Sex Dreams

For the past few weeks, I have been having wild dreams. Yeah, it has something to do with sex. (That also explains why I am exhausted. LOL!)

Dream #1

An elderly gentleman, probably in his 50s wanted my hand in marriage. He’s a very short man with thick glasses and always wore immaculate suit. In the dream, he was wearing this black suit with a bow tie and spotted a very bad comb over hair.

I was disgusted. I didn’t want to marry him.

He pursued me relentlessly and hugging me and begging me to marry him. I wiggled away from his embrace. He managed to hold on to me again and started shoving … uhm… his genital (with his pants on) on my crotch. I couldn’t remember if I am turned on or not but then, I wiggled away again and ran as fast as I could.

Devastated, he quickly married another girl. Then only I realized that, he was actually a Nobel Prize winner for some chemical formulation (hence, his thick glasses and weirdness) and filthy rich.

I felt a pang of regret when I woke up. LOL!

P.S. I don’t know who is old bugger is. I never saw him in my life.

Dream #2

I was on a trip to Bali and then was at the airport. The immigration officers wanted to arrest me because I didn’t pay the fee for custom clearance. I put up a fight and claimed that others didn’t pay as well, I was merely following the group.

Then, I was let go and then sat somewhere (no longer in an airport) with my luggage and my group of friends. Strange thing is that, this group of friends was from college and I have not seen them in ages! I don’t even remember some of their names but their faces were familiar.

Then I saw a guy whom I do not actually have much impression when I was in college. In this dream, he looked so sexy and good that I actually have desire for him!

In real life, he’s actually a bum who doesn’t have a proper job and the last I heard, he was house sitting for a friend who has migrated overseas. How cool is that?

Dream #3

I was watching tv in the living room when a much younger man came to me and we made out. The clandestine affair carried on till throughout the entire dream. I made him understood that our affairs should not be made public to save ourselves from embarrassment. (Actually, in real life, I am probably damn proud to have a so much younger bed mate. LOL!)

Then, out of the blue, we were on a vacation bus with his sisters and mother in tow. The sisters were complaining that his cologne smelt too strong and they wanted to vomit. So, he came to me very closely and his cheek touched mine and asked me if the smell is too strong.

I sheepishly said it was my favorite perfume – Giorgio Armani Acqua di Dio.

The intense chemistry seen between us aroused suspicion in the young man’s mom. She gave me the dirty look and instinctively knew that, I was sleeping with the son.

Before she wanted to confront me on this, I woke up. Phew!

P.S. I don’t know who is young man is. I never saw him in my life.

Well, at least ah, even if I am celibate, it’s good to have some action going on even if it’s only in forms of dreams. I think I’ve taken my life motto “seeing your glass half full, rather than half empty” a little too far this time. LOL!

14 thoughts on “Sex Dreams

  1. Fantastic sex dreams I must say :o) It’s good that you remember most of the dreams. I normally only can recall probably the last few minutes of most of my dreams.

  2. ai shiang: Not really fantastic sex dreams lah..if really fantastic, I wanna do Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt.. Adam Lambert also.. in my dream, he is not gay. HAHAHAHAH! I remember some of my dreams because they are really vivid. Even smells could be strong during dreams. Some are so real that I would wake up startled or sweating. Once I screamed till I woke up.

    Yip: I have a lot of weird dreams.. but I don’t remember all. Hahah! When I happened to remember, then only I pen it down. If you ask me again, I would have forgotten them.

  3. I was laughing reading your reply! How come can’t pick who I want to be in my dream, damn! If I could I would go for Johnny Depp too or maybe John Cusack! Johnny Depp is sexy and John Cusack, there’s something about him :o)

  4. hcpen: The other night, I dreamed of walking 6 dogs – three small shih tzus, one Labrador and two bull mastiffs… how weird is that?

    ai shiang: LOL! Yeah.. John Cusack is cute! I like him in the movie, Serendipity.😀

  5. How nice to have an alternative life lived out in dreams! You must wake up real tired in the mornings…. kekeke!!!!

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