Chinese Doctor, Adam Lambert & KFC

Today I was on leave. So, I thought I could run some errands like going to buy some supplements, accompanying my sis to bring our aunts to the hospital for check up and maybe dropping by One Utama to check out Rolling Stone – Adam Lambert’s edition.

Too bad. I only managed to complete 1/3 tasks at hand.

We took the DUKE highway to Jalan Ampang to pass some stuff to my cousin sis because there was a massive traffic jam along Jalan Kuching at 2.40 pm. I wonder what the jam was all about.

When we got to Tung Shin Hospital, there were quite a number of patients, so we had to wait a bit for our turn. My sis said, the orthopedic doctor from China is quite good. Those with joint problems or twisted an ankle or hand could also go to this doctor for consultation. So far, her friend who had been suffering years of nagging problem of her aching wrist miraculously cured after one consultation. Another colleague of ours who slipped and hurt her back also went to the doctor and she was all okay now.

After the visit at the hospital, the rain suddenly poured. We made our way to Damansara Uptown to this direct selling company to get some supplements. To my horror, the queue was horrendous. There were hordes of people purchasing things by the cartons. Like the products come free of charge! I decided to screw it when the number hit 1205 even after 20 minutes of waiting and mine was 1225. I didn’t want my aunts with bandaged heel and arm waiting for me in the car.

I wanted to drop by One U to pick up the Rolling Stone – Adam Lambert’s issue but then, my aunts were complaining they could not walk that much with bandaged heel so, we decided to go home. I asked if they would like to eat KFC. My mom never says no to KFC!

We went to Selayang Capitol to get KFC and some vegetables for lunch tomorrow. I went to get KFC while my sis and my aunts went to the grocery section. When I got to KFC, the KFC people told me that, there is no more hot & spicy chicken. Only left some measly 10 pieces of original recipe chicken. The poultry lorry did not arrive and they did not have anymore chicken to fry. Definitely NONE today. Can you beat that? You go to KFC and they don’t have fried chicken!??! I was too shocked to even make a sarcastic remark.

Couldn’t believe my luck, I called my sis only to find that my aunts who complained of pained heels were now shopping at the men’s department for their husband’s pants and son’s clothes. Ya right.. cannot go One U to get Adam Lambert’s magazine.. but can go shopping for clothes and shoes. *Shake head* Well, I managed to get a fake Oakley cap for RM2.90. Yes.. you read it correctly… RM2.90!! And not RM29!

I think the person who dressed these mannequins ought to be put out of job

I ended going to Selayang Mall after shopping to get a variety bucket and a thrifty plate of hot and spicy KFC for the family. My mom complained that the hot and spicy now no longer tastes as good as the old hot & spicy. Now, she said, she is no longer a fan of KFC. So.. anyone working in KFC, can you please tell them to revert back to the “original” hot & spicy recipe?

7 thoughts on “Chinese Doctor, Adam Lambert & KFC

  1. i prefer kfc original recipe, because of its originality and the skin is more like skin then like biscuit…hehe. so, when can i goto yr house to sample some more of yr mom’s cooking, since she does not like kfc anymore..keke.

  2. yup, rite they currently selling the spicy type which I don’t like also. I feel like eating curry powder raw….I think KFC does this from time to time. I remember last yr same time, I stop KFC-ing for a while till the original H&S returned.

    wah the orthopedic doctor from China so ‘keng’ ah…afternoon go see, by evening your aunt boleh jalan2 already ah…hahaha….if there’s a will, there’s a way lor.

    purple hair?!?……

  3. btw speaking of mannequins, I saw this girl who has flawless skin and very beautiful features when I had my lunch with my missus @ Kin Kin Pan Mee…. she was like a walking mannequins!!!

    Wanted to ask her to be my model in my next shoot… but dropped the idea coz her boyfriend has a samseng look with samseng attitude face.

  4. takeshi: Yeah… dream on lah you. Always nak makan at my house. Ish!

    cee: Hahaha! I think ah.. all women are the same lah.. see shopping mall only, all kinds of aches and pains are miraculously healed. LOL!

    EdmundJP: Ah… maybe you can ask your wife to approach her instead of yourself mah. You don’t judge a book by its cover.. like my sis’ boyfriend also, look macam samseng but he’s as harmless as a puppy. Haha!

  5. unkaleong: I think surely got UGLIER ones! Haha! Thanks.. my aunts are okay lah. You know lah.. as we get older, we will get joints pains. Sigh.

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