Random Notes

Back up, back up, back up

A friend in IT told me, there are three simple steps for better IT management. Back up, back up and back up. Well, I did it finally before all my CDs with my photos got corrupted, I got myself 1TB of Maxtor Basics for RM349 from Digital Mall. It could be cheaper in the coming PC fair this July 30th, but the thought of walking body to body, risks being pick pocketed, the crazy parking on weekends, I simply dread crowds, so I got it earlier.

New Handphone

I haven’t gotten myself a new handphone even when the current Sony Ericsson is killing me with its sticky key pads. My dear sis bought a China made iphone for me to try. It sure looks like a mini iphone but somehow I just don’t have the time to learn how to operate the damn thing. My colleague said I resist changes. Yes, I admit. I am quite a gadget unfriendly person. I am not so much into gadgets like ipod, iphone, or whatever that has “i” in front. So, it was given away to my cousin sister who is going to pursue her studies in local uni up north.

Cough remedy

I think I had tried everything on the shelf for my cough. It came and went, and then it came again. It’s really annoying. I think with all the different kinds of concoction and medicine I have been taking the past three weeks, you can even process the super medicine for cough using my urine.

Funniest status on MSN I read this week

Status: Wtf I went into 7 Eleven to buy some bread and they thought I wanted to rob them

For the record, he’s a body builder and planning to join Mr Asia next year. So, look out for a body builder with penyamun looks. LOL!

Little Nyonya

I have been following this series since the first episode. It’s really a good Singaporean tv series. Yes, I admit I am an aunty now for chasing after such shows but this series made us understand more about peranakan lives and also, the hardship the common people went through during Japanese occupation in Malaya/Singapore. I really hate the evil first wife. Wah, feel like slapping her around, push her to the floor and step on her face repetitively! Eeee!!!


My mom today asked my sis to buy more cans of Gulong stew pork. My sis was surprised that the two cans she bought just last week had finished so fast, so she got annoyed and asked where did the two cans go?

Then my mom got irritated and said, “No, we didn’t eat them. I use them as display in our house museum.”

Sarcasm runs deep in the family.

Yasmin Ahmad

ThatJames: Yasmin Ahmad heart attack
ThatJames: did u hear?
Gina: serious ah?
ThatJames: then someone on twitter said she died
Gina: ah? fuck!
ThatJames: passed away
Gina: serious???
ThatJames: but apparently no
ThatJames: “passed out”
Gina: ok
Gina: passed out lah
ThatJames: now ICU
Gina: not passed on lah
Gina: wah lao eh
Gina: if she dies
Gina: then 2009 is not a celebrity friendly year
ThatJames: hahah
ThatJames: that’s one way of looking at it

Let us pray that she will recover speedily. God bless.

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