Passing of a Legend

A big news stirred nostalgia this morning – the passing of a legend, Michael Jackson. I could still remember when I was in primary school, I was chosen to be part of the dancing group to do “Beat It!” for school year end concert. In order to do this, we had to dress up. Teachers told us to be creative and come back to school with the best of what we could think of what to wear. Being slightly on the chubby side, I started to worry that I might have problems finding something really cool to wear.

I went home and started to comb my mom and dad’s closet. I beamed when I saw my dad’s army jacket with many badges on it hanging in the closet. I wore a white tee, with my dad’s really cool green army jacket, an army cap, jeans, shades, gardener’s glove being half cut at the fingers (a must!!) and started to dance away and imitated one of the dancers who danced like he was being electrocuted. Hehe! It was really fun! I think I had the coolest outfit!

During public holidays, the national tv (when the censorship board is less moronic) would show MTV of Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Boy George, etc. And it would be the same MTV every year. Playback 83? Playback 84? My siblings, cousins and I were in awe of Michael. We even taped his ALL his MTV and without fail, play it every morning before we go to school. Even my mom was puzzled that we could watch the same thing over and over again every morning, other than Doraemon. I think everybody in my family loved Thriller!

I think Michael has been truly an inspiration to many of us who grew up in the 80s. I still feel that 80s music are the best.

A few months ago, I was just telling my sis that MJ is planning for a comeback. And if he comes to Kuala Lumpur, by all means I would not miss his concert this time. When he came to Kuala Lumpur sometime in 1996, I couldn’t make it because the tickets were too expensive. I was still a student at that point of time. My menial wages in working part time all went to my rent and tuition fees. I wouldn’t dare to ask my parents for extra money to go to a concert. A friend who was working in Concorde Hotel where MJ was staying with his entire crew, refused to give me her free concert ticket even when she was not going to attend. Well, I hope she feels bad now for doing this to me. HAHAHAHA! Kidding!

Whatever it is, Michael Jackson has been a big part of us growing up. Thank you, Michael for the music. May the King of Pop rest in peace.

12 thoughts on “Passing of a Legend

  1. Yeah, those who were born in the late 60s and 70s definitely grew up listening to Michael Jackson.
    Sad to hear the news on radio this morning… was stunned and blank for a moment. I bought my first MJ’s album when I was still a kid in 1982 (ok, i didn’t actually pay for it, my dad did) and since then, love to see him on stage.

    In 1988, as a little kid, I was so amazed by his moves in the movie “Moonwalker”, esp in the “Smooth Criminal” song.

    I told myself that I wouldn’t wanna miss his concert too when I heard that he was planning a tour in London…

    RIP MJ, Thank you for the music and the memories.

  2. I am also Michael’s fan. Crazy crazy fan back in the late 80s. Crazy about his songs and his moves! I am lost for words when I heard the news this morning. Life is short. Never know what’s there for us tomorrow.

  3. Edmund: I got to work then my sis called me to say Michael is gone. I was shocked and almost shouted, “What???” I think my other colleagues saw the shock in my face when I received the news. Yes indeed. He would always be remembered as one of the world’s greatest performer of all times.

    Ai Shiang
    : Was hoping to see the King live at least once in my lifetime, but couldn’t now. May his soul rest in peace.

    : Haha! You are not that old mah.. it’s all in the mind.. you are young outside and young at heart.

  4. i dunno, but while i acknowledge that he is world famous, i do like some of his ballads before and after thriller. indeed a real entertainer, but the recent events tainted him a bit, but i m juz indifferent. i feel that leslie cheung’s death was even more shocking.

  5. oh yeah. forgot to mention about farrah fawcett. she is one great hero to me, fighting cancer and being an icon. the current situation reminded me how tsunami veilled off some crimes carried out by certain people during that time…..hehe.

  6. takeshi: I didn’t believed the allegations thrown to him. I think he was being cornered by greedy people who are just out for his money. I wished people could just leave him alone! If I am in USA, I would be one of those holding placards during his trial to say MJ IS INNOCENT!

    I am not really a fan of Charlie’s Angels but my mom is. I guess she would know who is the blondie who died. I think my mom and aunts once had her hairstyle!

    When Leslie Cheung died, I was having crab dinner at Fatty Crabs, celebrating a colleague’s farewell to Shanghai. We were all chatting non stop then suddenly, a friend received sms and said, Leslie is dead. He committed suicide. All of us didn’t believed her and thought it was a sick joke since it’s an April Fool’s day. Mana tau…. betul punya cerita… sigh.

    visithra: Unfortunately, I don’t have the picture of us doing the MJ dance! SO SAD! Too bad! I check if my other classmates have it. “I just can’t stop loving you” keep playing in my mind now.

  7. The Angels of death have been really busy the past month……. MJ’s passing came in the midst of a lot of bad news of close friends having loved ones passing on….. it really got me thinking, life is unexpected….so carpe diem my friend! But I know you’re living it to the fullest… & you waste no time, even when you sleep…ahahahahah!

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