Sex Dreams

For the past few weeks, I have been having wild dreams. Yeah, it has something to do with sex. (That also explains why I am exhausted. LOL!)

Dream #1

An elderly gentleman, probably in his 50s wanted my hand in marriage. He’s a very short man with thick glasses and always wore immaculate suit. In the dream, he was wearing this black suit with a bow tie and spotted a very bad comb over hair.

I was disgusted. I didn’t want to marry him.

He pursued me relentlessly and hugging me and begging me to marry him. I wiggled away from his embrace. He managed to hold on to me again and started shoving … uhm… his genital (with his pants on) on my crotch. I couldn’t remember if I am turned on or not but then, I wiggled away again and ran as fast as I could.

Devastated, he quickly married another girl. Then only I realized that, he was actually a Nobel Prize winner for some chemical formulation (hence, his thick glasses and weirdness) and filthy rich.

I felt a pang of regret when I woke up. LOL!

P.S. I don’t know who is old bugger is. I never saw him in my life.

Dream #2

I was on a trip to Bali and then was at the airport. The immigration officers wanted to arrest me because I didn’t pay the fee for custom clearance. I put up a fight and claimed that others didn’t pay as well, I was merely following the group.

Then, I was let go and then sat somewhere (no longer in an airport) with my luggage and my group of friends. Strange thing is that, this group of friends was from college and I have not seen them in ages! I don’t even remember some of their names but their faces were familiar.

Then I saw a guy whom I do not actually have much impression when I was in college. In this dream, he looked so sexy and good that I actually have desire for him!

In real life, he’s actually a bum who doesn’t have a proper job and the last I heard, he was house sitting for a friend who has migrated overseas. How cool is that?

Dream #3

I was watching tv in the living room when a much younger man came to me and we made out. The clandestine affair carried on till throughout the entire dream. I made him understood that our affairs should not be made public to save ourselves from embarrassment. (Actually, in real life, I am probably damn proud to have a so much younger bed mate. LOL!)

Then, out of the blue, we were on a vacation bus with his sisters and mother in tow. The sisters were complaining that his cologne smelt too strong and they wanted to vomit. So, he came to me very closely and his cheek touched mine and asked me if the smell is too strong.

I sheepishly said it was my favorite perfume – Giorgio Armani Acqua di Dio.

The intense chemistry seen between us aroused suspicion in the young man’s mom. She gave me the dirty look and instinctively knew that, I was sleeping with the son.

Before she wanted to confront me on this, I woke up. Phew!

P.S. I don’t know who is young man is. I never saw him in my life.

Well, at least ah, even if I am celibate, it’s good to have some action going on even if it’s only in forms of dreams. I think I’ve taken my life motto “seeing your glass half full, rather than half empty” a little too far this time. LOL!

Passing of a Legend

A big news stirred nostalgia this morning – the passing of a legend, Michael Jackson. I could still remember when I was in primary school, I was chosen to be part of the dancing group to do “Beat It!” for school year end concert. In order to do this, we had to dress up. Teachers told us to be creative and come back to school with the best of what we could think of what to wear. Being slightly on the chubby side, I started to worry that I might have problems finding something really cool to wear.

I went home and started to comb my mom and dad’s closet. I beamed when I saw my dad’s army jacket with many badges on it hanging in the closet. I wore a white tee, with my dad’s really cool green army jacket, an army cap, jeans, shades, gardener’s glove being half cut at the fingers (a must!!) and started to dance away and imitated one of the dancers who danced like he was being electrocuted. Hehe! It was really fun! I think I had the coolest outfit!

During public holidays, the national tv (when the censorship board is less moronic) would show MTV of Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Boy George, etc. And it would be the same MTV every year. Playback 83? Playback 84? My siblings, cousins and I were in awe of Michael. We even taped his ALL his MTV and without fail, play it every morning before we go to school. Even my mom was puzzled that we could watch the same thing over and over again every morning, other than Doraemon. I think everybody in my family loved Thriller!

I think Michael has been truly an inspiration to many of us who grew up in the 80s. I still feel that 80s music are the best.

A few months ago, I was just telling my sis that MJ is planning for a comeback. And if he comes to Kuala Lumpur, by all means I would not miss his concert this time. When he came to Kuala Lumpur sometime in 1996, I couldn’t make it because the tickets were too expensive. I was still a student at that point of time. My menial wages in working part time all went to my rent and tuition fees. I wouldn’t dare to ask my parents for extra money to go to a concert. A friend who was working in Concorde Hotel where MJ was staying with his entire crew, refused to give me her free concert ticket even when she was not going to attend. Well, I hope she feels bad now for doing this to me. HAHAHAHA! Kidding!

Whatever it is, Michael Jackson has been a big part of us growing up. Thank you, Michael for the music. May the King of Pop rest in peace.

Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head

I was on my way for an appointment when I was stuck in a massive jam from Jalan Kuching to Loke Yew. I was calm at first. It has been awhile since I last got stuck in a traffic jam. I have been chauffeured to work everyday since I started my blissful job, 5 minutes away from my home, three years ago. Hehe! I listened to the radio, enjoying myself.. till the songs got a bit boring. I switched the radio off and on my mobile phone and listened to Adam Lambert’s tracks from American Idol.. I know I am hopeless.. LOL!

20 minutes later I got really restless and started to curse. BIG TIME.

