shots you took. There are some subtle-ness about them and the colours are rich. Very nice indeed. I especially love those cats. How come the cats were so obedient, sitting there for you to take their photos? Where is Gombak by the way?

  3. lingzie: The ganas kitty was very pissed becoz I disturb it sleeping. Hahaha! The kitty heard “click” then she was startled then gimme pissed off look. LOL! I think.. I cannot live without internet for a week lor.. will be bored to death.

    ai shiang: Thanks! Been trying to use manual mode in my camera. Maybe by luck the settings give the subtlety and rich colors you were talking about. Haha! Oh… speaking of the cats, I was actually taking their photos from afar coz I didn’t want to scare them. Then my two friends hogged the kitties in front of me… very near. I was surprised they didn’t run away. So when the two were done, I slowly knelt nearer to them to take. I was very surprised they didn’t budge! Lucky shot! Gombak is somewhere in Selangor, going to Bentong Pahang. The route where a lot of cyclists practise cycling.

    : Yeah! These two are exceptional lah.

  4. It does seem silly, doesn’t it? That we work so hard to earn more money, and spend so much money on silly things, when the basics that give us joy is there for taking if we truly want it…

    That kid seems happy, happier than most of us are…🙂

  5. The grass always appear greener on the other side? Yes, there is the novelty of forgetting about it all, and going back to basics, but after a while, it’s also a hard life… and don’t forget, probably not enough supply of books to read, get up at the crack of dawn, etc. Still, a short break for such a life may not be a bad idea, eh?🙂

  6. Kenny: Sometimes having convenience save a lot of time, then our minds tend to be idle and having weirdest thoughts! Haha!

    zing: Yeah, I guess so. It’s good to take a short break, then go and see how other people live and admire them for their resilience and simple way looking at life.

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