Blogger's Block

The past one week was quite exhausting. I did try to write something for this blog but always ended writing half way. No ending. Or sometimes, got stuck in the middle. Blogger’s block? Hahaha! Well, if this is calculated from the previous blog, this would be my 844th post. Another 156 posts to go to reach the 1,000 milestone!

My uncle met with an accident yesterday. He fell from his bike. I went to the hospital to see him and was greeted with men and women in masks. There were warning signs of H1N1 everywhere. Even the security guards had masks on. I guess this is quite a serious plague. Will mankind be wiped out by this virus ala “Outbreak” movie style? I shudder at the thought even if in the end, Dustin Hoffman did find the cure to save his love interest, Renee Russo.

A dear friend lost her job due to global downsizing in her firm. I am glad that instead of taking this matter as if dooms day has arrived, she took it all in her stride and already made plans to move on. There is no point sitting down, wailing and complaining about what has happened. It’s more rationale and practical to plan the next course of action. I am really proud of knowing this friend who stares challenges in the eyes and able to hold her head up high in times of crisis. I am truly inspired.

Another friend was facing some work challenges in her office so I hear her out. Sometimes, I wonder why some people do not take their jobs seriously and prefer to play politics or trying to undermine others in order to make themselves look great? Don’t you think it’s better to channel your aggressiveness in screwing with people’s minds into your job and give your job a 100%? Try not participate in any grapevines or gossips? I thank God that despite having to deal with some moronic people in my office, it is still a quite harmonious place to work in.

I just got myself a Haruki Murakami book that I have yet to own – Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World. I basically read most of his books except Wild Sheep Chase – mind boggling! After Dark – a 2007 Christmas present! LOL! So, I have these 3 books to finish to complete my reading on this great writer!

It’s gonna be another long weekend. Celebrating birthdays, relatives visiting and going for some photobug spree. I wish you guys a good weekend.

6 thoughts on “Blogger's Block

  1. very good olredi lor, 844th entry then only you got “blocked”.
    My blog so new, I already experienced some kind of “blockage” last week…. hmmmm….

  2. Do you mean mind blockage? I think you write very well. I cannot write without any experience on any topic. No wonder I see some writer has to travel to somewhere in order to be “in the scene” to write their books.

    I hate people who gossip too. Count me out. I listen but not initiate. When I hear too much I shut down automatically :o)

  3. Edmund: LOL! Yeah.. if you write a lot of nonsense like me, I don’t think it’s all that hard. LOL! I think people who know me in person knew that I could talk about just anything under the sun.. I was thinking of maybe asking readers to give me a keyword, then I will talk about it.. like “Wah Tan Hor” – I also can share a story about Wah Tan Hor.. something like that. You know.. like “Whose line is it, anyway?” LOL! This idea just pop in my head this morning. Anyway, for you, please keep up the good blog to educate the public on photography.

    ai shiang: Yeah… mind blockage. Haha! Thanks! I think I am just this person who likes to talk, talk and talk.. Probably my friend, James felt that I talked too much, so he gave me a blog to let me pour it all out without hurting his ears. HAHAHA! I don’t really gossip at work or cause trouble.. but I gossip HELLALOT when I am with friends. LOL!

  4. DON’T GOSSIP SO MUCH!!!!!! … remember the feather story…kakaka….

    As for office politics… alas, a lot of ppl out there try to make themselves look good by putting others down.. gone are the days when working hard guaranteed success…now its about working smart & WHO you know..

  5. shorthorse: HAHAHAHHA! I said.. I can’t help it mah! Gossip is in my genes! LOL! Yeah.. it’s sad right? Good that you don’t have to endure this!

    Kenny: Which book you are stuck with? I am stuck with the 3 books .. now, trying to read them in between “The Hour I First Believed” by Wally Lamb. Bad habit… never stick to one book and finishing it.

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