Luckily I had my camera with me. Then I thought of Visithra who managed to capture seriously great shots during traffic jams on rainy days… so I whipped out the camera and tried it myself…

One cell with many, many nuclei

Macrophages preying on pink virus

Contemplating to overtake…

Blissfully stuck in the rain

While I was taking these pics, the song from BJ Thomas, “Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head” kept repeating over and over again in my mind.

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head
And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed
Nothin’ seems to fit
Those raindrops are fallin’ on my head, they keep fallin’

Well… not very nice photos but at least I think this is quite a good first attempt. *Perasan LOL!* Never been any happier being stuck in the jam, especially in the rain.

Thanks, Visithra for the inspiration.

Chinese Doctor, Adam Lambert & KFC

Today I was on leave. So, I thought I could run some errands like going to buy some supplements, accompanying my sis to bring our aunts to the hospital for check up and maybe dropping by One Utama to check out Rolling Stone – Adam Lambert’s edition.

Too bad. I only managed to complete 1/3 tasks at hand.

We took the DUKE highway to Jalan Ampang to pass some stuff to my cousin sis because there was a massive traffic jam along Jalan Kuching at 2.40 pm. I wonder what the jam was all about.

When we got to Tung Shin Hospital, there were quite a number of patients, so we had to wait a bit for our turn. My sis said, the orthopedic doctor from China is quite good. Those with joint problems or twisted an ankle or hand could also go to this doctor for consultation. So far, her friend who had been suffering years of nagging problem of her aching wrist miraculously cured after one consultation. Another colleague of ours who slipped and hurt her back also went to the doctor and she was all okay now.

After the visit at the hospital, the rain suddenly poured. We made our way to Damansara Uptown to this direct selling company to get some supplements. To my horror, the queue was horrendous. There were hordes of people purchasing things by the cartons. Like the products come free of charge! I decided to screw it when the number hit 1205 even after 20 minutes of waiting and mine was 1225. I didn’t want my aunts with bandaged heel and arm waiting for me in the car.

I wanted to drop by One U to pick up the Rolling Stone – Adam Lambert’s issue but then, my aunts were complaining they could not walk that much with bandaged heel so, we decided to go home. I asked if they would like to eat KFC. My mom never says no to KFC!

We went to Selayang Capitol to get KFC and some vegetables for lunch tomorrow. I went to get KFC while my sis and my aunts went to the grocery section. When I got to KFC, the KFC people told me that, there is no more hot & spicy chicken. Only left some measly 10 pieces of original recipe chicken. The poultry lorry did not arrive and they did not have anymore chicken to fry. Definitely NONE today. Can you beat that? You go to KFC and they don’t have fried chicken!??! I was too shocked to even make a sarcastic remark.

Couldn’t believe my luck, I called my sis only to find that my aunts who complained of pained heels were now shopping at the men’s department for their husband’s pants and son’s clothes. Ya right.. cannot go One U to get Adam Lambert’s magazine.. but can go shopping for clothes and shoes. *Shake head* Well, I managed to get a fake Oakley cap for RM2.90. Yes.. you read it correctly… RM2.90!! And not RM29!

I think the person who dressed these mannequins ought to be put out of job

I ended going to Selayang Mall after shopping to get a variety bucket and a thrifty plate of hot and spicy KFC for the family. My mom complained that the hot and spicy now no longer tastes as good as the old hot & spicy. Now, she said, she is no longer a fan of KFC. So.. anyone working in KFC, can you please tell them to revert back to the “original” hot & spicy recipe?

Blogger's Block

The past one week was quite exhausting. I did try to write something for this blog but always ended writing half way. No ending. Or sometimes, got stuck in the middle. Blogger’s block? Hahaha! Well, if this is calculated from the previous blog, this would be my 844th post. Another 156 posts to go to reach the 1,000 milestone!

My uncle met with an accident yesterday. He fell from his bike. I went to the hospital to see him and was greeted with men and women in masks. There were warning signs of H1N1 everywhere. Even the security guards had masks on. I guess this is quite a serious plague. Will mankind be wiped out by this virus ala “Outbreak” movie style? I shudder at the thought even if in the end, Dustin Hoffman did find the cure to save his love interest, Renee Russo.

A dear friend lost her job due to global downsizing in her firm. I am glad that instead of taking this matter as if dooms day has arrived, she took it all in her stride and already made plans to move on. There is no point sitting down, wailing and complaining about what has happened. It’s more rationale and practical to plan the next course of action. I am really proud of knowing this friend who stares challenges in the eyes and able to hold her head up high in times of crisis. I am truly inspired.

Another friend was facing some work challenges in her office so I hear her out. Sometimes, I wonder why some people do not take their jobs seriously and prefer to play politics or trying to undermine others in order to make themselves look great? Don’t you think it’s better to channel your aggressiveness in screwing with people’s minds into your job and give your job a 100%? Try not participate in any grapevines or gossips? I thank God that despite having to deal with some moronic people in my office, it is still a quite harmonious place to work in.

I just got myself a Haruki Murakami book that I have yet to own – Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World. I basically read most of his books except Wild Sheep Chase – mind boggling! After Dark – a 2007 Christmas present! LOL! So, I have these 3 books to finish to complete my reading on this great writer!

It’s gonna be another long weekend. Celebrating birthdays, relatives visiting and going for some photobug spree. I wish you guys a good weekend.