A Cough That Mend A Friendship

A fellow reader asked why am I becoming so tardy in updating my blog… well, I was a little under the weather for the past few weeks. The nagging cough couldn’t seem to cease this time even though it almost did last week after taking “Cough King”, thanks to Jasmine! I said “almost” because it almost disappear till I couldn’t resist the really nice chicken dish whipped out by my cousin brother over the weekend.

Never ever in my life, a cough linger that long! For 3 weeks! Normally, within a week, I would be alright, usually after a series of voicelessness, then coarseness in the throat, followed by flu, I would recover.

Must be the damn haze. This morning, I woke up to burnt smell, no thanks to the hot spots in Sumatera. I got a little suffocated, probably old childhood asthma is acting up, I felt queasy the past few days. This morning, thank God it finally rain, but not as heavy as I hope it would be to totally wipe out the haze.

Last week too, an old friend showed up at my door with a thermos of brewed apple and ginger. She brewed me this remedy for cough as soon as she read my status on Facebook that I was coughing my lungs out and could taste blood in my throat. It was so sweet of her.

It was a surprise indeed. This friend and I had a fall out a few years back due to some problems. We haven’t spoken since for over two years apart from exchanging pleasantries whenever we do bump into each other at the mall. I am really humbled by her compassion and consideration. She is indeed mature to disregard all the petty silliness and came back into my life path in a good way. She made me feel that she cherished our friendship all along and not to let small matters to get in the way. I am ashamed of myself for not giving her a chance earlier. I think this is a turning point of my life to believe that, there are actually really good people out there, even though sometimes life gives you a series of unbelievably bad friends to realize how sincere and good some people really are.

If you ask me, what good came out of this nagging long cough, it probably taught me the value of friendship.

5 thoughts on “A Cough That Mend A Friendship

  1. awww…that’s so sweet…so you’re saying that you and your friend never spoken at all since years back and all of a sudden she just appear at your doorstep??

  2. There are good people out there, Gina. Don’t dismiss anything / give up hope so soon. You’ll be surprised sometimes.

    When you least expected it, something nice happen. What a great feeling.

  3. hcpen: Yeah. It was a small problem but it took us away from each other for two years. Yes.. that’s what I’ve said. She stood in front of my house gate and bring me the hot thermos.

    zewt: Yes, hard to come by. I will try to make the most for this friendship.

    Ann: Yes, there are. One of them is you. Some people just don’t give you hope. It’s a pity when they are blinded by their own selfishness and ego.

    shorthorse: I have many friends with big hearts and two of them is you and Tony!😀 I am very blessed to know the friends I have and had.

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