Kuala Sepetang & Taiping: Revisited

Quiet Taiping Lake

Over the weekend, in order to appease someone’s insatiable appetite for Sepetang Kari Mee, I had to skip work and missed my sister’s food tasting for her wedding banquet to make a trip to Kuala Sepetang. Hahaha! No lah.. had to replace work this coming Saturday (yawns!) and buy my sister an expensive gift for her wedding later at someone’s expense.

Budding Lotus

Some records were set this time round. This makan trip would be in point form.

1. This is the first time we had so many times of duck meat and didn’t get bored. Duck leg noodles at Bidor, duck in dong guai and porridge at Kuala Sepetang and duck meat at the old Mandarin Cinema.

Dong guai duck! The ladies’ favorite!

2. I met 3 new friends at one go.😀

3. The group of 5 turned into group of 7 when Jasmine and colleague came to join us. Welcome!

4. Someone who doesn’t eat duck, coagulated pig’s blood and chicken feet, suddenly ended eating two out of three in this sitting. She didn’t want to try the chicken feet because maybe the chicken pijak tahi before it was being slaughtered. LOL.

5. Someone sudah slow down and cannot eat as much as he did last time. Or maybe he wanna jaga image. Cis!

Dusk in Taiping Lake

6. Three persons took turns to drive the car up down the North-South highway. Normally one kesian bugger would do the driving job.

7. This is the first time I felt ticklish/ joy/ calm to see a particular stuffed animal in the museum. (Private joke).

Robert Sandland through “astigmatized” lens

8. We knocked off at 10.30 pm on Saturday night because, basically there is nothing to do in Taiping at night.. and also we were wary of the recent clashes in Kamunting area. I wonder how’s the business in Jalan Eli Thamby on Saturday? Yuin, any ideas? LOL!

9. Small world. Everybody seems to be connected. My cousin brother knew a common friend of one of the makan buddy.

Monkeys at their best table manners

10. Someone “lost” his Touch n Go card for a few minutes and hit the panic button. Luckily the mangkok found it under his car seat and not jatuh inside the jamban during a pit stop. It has never happened before in any makan trips. I actually google to find out what will happen if we ever lost our touch n go card on toll exit but couldn’t find an answer. Any advice?

Green lungs of Kuala Sepetang

Oh yeah.. I forgot one more record.. the three stooges who sat behind the car managed to fasten their seatbelts in 5 seconds flat when my cousin brother and I shouted, “POLICE!” during a road block. LOL!

18 thoughts on “Kuala Sepetang & Taiping: Revisited

  1. eh, its jalan eliathamby lar. get the name right ok, my friends there wont be happy to know that you got the name of their street wrong. esp the blondie.

    too bad we didn’t get to try out mak cheng’s mee udang. i heard its much better than mak jah’s stall. lol

  2. Ahhhh…..home sweet home. Am always proud of the Taiping Lake Gardens🙂

    funny since u mentioned it, PLUS website dun even have any FAQ…despite having 2 sites. Talk about being informative. Anyway losing TNG card is like losing the transit ticket right. I heard long time ago, if one loses the ticket, have to pay penalty. Eg if you coming from South and exit at Taiping…have to pay fare from Johor Bahru till Taiping. Meaning they wont take our word if we say we enter at Duta toll😦

    ps: as usual love ’em photos…..missing Taiping already

  3. Kenny: Yeah.. they are quite ferocious!

    aRe: Thanks!!

    : Very funny! Next time we go try Mak Cheng’s mee udang ok! Mesti sedap sehingga menjilat jari! Sorry ah.. to your friends in Eliathamby. My sincere apologies.

    cee: You know lah.. how efficient are the websites.. sometimes I think those service websites are for shows only.. and they are never working.. and half of the time, always down… Haha! Taiping is just 3.5 hours away from KL.. go back this weekend!

  4. zing: I think chances of me taking you would be higher than Gas Stove taking you. HAHAHAH! Anyway.. we will bring you.. provided you invite us to Serian also. Hehehehee.

  5. Gina, yup. if you lost your ticket/tng card you have to pay the maximum toll amount e.g. when your entry is Damansara and your exit at Kota Damansara, actual fare is RM1 but let say you lost your ticket, you need to pay from Skudai to Kota Damansara. However, you still can claim. PLUS will consider. Normally, 1st offence no worries la. Only that if many times, then definitely will be rejected. Furthermore, they have their CCTV maa..so they can check whether your claim is genuine or fraud.🙂
    In PLUS website no extra info on TNG. you need to logon to TNG website.

  6. if lost of T&G card, tell them the true lor. It happened to me once la when coming back from Penang, wahliao eh, I couldn’t find the card when approaching the Duta toll, so I stopped the car in the middle of no where, put on hazard lights, gorek the whole car, still cannot find, so I have no choice but to drive to the cash booth but then I think I was lucky because when the lady asked me where i came from, I said Ipoh, she charge me toll from Ipoh instead! very terrible hor, the car number plate is from Penang. LOL!

    Ok, I am a lucky monster, you dont blow, ok! hahahaha!

  7. aRE’: LOL… it happened to you before?? Haha! Thanks for the info!

    Monster: You memang ganas lah. Some more can lie through your teeth! LOL!!! Maybe you look very hor lin lah.. so they let you go. Haha!

  8. hey there,came over from Its falling Ice-Cream blog..glad to find another witty blog written by a malaysian..hope u keep up the good work! (and i’ll be coming back for more):-)

  9. You really captured the monkey’s expression so well…..”Don’t mess around in my territory!” ….

    Sounds like you had a fun trip! Good for u!

  10. YY: Thanks.

    Hcpen: Hey, thanks for dropping by! Haha.. Falling ice cream! Raining Ice Cream lah.

    shorthorse: Hahah! The monkeys are really fierce! So bila you and Tony wanna go Taiping? I can be your guide.

  11. LOL! Very interesting record posts🙂 I secretly wished the mangkok did lose the Touch ‘N Go card. Then he would never hear the end of it from me for his entire waking life. NEVER. But are you sure it was only 5 seconds that’s all that took us to fasten our seatbelts? I thought it more like 3 seconds. It was FAST nonetheless🙂

  12. ai shiang: Falling or raining… as long as it’s ice cream.. I am okay by that. LOL!

    Wei Han: You terrible lah. Hahaha! Don’t let me catch you with your “moment”. Then you will kena for life also. HAHAHAHA!

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