Melaka Revisited

Jalan-Jalan di Melaka

Melaka has always been one of my favorite places to go every year. I like the old charm that exudes from every little corner in the small town, the camaraderie of people from all walks of life and parts of the planet, how worship places are situated along the same small lorong, flanked by century old buildings with pork sellers, restaurants, little knick knack shops, etc cropping at rare intermediary lots. I just love old Melaka!

Religious. Almost every houses has one!

Last weekend, I made a trip down to Melaka to attend some function. At the same time, I took a walkabout the place. I guess the heat must have gotten me a little under the weather. I suffered “controllable” diarrhea. Haha! If you notice, there is no such thing as “controllable” diarrhea, but this was it. Every time I go to the bathroom, I had to go big. It was really uncomfortable.

The houses have red lanterns too!

However, this time, I managed to try the Poh Piah Lwee which I missed in my previous trip. After all the big hoo hah over it, I decided to try it this time. The popiah skin is slightly too thick for my liking. The fillings however caught me by surprise. It came with generous serving of lard. The first bite was quite a put off due to the thick popiah skin, but subsequent bites were more pleasant and I ended liking it because presence of pork lard and siew yok smell. It is nothing like the normal popiah I had before! For those who dislike parsley, please let them know in advance!

Gold smith street

Another new gem I found in this trip is the nasi lemak sold at the end of the Jonker’s Walk. It came in a small basket like the ones sold at old town but this one only cost RM4.50! Such a good buy considering it came with a piece of ayam rendang!

It was exhilarating to come to Melaka at night instead of the normal one day trip. We got there on Friday night and took night shots. It was unbelievably dumb of me to even forget my tripod! Most of the night shots were taken without tripod, so forgive the shaky hands. Lesson no. 1 – never ever forget the tripod. It’s your best friend for night shots.

A deserted Jalan Tukang Emas at  1 am

Well, I guess for this post, I just let some pictures do the talking. (actually, I am lazy to write long, long post lah! Haha!)

All Bottled up

View from Geographers on setting up of Jonker’s Walk

Taking a nap in the sweltering heat

16 thoughts on “Melaka Revisited

  1. aiyah… you went last weekend!!! Should had gone with you, it is my fav place too… esp for the photography opportunity and FOOD… and FOOD… and MORE FOOD!!!

  2. Kenny: You are not being bias. For me, I also love Taiping not only it’s my hometown, but it also has lots to offer!

    Edmund JP
    : Ah.. tell me earlier mah. Hehe. Can always go anytime coz its very convenient. I have no problem showing you around what to eat lah since makan-makan is my expertise. Haha!

    ai shiang: It’s been on my frequent travel trip.😀 You must make it a point to go there.

  3. nice pics altho typical of your style…lol. melaka is a cool place to be and i must make a point to stay onvernite. i m not sure tho, about the taman arab these malay ultras from umno r putting up, juz like those many ARABIC garden enclaves sprouted up in KL….i really dunno the significance and relevance of it to our malaysian community…hehe. better balik tongsan.

  4. eh where is this poh piah? ive been hearing a lot abt melaka poh piah.:)

    when i was there a few years back, i chanced upon a roadside stall selling poh piah (fried and fresh version)
    we tried the fried was lovely!!! but i cant remember where it was…only remember the stall was in front of a 4D shop and it was ard jonker walk area.

    time to go back for a makan trip! lol

  5. takeshi: Yeah… “my style”. Haha! Anyway ah.. apa Arab village you talking about? I don’t know.. I never bother lah to find out all those “created” kampong one. I still stick to just Jonker’s Walk and the Stadhuys enough to keep me interested and of course, the Ujong Pasir Portuguese settlement.😀

    lingzie: It’s at the end of Jonker’s Walk. If not mistaken, somewhere near a church which function as a school. Hehehe! I didn’t take picture because I was just too tired.

  6. No Portugese food this time? :)
    Yeah, a lot of nooks and crannies for that extra special photo shot! Night feel is certainly different, and luckily safe enough, eh?

  7. i tried the popiah too… but i am not a parsley lover but guess it went ok with the lard😛

    btw. heard of another better popiah around madam king’s at jalan bunga raya… must go compare.

  8. zing: It’s generally quite safe at night. A lot of photographers carrying tripod up and down everywhere we went, so I guess it’s a normal scene at night, and less cars and distractions.

    : We shall make a trip.😀

    Ann: Thanks.:)

    zewt: You can see makan pics in other posts under the tag Melaka.. especially the chicken rice ball. Haha.

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